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Lenni Brenner,

Zionism in the Age of Dictators

Last minute: Lenni Brenner's, Zionism in the Age of Dictators is available from the American Education Trust (1998)

A fine book, out of print, analyzing the mirror relations between the then small Zionist movement and dictatorial powers. Each chapter is an html file.


List of abbreviations

Chapter 1 : Zionism and antisemitism prior to the Holocaust, 62K

Chapter 2 :Blut und Boden : the Roots of Zionist Racism, 25K

Chapter 3 : German Zionism and the Collapse of the Weimar Republic, 31K

Chapter 4 Zionism and Italian fascism, 1922-1933, 19K

Chapter 5 German zionism offers to collaborate with nazism, 34K

Chapter 6 The Jewish anti-Nazi boycott and the Zionist-Nazi trade-agreement, 58K

Chapter 7 Hitler looks at Zionism, 34K

Chapter 8 Palestine -- The Arabs, Zionists, British and Nazis, 36K

Chapter 9 The World Jewish Congress, 16K

Chapter 10 Zionist-Revisionism and Italian Fascism, 45K

Chapter 11 Revisionism and Nazism, 28K

Chapter 12 Georg Kareski, Hitler's Zionist Quisling before Quisling, 21K

Chapter 13 Choosing the Chosen People -- The doctrine of 'Zionist Cruelty', 27K

Chapter 14 The World Zionist Organisation and Italian Fascism, 1933-1937, 25K

Chapter 15 Austria and the 'Gentile Friends of Zionism, 18K

Chapter 16 The Jewish Parties of Eastern Europe, 20K

Chapter 17 Spain -- The Nazis fight, theZionists do not, 14K

Chapter 18 Zionism's Failure to Fight Nazism in the Liberal Democracies, 16K

Chapter 19 Zionism and the Japanese East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, 12K

Chapter 20. Poland, 1918-1939, 39K

Chapter 21. Zionism in Holocaust Poland, 37K

Chapter 22. Zionist Collusionwith the Polish Government-in-Exile, 16K

Chapter 23. Illegal Immigration , 23K

Chapter 24. The Wartime Failure to Rescue, 65K

Chapter 25. Hungary, the Crime within a Crime, 36K

Chapter 26. The Stern Gang, 17K


July 1998: one of our readers writes this:

<Lenni Brenner's, Zionism in the Age of Dictators is available from the American Education Trust the publishers of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. The price is $7.95 each or $9.95 for two plus $2.50 shipping for the first title plus $.50 for each additional. I purchased my copies about six weeks ago.

At the time I received a quantity of material from the American Education Trust included were some seven "white papers" including one by Lenni Brenner. The title of Brenner;s paper was The Anti-Defamation League's National Director is Crazy Like a Foxman. The theme of the paper is Brenner's response to Foxman';s alleged libel and makes for interesting reading. However I found Brenner's hostile attitude towards revisionism distressing and his cutting words toward the Institute for Historical Review particularly vile. In a response to Tom Marcellus written by Brenner in 1985 and quoted in the paper he states, "All of the above is bullshit. I share not one iota of your mad ideology. I am your implacable opponent. I do not believe you have any right to exist; and I support any and all attempts, by any and all, Zionist or Anti-Zionist, to bust up your institute and your meetings."

While I agree that Brenner has provided a good insight into the Zionist mind and operation, I do not trust him.>

We agree, we known his narrow trotzkyte mind. But to learn that the book is again available on paper is good news.

Lenni Brenner's, Zionism in the Age of Dictators is available from the American Education Trust (1998)

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