David Irving's Final Statement,

March 14, 2000, footnotes

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8 Report in The Daily Telegraph, July 29, 1999:"PREACHER HAS RIGHT TO BE HEARD, HOWEVER IRRITATING." Citing Socrates and two famous Quakers, William Penn and William Mead, Lord Justice Sedley said: "The irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome, and provocative have a right to be heard."

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12 Day 19, February 14, at page 83. I had supplied Deutsch with the General von Fritsch papers. He used them before me. I was then accused of having plagiarized his research without attribution. Cross examination of Prof. Evans. Evans: "I agree. I will climb down on Professor Deutsch." In another instance, I gave crucial entries in the Moscow Goebbels diaries to Hans-Georg Reuth, who published them in his five volume digest edition three years before I used them in my biography. His publishers Piper Verlag then vilified me on German television.

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18 See Day 19, February 14, page 77. Philippe Burrin, Hitler and the Jews, the Genesis of the Holocaust, at page 57: "While Hitler could only have endorsed the concept of exacting reprisals, namely on the Jews, he seems to have been surprised by the extent of the destruction. [...] In each case Hitler covered for Goebbels who did not derive the hoped for benefits from the affair." Copy in my Bundle F, "Prof. Evans", No. 48.

19 Burrin, op. cit.: "... It is a good thing we are preceded by the ominous reputation of exterminating the Jews..."

20 Ereignismeldung No. 60, dated September 11, 1941, at page 9: "Günstig wirkt sich das Gerücht aus, daß von den Deutschen alle Juden totgeschossen würden." And see Ereignismeldung No. 81 of September 12, 1941 where Einsatzgruppe C reported, "The gratuitous evacuation of hunderds of thousands of Jews may be considered to be an indirect success of the work of the Security Police. As we hear mostly from the other side of the Urals, this is a considerable contribution to the solution of the Jewish question in Europe." Translation in Arad, Krakowski and Spektor in The Einsatzgruppen Reports, page 131.

21 Goebbels diary, printed text, November 22, 1941;

22 See the answers by Peter Millar, examined on Day 15, February 3, page 40:

"Irving: Was I going to be there [Moscow] only for a limited space of time?
A. As far as we knew.
Q. Would it therefore have been practicable for me to have
browsed at length in the diaries for passages which were
not on the list?
A. I do not think so."

23 See the argument on Day 16, page 135.

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25 These items of the Claimant's Discovery relate to the task put to Dr Fröhlich, 1970-1971: Nos. 247, 269, 271-4, 279 (her fees and expenses, etc).

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27 For the full list of thirty such bodies and names, see para. 10 of my affidavit of September 4, 1998, in support of a successful application for specific Discovery against the Second Defendant, to be found in Bundle E at pages 245-7.

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39 re Australian libraries: see Bundle E, page 59, para 3.

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47 Day 19, page 92: cross-examination of Prof. Evans. In direct consequence of the premature (pre-embargo) Lukacs review, the next day's pre-recorded segment on nationwide television's Good Morning America show was scrapped; later reviews parroted Lukacs's list of my "mistakes".

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52 Day 20, February 15, 2000; speech at Milton, Ontario, October 5, 1991: "They [the Board of Deputies] scurry and hide furtively, they re like the cockroaches who you don t see normally by light of day."

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54 We have only the BfV's reply, August 9, 1991 to Neville Nagler of the Board of Deputies. Bundle E, pages 669. It is in the files of the Prime Minister of Australia, an indication of the world-wide networking that has gone on an endeavour to deprive me of free speech.

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57 Lipstadt wrote: "Peter Pulzer, a professor of politics at Oxford and an expert on the Third Reich, observed that it was ludicrous for [Andrew] Neil to refer to Irving as a 'mere technician,' arguing that when you hired someone to edit a 'set of documents others had not seen you took on the whole man.'" For the full list of names of those people and organisations who subjected Neil and The Sunday Times to pressure to violate the Goebbels Diaries contract with me, see Bundle E, pages 202-207.

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68 Bundle E, pages 97-99: Committee to Stop Irving, anonymous, leaflet: the phone numbers given were 0171 277 0817 (which is now disconnected) and 277 1314, which has an anonymous ring-back system. And sticker, "Mass demonstration to stop the fascist bigots," calling for demonstrators to "meet" at my home at 11 a.m. on July 4, 1992.

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76 Bundle E, page 277, Affidavit of Michael Whine, November 1996: "Mr Irving's Activities have been monitored by the Board for a number of years. [...] The report was compiled by my department as part of its normal day to day activities. [...] At some time in 1992 I received a request for information on Mr Irving by the B'nai Brith League of Human Rights, a similar organisation to the Board in Canada. They were in the process of providing information to the Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration which, at the time, was considering whether to permit Mr Irving to enter Canada. Mr Irving obtained a copy of the report following his inquiries in Canada under the Canadian Access to Information Act. . ."

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83 The Toronto Star, November 19, 1999: "JudGE REJECTS HATE EXPERT": "Although Farber has previously testified as an expert in about a dozen cases, Mr. Justice Russell Otter ruled in this instance he could be perceived as having a bias."