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Peter Longerich is a Forger

Robert Faurisson

5 December 1999

In his 1998 book Politik der Vernichtung, Peter Longerich falsified the most important paragraphs of the "Wannsee-Protokoll" by omitting the words "bei Freilassung", which mean: upon release, or: upon liberation (Politik der Vernichtung, München, Zürich, Piper Verlag, 772 pages).

See 1) The original German text; 2) Raul Hilberg's translation; 3) P. Longerich's presentation of the text.

The Germans intended to release (to liberate) those Jews who, after having worked hard with their hands, would have constituted an elite, a germ cell of a new Jewish development. This was altogether a National-Socialist and a Zionist view. "See the lesson of history" means that history shows (or is supposed to show) that, for a group or a nation, revival may come after hardship and toil.

Peter Longerich saw fit to avoid "upon release" and the sentence "See the lesson of history" in order to have his reader believe that the Germans intended to kill those remaining Jews.

Many among the Germans were, like Adolf Eichmann and Alois Brunner, both National-Socialist and Zionist. That is why Zionist heads collaborated with them.

P. Longerich is all the more unforgivable since, in 1989, he had himself published the entire "Wannsee-Protokoll" correctly (Die Ermordung der europäischen Juden, herausgegeben von Peter Longerich unter Mitarbeit von Dieter Pohl, München, Zürich, Piper Verlag, 1989, 479 pages; see p. 87 for the two paragraphs in question).

P.S.: In Die Ermordung [...], P. Longerich had doctored the famous 5 June 1942 document on the "Spezialwagen", signed "Just". Since this so very strange document contains, right in the first sentence, an inexplicable "beispielsweise" ("for example"), he used a trick to lead the reader to believe that this sentence was NOT the first. The artifice consisted in putting the typographical sign [...] before the first word of that opening passage (see p. 355)!


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