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Thank you, Mr. Jerry Lewis Pressac !

Robert Faurisson

13 June 1995

For having written and published a Réponse à Jean-Claude Pressac sur le problème des chambres à gaz, I was sued by the public prosecutor in Paris and by two organizations of former inmates. The trial was held in Paris on May 9. The prosecutor asked for a non-suspended jail sentence of three months. The Jewish lawyer for the two organizations asked for a non-suspended jail sentence, financial damages, a forced publication of the judgement in three newspapers at my own expense, and he also wanted my own lawyer, Éric Delcroix, to be sued because he shared my criminal and repugnant revisionist views.

We had forced Pressac to come and testify. His testimony was, for him, a major disaster. The three judges, who in the past had been so hostile to revisionism in other trials, looked flabbergasted by Pressac. Extremely nervous and agitated he resembled Jerry Lewis. He was totally unable to answer the questions put to him by the judges who insisted on getting at least one proof of the existence of one "gas chamber" in Auschwitz. At one point, Pressac felt so obviously desperate that he dared to shout that Leuchter himself had confessed to the existence of "gas chambers" in a report !!!

Today, June 13, 1995, the judges came down with their decision.

They could not abstain from finding me guilty of violating the antirevisionist law of July 13, 1990, but the sentence is exceptionally mild. For me a 15 000 F fine ($ 3 000) and for Henri Roques, who had not published but distributed my booklet, a 10 000 F fine. The two organizations got 1 F each ! No publication of the judgment was ordered. (As usual in such cases, we also have to pay jointly 4 000 F to the Jewish lawyer.)

I am afraid our adversaries might appeal that sentence. In France, appeal is automatically permitted as soon as asked. We'll know in ten days time.

Meanwhile, thank you, Mr. Jerry Lewis Pressac !

30 June : Our adversaries did not appeal ! They are fed up Until now at least twelve Jewisqg lawyers have given up since 1981. The last one is Jean-Serge Lorach. It seems he is sick and tired. I'll keep on fighting personnally in court.

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