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On David Cole

Robert Faurisson


12 June 1995

I received only on June 9 a copy of David Cole's letter to Bradley Smith dated April 28, 1995.

I never suspected D. Cole of being a mole and I still do not think he ever was a mole. He is uncontrollable even by himself.

As soon as I met him, in September 1992 at our Institute for Historical Review's office (California), I felt that there was something seriously wrong with the gentleman. By watching his general behaviour and his words, I quickly realized that he had no real control of his nerves and of his ideas. He did not look more serious than Jerry Lewis. He was prone to exaggeration, bluff and even lie. I thought that it would be naive to trust such a person.

Unfortunately many revisionists did not seem to perceive those dangerous defects. I suppose that some revisionists considered that, anyway, having on our side a young Jew would be good for the cause. Three or four times I contemplated the possibility of publishing something (especially on D. Cole's videos) to warn my friends and other people about the danger of trusting such a man. I renounced because, knowing D. Cole as I knew him, I was convinced that sooner or later he would betray his true nature to everyone by an even more spectacular lie and by an even more serious hysterical outburst than usual.

We got the expected lie with the story of his "entrapment and robbery by the bad guys" in the -- ridiculous -- Struthof (Alsace) "gas chamber" and now we get, with that letter to B. Smith, the expected hysterical outburst.

Another man who does not control himself at all is Jean-Claude Pressac who, as a matter of fact, surprised some Austrian journalists, who were in his favor, by his physical behaviour "à la Jerry Lewis". They exactly mentioned his "hektische Körpersprache" (hectic body-language) which reminded them of "der US-Komiker Jerry Lewis" (Danny Leder, "Ein französischer Apotheker beweist, was längst bewiesen ist : die Existenz der Gaskammern von Auschwitz", Profil, 11 October 1993, p. 90).

D. Cole met J.C. Pressac near Paris in September or October 1994. I am afraid no video was made of the encounter. I guess such a video would have been great fun.

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