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Texts by Serge Thion


Historical Truth or Political Truth ? (Vérité historique ou vérité politique?)

Part 1

first part The How of the Why (94K)

Part 2

Chapter 1 Has Anyone Read Faurisson ? (43K)

Chapter Two What the Faurisson Affair Really Is (in three parts)

[ First Part ] (60K) [ Second Part ] (68K) [ Third Part ] (51K)

Chapter Three The Outbreak of the Affair (85K)

Chapter Four The Squalor of the Teaching Environment (first part) (second part)

Chapter Five: Revisionism abroad and Chapter Six: Of the Necessity of the Faurisson Affair


A MATCHSTICK ON AN ICE FLOW (Une Allumette sur la banquise)


Chapter 1 : A MATCHSTICK ON AN ICE FLOW [Part 1 ] [ Part 2]

Chapter 5: European History and the Arab World

On the Middle East, its porblems and their relation with revisionism (1992).(119K)



On Pressac : History by Night or in Fog ?

An analysis of the false guru "final solution" to the problem of revisionism (1994).(85K)

The Dictatorship of Imbecility.The author addresses the strange case of a somewhat deranged movie-maker called Claude Lanzmann, the author of "Shoah". Although he has been generally rejected by the American Jewish organizations as a fraud, he benefitted from a strong governmental support in France. It is a case in the obscure relationship between politics and insanity.

The World as Magic Gas Chamber. The universal usefulness of a myth. (1999)

NATO, suspend your flights. An intervention to oppose Nato bombing of Kosovo; (April 1999)


Who is Serge Thion ?

A note by The Institute of Historical Review


Serge Thion, born in 1942, has devoted some 30 years to study, analysis and writing on social, economic and political issues, particularly in agrarian societies.

His research has taken him to many countries in the Middle East, northern, eastern and southern Africa, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific. After seven years of studies in sociology, anthropology, history and linguistics at the Paris Sorbonne, he received a doctorate in sociology from that school in 1967. His doctoral dissertation on the South African political system was
published in 1969 under the title Le pouvoir pâle, ou le racisme sud-africain. Between 1967 and 1970 he taught in Vietnam and Cambodia.

From 1971 until 1993 he was a research fellow in Paris, with special emphasis on the history of
land problems and land reform in Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as political history and war and revolution in Rhodesia and Mozambique, and the history of statecraft in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Thion is the author of numerous scholarly articles, half of them dealing with Southeast Asia, which have appeared in academic periodicals in the USA, France, Germany and other countries. He is also the author of several books, including Verite historique ou verite politique? (See English translation), Une Allumette sur la banquise: Ecrits de combat, and (in English, 1993) Watching Cambodia (White Lotus, G.P.O. Box 1141, Bangkok 1141, Thailand).

Articles by and about Serge Thion that have appeared in the Journal of Historical Revew

Thion, Serge. Verite Historique ou Verite Politique? Reviewed by: Butz,
Arthur R. Winter, 1980; v. 1, n. 4, p. 323.

Pressac, Jean-Claude. The Crematories of Auschwitz. Reviewed by: Thion,
Serge. July/August, 1994; v. 14, n. 4, p. 28. A French scholar responds to a widely
acclaimed anti-revisionist work about Auschwitz.

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