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The original texts of Rassinier in French are available in the Archive Rassinier here

Debunking the Genocide Myth

Introduction, by P. Hofstetter


Ulysse's Lie

Part 1 The Author's Experience. Prologue. Chapter One

Part 2 Chapter 2. Swarms of Humanity at the Gates of Hell

Part 3 Chapter 3: The Circles of Hell

Part 4 Chapter 4 Charon's Bark

Part 5 Chapter 5 Port of Grace; Anteroom of Death

Part 6 Chapter 6 Shipwreck

Part 7 The Experience of Others Chapter 7 Concentration Camp Literature

Part 8 Chapter 8 The Minor Witnesses

Part 9 Chapter 9 Louis Martin-Chauffier

Part 10 Chapter 10 The Psychologists: David Rousset and the Universe of the Concentration Camp

Part 11 Chapter 11 Eugen Kogon and L'Enfer organise


The Drama of European Jews

Part 12 Chapter 12 Raul Hilberg: His Doctrine and His Methods

Part 13A Chapter 13 - 1, Winesses, Testimonies and Documents

Part 13B Chapter 13 - 2, Witnesses, Testimonies and Documents

Part 14-1, Chapter 14 - 1, Statistics: Six Million or ...

Part 14-2, Chapter 14 - 2, Statistics: Six Million or ...

Part 14-3, Chapter 14 - 3, Statistics: Six Million or ...

Part 15 Chapter 15, Conclusion: Six Million Exterminated Jews -- Fact or Fiction

Part 16 Annexes

The same book, available in pdf in one clic

 We have added A vicious attack by Poor old Debbie against Rassinier. We have new material in French on the theme of "The return of Paul RASSINIER".

The Real Eichmann Trial, or The Incorrigible Victors

PART 1 Foreword and Introduction

PART 2 Chapter 1 : From Stalingrad to Nuremberg

PART 3 Chapter 2 : The Principles of Nuremberg

PART 4 Chapter 3 : Conspiracy and Crimes against Peace

PART 5 Chapter 4 : War Crimes

PART 6 Chapter 5 : Crimes against Humanity

PART 7 Chapter 6 : Conclusion on Nuremberg

PART 8 Chapter 7: The Eichmann Trial or the New Master Singers of Nuremberg

.............Chapter 8 : The Auschwitz Trial

The same book, available in one clic (PDF format)

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