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[Ernst Zündel and the Middle East]

Here is an excerpt from one of Ernst Zündel's latest newsletters to his supporters and friends:

After reading Dr. Faurisson's analysis and seeing the unraveling of the enemies' conspiracy, I could not help but muse and reflect on my attempts over the last 25-30 years to wake up and shake up the intelligentsia or the elite of the Moslem world, to make them understand that no true freedom for them or us in the Western world was possible until they, too, freed themselves and their thinking from the Holocaust Lie - the Hoax of the 20th Century! I wrote my fingers sore, contacted people - not by the dozens, but by the thousands! - even hired a former professor from Somalia who spoke and wrote "high Arabic" and who had made broadcasts on Egyptian radio, to translate my passionate appeals for intellectual cooperation and then read them unto audio tapes which I sent to thousands of intellectuals in the Moslem world, to a carefully selected list of the creme de la creme.
At the time, there was very little reaction to this outreach effort from the Moslems. On the other hand, the Jewish side reacted against me with a vengeance and intensity which surprised me and my lawyers at the time. I remember how, while lying on my metal bedstead in Toronto's ancient Don Jail after one of my court trials, I could not help but reflect on that weird twist of fate - to be found innocent of that plea voiced in four pages called "The West, War, and Islam", yet guilty of questioning "Did Six Million Really Die?" Twenty years ago, my target group, the Moslems, did not react to my proposal of bringing truth to the world by peaceful, democratic, perfectly civilized and legal means - by a massive, global Liberation through Information Campaign. There was no echo to my idealistic plan.
In retrospect, it makes sense. They had no frame of reference! There was no global revisionist movement as there is now. That only came about, at least to a great extent, because of my headline-making trials and the publication of the Leuchter Report. This indifference on the part of the Arab world meant that my enemies had not the slightest threat to fear - and yet, they went ballistic, as my kids used to say, on the question "Did Six Million Really Die?"!
Only much later did I realize that it was a reaction of the guilty mind fearing to be found out and exposed to the world. Simon Wiesenthal personally contacted the then Canadian Solicitor General, a Jew called Kaplan, who immediately followed Wiesenthal's demand and launched a Canada-wide Federal Police Investigation of me and my truth-telling activities. That is how much my global truth campaign unnerved them! Wiesenthal lamented loudly that a wave of anti-Semitism would sweep over Europe "...if Zundel lays his hands on Arab money" - or words to that effect.
It was not long thereafter that my publishing house, Samisdat Publishers Ltd., and I were summarily banned by Kaplan's liberal government from using the mail! As part of my litigation against the ban, we had to be given the correspondence between Wiesenthal and Kaplan. And there it was - in black and white!
I read about the mail ban in the Canadian Jewish News days before the Postal Police came to inform me that I was not to send out and would not be allowed to receive any mail - which spelled certain doom for my publishing company and even my graphic arts business. I could not send out my invoices, receive or pay my tax bills etc., which caused me no end of wasted time, headaches and sleepless nights - and a big loss of business! But it gained me my first foundation - a network and also the loyalty of worldwide supporters, many of whom are with me in this struggle to this day! Without that kind of loyalty and dedication, my subsequent trials would have been impossible to finance!
As all my friends and not a few of my enemies know, I fought back hard against that ban with our demonstrations, speeches, rallies and press releases which had to be hand-delivered to 33 media outlets in the Toronto area - fax machines were yet to come. I put on almost daily street demonstrations, hired expensive lawyers and won a temporary roll-back of some of the most severe restrictions. Now at least I could continue my graphic arts business and get my own personal mail. That was a partial but important victory! And daily, more supporters found their way to 206 Carlton Street in Toronto!
The Egyptian Arab language newspaper of Toronto, which had initially published some of my texts, caved in shortly thereafter and stopped publishing my Somali expert's Zundel texts altogether. Simon Wiesenthal had apparently sent one of those texts along to the Jewish Solicitor General, which kicked loose the whole repression avalanche in the first place. Within months I faced massive Jewish demonstrations outside my house, with as many as 2000 near-rioters threatening to storm my building, and enormous media vilification in the press, which all culminated in shrill demands to have me arrested, charged with spreading hate literature, a criminal offense under Canada's Hate Laws, tried in court and sentenced to a jail term - which would mean an automatic deportation thereafter to Occupied Germany with its grotesque Anti-Revisionist Laws for further similar treatment. But yet more friends and supporters offered help in various ways - and once they understood the struggle, we dug in our heels together and stayed firm, fighting with a tenacity born out of desperation. For me it really was a war of survival!
Meanwhile, the Canadian court system and the politicians at the highest level caved in to the vociferous Jewish campaign, and soon I was indeed criminally charged, released on bail, tried in a seven week trial and convicted -- NOT for the West, War and Islam -- the jury must have felt that I had told the truth with that rather mild 4-page essay - but that I had spread "False News" by asking the question "Did Six Million Really Die?"
Nine years of tiring, harrowing, expensive legal proceedings later, the Supreme Court of Canada would exonerate me and find me "not guilty" - by stating that I had a constitutional right to do what I had done all along, striking that very law, the "False News Law", from the Criminal Code of Canada.
What did that mean in the grand sweep of history? By hamstringing me in court after court, year in and year out, the Jewish side won time. It won ten years in which to lie about the Holocaust, lie about the Germans with impunity, and lie about me - and thus they frightened off the Arabs from using the one tool which could have dried up the endless billions of dollars in guilt money manipulated out of a naive, captured-by-Hollywood-propaganda America - and many more billions out of a brainwashed, defeated, prostrate Germany, run for good measure by a postwar-installed German vassal regime!
Those billions caused the arming of the Israelis to the teeth with the latest weapons possible! That money directly caused the deaths, wounding, torturing and maiming of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians in the last two decades!
Vilification was, and is, the enemy's biggest and most potent psychological tool! You see that even now as it is hurled against the Jordanian Writers Association in a desperate attempt to frighten them away from Revisionists. (...)
Think of it: This vilification weapon was put to diabolical use - again and again and again! The invasion of Lebanon, even the massacres of Sabra and Shatila, and the Gulf War ten years later might have been prevented - all the loss of lives might have been prevented! - had my truth campaign about the Jewish fake weapon, the so-called Holocaust, their sword and shield, fallen on more fertile soil in 1980.
How long nature takes for certain seeds to sprout! Now, 20 years later, a "pupil" of Dr. Faurisson's, Roger Garaudy with his Founding Myths of Zionism kicked one of the Arab doors down with the largely drawn-upon research of Dr. Faurisson's, Barbara Kulaszka's etc. - in the very Moslem world that had been deaf to my appeals! I believe he succeeded because, slyly, that former Marxist-Atheist-Communist became a Moslem! thus, he was acceptable to them, it seems. I, the non- Moslem, was not.
Now the Moslems will develop their own, homegrown version of Revisionism. Their path will also be thorny for a while, because the West's client regimes, in power everywhere there, made up largely of Western-University-trained eggheads, will have to first purge themselves of the lies they absorbed in their studies through "text books' by Wiesel and professors like Goldhagen, Novick and thousands of others like them in American or British universities, all of them with an emotional investment in the traditional, Hollywood version of the Holocaust. The kings and princes of the Arab world, who send their offspring to the West to get that coveted "better" education, cannot seem to comprehend that Zionism's agenda invades their children's minds in these Western schools like some bacillus lodging firmly in their brains and, in effect, paralyzing the very thought processes those future, or by now present rulers, of the Arab world. That bacillus prevents them from effectively dealing with the Israeli bullies in their neighborhood. That's why they have shied away from using the one tool which could get them relief from assaults, insults and repeated aggression by Israel, that colonial intruder into their region and would ultimately help them to achieve a modicum of normalcy in relations.
It will take a fierce struggle to loosen the mental grip the Jewish agenda has over those Arab intellectuals' thought processes, in and out of government. We know it from what happened in the Western governments, what happened to the Germans and Americans, who are in the same predicament when it comes to dealing with Jewish issues. Thus, unfortunately, more blood and more tears will flow to set these people in the Middle East and the whole world free - free from the lie, free from those using the lie shamelessly as a policy!
Every journey, even the longest one, starts with the first, often hesitant step. My attempt over 20 years ago was one of those first steps. In my struggles, I met Dr. Faurisson. Garaudy, inspired by Dr. Faurisson, came next. Dr. Faurisson and J¸rgen Graf's visits to Teheran and discussions with intellectuals there followed. And out of that came the planned Beirut conference - and then the banning of that event. The Internet dispersed Dr. Faurisson's blockbuster of an essay to the far corners of the world. This undelivered lecture fascinated and obviously impressed the members of the Jordanian Writers Association. Dr. Alloush and his Forum in Amman, once again officially "postponed" by government pressure, keeps this situation fluid and moving. The statement by the Jordanian Writers Association, recently released and endorsing the free access to revisionist information, is a big step in the right direction. That is how intellectual ferment is created - and how ideas are spread! (...)
Revisionism has broken out of the Arab beachhead and is now spreading into the vast desert beyond, much like Erwin Rommel, after he broke first into, then out of Tobruk, heading for Alexandria and Cairo beyond, drove his enemies in full retreat before him, keeping pushing at it, pushing, pushing ever farther. This time we will reach not only Alexandria and Cairo. We will not stop till we wash our boots in the tropical waters of Malaysia, Borneo and Burnei, as the Russians so poetically put it!
Little people, with small donations, in addition to the odd bequest, have made the incredible spread of Revisionism possible. To speak with Simon Wiesenthal, imagine "...if Zündel (or Revisionists) ever laid hands on millions of petro-dollars"!
We would have the planet freed in no time!
In hindsight, I can see now why my enemies reacted so viciously in 1981 against my campaign in my youthful enthusiasm and unbridled idealism. With my Truth Campaign, in Arabic no less, I was their worst nightmare come true! I was thinking of Liberation through Information. They rightly saw it as the Damocles Sword of Defeat through Information!
Revisionism, properly funded, equals certain defeat for these people! The Holocaust story is their most potent weapon, as Dr. Faurisson points out. It is their sword and shield - and will be their Achilles heel! The worst thing for them is that they know that we know - and that, soon, every Arab will know, too! What then?! Dr. Faurisson writes, " they contemplate suitcase or coffin..." I can see why that thought would scare the hell out of even bullies like Sharon and his ilk. If Revisionism spreads in the Middle East, I foresee scenes in Tel Aviv in a scenario reminiscent of the Americans abandoning Saigon - with Sharon climbing into a helicopter gunship from the rooftop of the Tel Aviv Hilton!
We have got them surrounded - surrounded with our facts and our truths!

ZGram -- by Ingrid Rimland, May 7, 2001

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