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Letter to Alfred Lilienthal

Robert Faurisson


18 June 1993

Dear Dr Lilienthal,

There was a Jewish tragedy among many other tragedies during and after World War II.
There was no Jewish "Genocide".
You have no argument, in my opinion, for maintaining that :

"It seems the war between the revisionists and the exterminationists is doomed to continue as both sides refuse to understand the other side's position due to exaggerations of points of view."

Either the abominable Nazi gas chambers did exist or they did not exist. There is no middle.
To compare revisionists and exterminationists as you do is to compare, on the one hand, people who have no power and, on the other hand, people who have all the power.
In my country I am treated as a Palestinian. My books and articles are my Intifada's stones.
The Jewish World Community as such has a terrible responsibility in an enormous historical lie : its birth, its development, its upholding (upholding by force, violence, special laws, terror, blackmailing, insults, trials). The duty of individual Jews should be, in my opinion, to denounce clearly that colonialist and imperialist behavior, to face the historical problems at issue (instead of evading them by saying that those problems are not important, and such bla bla), and to say :

As a Jew, I am ashamed of learning day after day what "the Jews" (= the Jewish organizations) are doing against the revisionists in Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Australia, etc. This must stop.

On May 22, Ahmed Rami and I were attacked in Stockholm by groups of Jews, coming from France, mostly.
On May 30, I was attacked by a Jew at an atheist convention.
On June 8, René Bousquet was killed by an insane man who repeated what "the Jews" have been repeating day and night against Bousquet : "Crucify him !" "Crucify him !"
The same day, a revisionist journalist, Alain Guionnet, director of Revision, has been thrown into jail.
Now, listen, Dr Lilienthal : The French media refuse to publish the news "because it would be revisionist publicity" (a journalist of Le Monde, on June 17).
Did we, since 1978 (beginning of the "war"), touch one hair of one Jew ?

Faurisson's addition : "I received a nice answer from Dr Lilienthal ; he apologized."


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