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May 2011



An early attempt to "refute" the famous "Protocols".

Herman Bernstein, The History of a Lie, New York, J.S. Ogilvie Publisher, 1921, 104 p. <pdf> 5 M.

L'auteur voit aux Protocols surtout une origine allemande, recyclée par des "mystiques" russes comme Nilus. Il reprend ensuite la célèbre légende du cimetière de Prague, qui vient encore récemment de faire les délice d'Umberto Eco qui ne recule devant rien pour remplir son tiroir-caisse. (Voir, justement, Le Cimetière de Prague, Grasset, 2011.) Ensuite, il aborde le rôle de personnages fumeux comme Retcliffe, Butmi, etc. pour retomber - miraculeusement - sur les Cent-Noir. La légende sort ainsi tout armée de la cuisse de Bernstein, et dès 1921.


A book on today's world politics which invades and bomb the whole world : Afghanisatn (surge), Haiti, Pakistan (US Death squads at work), Libya (cruise missiles)


Un livre d'actualité sur les nouvelles formes de l'agression impérialistes qui envahit et bombarde le monde entier. L'an dernier: Afghanistan (renforts), Haiti, Pakistan, Yemen (drones) Libye, en plus du reste...

The new imperialism Militarism, Humanism and Occupation, Vol. 1, edited by Maximilian C. FORTE; 241 p. <pdf> 27,6 M.
Alert Press, Montreal, Québec, Canada, 2010, On voit à l'oeuvre une nouvelle génération de chercheurs-militants qui suit à la trace les agressions et les ravages causés par l'intervention des Etats-Unis, de l'OTAN et de leurs valets d'armes. L'heure est aux bombardements. Les leçons du Viêt-Nam sont oubliées, ou abolies. Le monde doit se mobiliser pour écraser cette bande de scorpions. SMASH USA !


* * * David McCalden, founder of the California-based Institute of Historical Review (IHR)

The amazing, rapidly shrinking "Holocaust" (1987-88) <pdf> 14 p. 500 K.

Is the Holocaust Industry singing its swan-song? The spring of 1988 will see a flurry of international conferences, where participants will desperately be seeking ways to halt the onslaught of Holocaust Revisionism -- the school of thought which regards the "Holocaust" as a gross and vulgar exaggeration.
In April 1988 -- coinciding with Hitler's birthday -- a conference at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY will discuss possible ways to introduce "race relations" laws into the United States. The focus of the meeting will be to figure out ways to circumvent (or overturn?) the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees free speech.

Twenty-three years later, we stand at the same point : They did not win, and we have not yet prevailed...


Antony C. SUTTON

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy
<pdf> 158 p.

Volume 2 of the Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews was published this last summer. (Both volumes are now avalable on and other outlets online):
The Secret Relationship... vol.2 Book Review (<pdf> 3 p.)

We have also a sample of this new book We expect these 14 pages to evince new wailings in Brooklyn and elsewhere.

Mollah Omar speaks
(on the phone) with a US diplomat (22 August 1998)
4 p. 250K
in dari translated in americanese.

Declassified State document. Mollah Omar speaks on the phone with a US diplomat in Pakistan (in 1998). He warns that blind bombings by US Air Force are likely to propel opposition. He also asks for evidence on Bin Laden whom he knows as a nice guy. Twelve years later, the situation is the same; if they want to negociate, the Americans would rather give answers to those questions, and to some others. The Wikileaks documents should provide a legal basis for putting on trial a number of high-ranking US advisers and military officiers. Hopefully, some of them should be hanged at those few remaining lamp-posts in the ruins of Kabul, thus providing a just follow-up to the acclaimed Nurnberg Trials...


Dr. Abraham MYERSON

The Terrible Jews
By One of Them

Boston, 1922, Jewish Advocate Publishing Co, 72 p. <pdf>
The author was a neurologist in Boston. He thinks what he writes is "funny".



Table Talk (1941-1944)
His private conversations

Translations : Norman CAMERON & R.H. STEVENS
Enigma Books, New York, 2000, 752 p. <pdf> 6,7M.



The Expulsion of the Jews from England in 1290
Oxford, Blackwell, 1895, digitised by Microsoft for the University of Toronto, 96 p., 4,8M

How was it that, at a time when trade and the need for capital were growing, the Jews, who were reputed to be among the great capitalists of Europe, were expelled from England ? How did Edward, a king who was in debt from the moment he began to reign till the end, bring himself to give up he revenue that his father and grandfather had derived from the Jews ? How could he, as an honourable king, drive out subjects who were protected by a Charter that one of his predecessors had granted, and another had solemnly confirmed ?

Nikolaus GRÜNER (A-11104)

Stolen Identity
The Search for Lazar Wiesel A-7713

Stokholm, 2007, 141 p. <pdf> 7M

... to expose "Elie Wiesel" who took my friend Lazar Wiesel's tattooed Number from Auschwitz A-7713, without being registered in Auschwitz. This spineless profiteer turned the graves od Auschwitz Birkenau - into an industry and himself into an "impostor" of the worst kind.


Seymour M. HERSCH

The Samson Option
Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy
New York, Random House, 1991, non paginé, 183 p. <pdf> 1,2M



Where villages stood
Israel's Continuing Violations of International Law in Occupied Latroun, 1967-2007
Al Haq, Ramallah, Dec. 2007, 94 p. <pdf> 2,2M

In 1967, those villages ­ 'Imwas, Yalo and Beit Nouba ­ saw their entire populations of just over 10,000 people forcibly transferred, their houses and buildings completely levelled, and their land appropriated by Israel.

This study sheds light on the suffering of tens of thousands of Palestinians whom, since 1967 to this day, are prevented from returning to their villages in Latroun, while at the same time the ruins of their homes are built upon by an Occupying Power the deep-rooted Palestinian history of the land is concealed by parks for Israelis to enjoy their barbecues, masking the crimes and human rights violations committed. Complicit in these violations are organisations based in Canada, a modern democracy which has ratified the principle instruments of international human rights and humanitarian law, which and pushed for the establishment of the International Criminal Court.

Frederick John Partington VEALE (1897-1976)

Advance to Barbarism

The Development of Total Warfare from Serajevo to Hiroshima
New York, Devin-Adair, 1968 (1st ed.: Londres, 1948. 2nd ed.: Nelson, USA, 1953) 3rd edition, enlarged, 254 p. <pdf> 1,3M

Advance to Barbarism was first published in England in 1948. It was a noteworthy little book because it dealt for the first time with such then recent innovations as the indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations and the trial of prisoners of war by their captors as symptoms of a world-wide development which had begun in 1914. At the time of its publication this point of view was considered so wilfully perverse that no British newspaper with a national circulation would review this book. (Lord Hankey)

This eloquent work traces the evolution of warfare from primitive savagery to the rise of a "civilized" code of armed conflict that was first threatened in the US civil war, and again in the First World War, and was finally shattered during the Second World War. The ensuing "War Crimes Trials" at Nuremberg and Tokyo, and their more numerous and barbaric imitations in Communist-controlled eastern Europe, Veale argues, established the perilous principle that "the most serious war crime is to be on the losing side."


Russian Jews and Gentiles
From a Russian Point of View

17 p. <pdf> 5,2M

On the functionning of pogroms. Brafman and his masterwork.


Heretical Two In British Jail

Michael Hoffman

Satire demonized and criminalized in Britain

From the site of Michael Hoffman, 3 p. <pdf>

The "revisionist community," with some notable exceptions (Lady Michelle Renouf, Dr. Robert Faurisson, Willis Carto, Herman Otten) is reluctant to mention Tales of the Holohoax in connection with the plight of the "Heretical Two." The publication itself and the heretics who circulated it would now be a cause célébre if the current "revisionist community" had any of the public relations instincts of Ernst Zundel.
In the 2009 Christmas list of imprisoned revisionists and their jailhouse mailing addresses circulated around the Internet and published in certain revisionist newsletters, under the names Sheppard and Whittle the reason given for their incarceration was an oddly generic one: "sought asylum in the U.S." But the reason they were asylum seekers was noticeably absent. By this omission, reference to Tales of the Holohoax and its author were sent down the memory hole -- by revisionists themselves.

Wilhelm MARR

The Victory of Judaism over Germanism

<pdf> 38 p., translated from German to English, en 2009, by Gerhard Rohringer, 1,3M

Translation of the notorious pamphlet by Marr who, in 1879, elaborated the concept of antisemitism (though he did not coin the word).

We have the original text :


Antony C. SUTTON (1925-2002)

Wall Street and the Bolchevik Revolution
1974, <pdf> 165 p., 600K, numérisé par Studies in Reformed Theology

Sutton's next three major published books Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Wall Street and FDR detailed Wall Street's involvement in the Russian Revolution as well as its decisive contributions to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His books became classics in the study of covert politics and economics in the twentieth century. In Sutton's own words he was "persecuted but never prosecuted" for his research and subsequent publication of his findings.

The Chomsky-Blankfort Polemic

Interview de Jeffrey Blankfort par Silvia Cattori
Signs of Times, 20 Feb. 2006, 7 p., <pdf> 80K

Chomsky tends to simplify US politics, blaming everything on the elites and whoever is in the White House while avoiding the role of Congress. Today, eleven members of the Senate are Jewish, that is 11 % of the 100 members while only 2 % of the American population is Jewish. He and his supporters, either directly or indirectly, raise the spectre of anti-Semitism, of provoking anti-Semitism, and what happens is that people keep their mouth shut. Now, Chomsky, who was a Zionist when he was younger­ he lived in Israel, he has friends in Israel, was considering moving to Israel ­ admitted in 1974 that this might influence his perspective ­ and he wanted his readers to know that. He wrote this in 1974 and yet few people who read Chomsky today know that. They do not know that he was Zionist, that he considered living in Israel.


The World Order
A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism
1985, Ezra Pound Institute of Civilizations, <pdf>, 157 p.

The bandits of the World order have succeeded in robbing the whole world through the technique of the bal masqué, the disguise which enables them to carry on their Satanic work without being identified and prosecuted. The bal masqué is the ideal vehicle for this program, because the World Order gained its present power in Europe in the nineteenth century. It was a truism among the old European aristocracy that "Balls are given for those who are not invited".


A Report on the Symbiosis Between Anti-Semitism & Zionism
Renaissance Press, 2006, New Zealand, <pdf> by aaargh, 46 p. 400K

Therefore, if this assimilationist attitude was to be replaced by a revival of Jewish separatism, anti-Semitism would have to be welcomed, even promoted, by Zionism as confirming its dogma and reversing the process of assimilation.
Zionists from the beginning welcomed anti-Semitism as a means of undermining what Zionists believed was the sense of false security of Jews in western, liberal societies, and as the means by which Jews would be kept in a permanent state of neurosis. Large and powerful organisations such as the US-based Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'rith exist mainly for the purpose of exaggerating the extent of anti-Semitism in order to keep Jews under the Zionist heel and keep the coffers for Israeli causes filled.



The Anglo-American Establishment
New York, Books in Focus, 1981, digitized by Mrkva 2000, 289 p. <pdf> 2M.

In his book The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden, written in 1949 but published posthumously in 1981, Quigley purports to trace the history of a secret society founded in 1891 by Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner. The society consisted of an inner circle ("The Society of the Elect") and an outer circle ("The Association of Helpers"). The society as a whole does not have a fixed name:

This society has been known at various times as Milner's Kindergarten, as the Round Table Group, as the Rhodes crowd, as The Times crowd, as the All Souls group, and as the Cliveden set. ... I have chosen to call it the Milner group. Those persons who have used the other terms, or heard them used, have not generally been aware that all these various terms referred to the same Group. It is not easy for an outsider to write the history of a secret group of this kind, but, since no insider is going to do it, an outsider must attempt it. It should be done, for this Group is, as I shall show, one of the most important historical facts of the twentieth century.

Quigley assigns this group primary or exclusive credit for several historical events: the Jameson Raid, the Second Boer War, the founding of the Union of South Africa, the replacement of the British Empire with the Commonwealth of Nations, and a number of Britain's foreign policy decisions in the twentieth century.



Antony C. SUTTON

America's Secret Establishment
An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones

Trine Day reprint 2002 (1983), scanned by NWOKiller, 219 p., <pdf> 11M

These volumes will explain why the West built the Soviets and Hitler; why we go to war, to lose; why Wall Street loves Marxists and Nazis; why the kids can't read; why the Churches have become propaganda founts; why historical facts are suppressed, why politicians lie and a hundred other whys. If I have a magnum opus, this is it.

We are going to argue and present detailed precise evidence (including names, dates and places) that the only reasonable explanation for recent history in the United States is that there exists a conspiracy to use political power for ends which are inconsistent with the Constitution. This is known by the official historians as the "devil theory of history," which again is a quick, cheap device for brushing facts under the rug. However, these critics ignore, for example, the Sherman Act, i.e., the anti-trust laws where conspiracy is the basic accepted theory. If there can be a conspiracy in the market place, then why not in the political arena? Are politicians any purer than businessmen? Following the antitrust laws
we know that conspiracy can only be proven in a specific manner. A similar pattern of market actions is not proof of conspiracy. Just because something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and all the ducks act similarly, does not make it a duck - or a conspiracy. Under the Sherman Act a similar pattern of prices, where all prices are the same, is not proof of conspiracy. Similarity of prices can occur in a purely competitive market. Neither is similar political action necessarily a conspiracy.
Proof of conspiracy requires specific types of evidence, i.e.,: (a) there must be secret meetings of the participants and efforts made to conceal joint actions, (b) those meetings must jointly agree to take a course of action, (c) and this action must be illegal.



King Leopold's Soliloquy : A Defense of His Congo Rule
Boston, Warren, 1905, 31 p., <pdf> 800K

[Throws down pamphlets which he has been reading. Excitedly combs his flowing spread of whiskers with his fingers; pounds the table with his fists; lets off brisk volleys of unsanctified language at brief intervals, repentantly drooping his head, between volleys, and kissing the Louis XI crucifix hanging from his neck, accompanying the kisses with mumbled apologies; presently rises, flushed and perspiring, and walks the floor, gesticulating]
---- ----!! ---- ----!! If I had them by the throat! [Hastily kisses the crucifix, and mumbles] In these twenty years I have spent millions to keep the press of the two hemispheres quiet, and still these leaks keep on occurring.


Washington's Blog

The Nazis' Murder of Jews, Communists and Gypsies In Gas Chambers
Was an AMERICAN Idea

Extracted from the Washington's Blog, 20 Feb. 2010, 5 p., <pdf> 200K

The concept of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race didn't originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the United States, and cultivated in California, decades before Hitler came to power. California eugenicists played an important, although little-known, role in the American eugenics movement's campaign for ethnic cleansing.
Eugenics was the pseudoscience aimed at "improving" the human race. In its extreme, racist form, this meant wiping away all human beings deemed "unfit," preserving only those who conformed to a Nordic stereotype. Elements of the philosophy were enshrined as national policy by forced sterilization and segregation laws, as well as marriage restrictions, enacted in 27 states. In 1909, California became the third state to adopt such laws. Ultimately, eugenics practitioners coercively sterilized some 60,000 Americans, barred the marriage of thousands, forcibly segregated thousands in "colonies," and persecuted untold numbers in ways we are just learning. Before World War II, nearly half of coercive sterilizations were done in California, and even after the war, the state accounted for a third of all such surgeries.

An Appeal by Black Americans Against United States Support
of the Zionist Government of Israel

New York Times, 1er novembre 1970, an ad redacted, inserted and paid by a large group of black american personalities, 1 p. <pdf> 250 K, signed Committee of Black Americans for Truth about the Middle-East.

We state that Israel supported the United States in the Korean War; aided France and the Terrorist Secret Army Organization [OAS] in Algeria against the Algerian Revolution; opposed the anti-colonial independence movements in Marocco, Tunisia, Indonesia and elsewhere; trained the counter-revolutionary para-commandos of General Mobutu who was one of the persons responsible for the murder of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo, and presently provides arms and other equipment to the Portuguese troops fighting against the Angolan and Mozambican freedom fighters. We demand that all military aid or assistance of any kind to Israel must stop... We call for Afro-American solidarity with the Palestinian people's struggle for National Liberation and to regain all of their stolen land.

We rarely hear that kind of language nowadays. Would that mean that our beloved Afroamerican brothers are somewhat sleepy ?


Israel FINKELSTEIN, William DEVER, Jean-Louis SKA, Jan-Alberto SOGGIN, Niels Peter LEMCHE, Mario LIVERANI, Nadav NAAMAN, Peter MACHINIST, Giovanni GARBINI, Philip R. DAVIES, Lester L. GRABBE, Thomas L. THOMPSON

Recent Trends in Reconstructing the History of Ancient Israel
Conference of Association of Orientalists, Rome, March 2003.
<pdf> 13 p. 250K. Very short condensations of the lectures.

It is worse than the entry of Nabucco's armored divisions into Jerusalem. The archaeologs' airforce together with the epigraphists heavy artillery pounded and flattened the so-called Holy Story, and, as a result, the Jewish story. Of David remains very little. Salomon, forget him. All the so-called "Jewish Historians" may be thrown in the dustbin. Jewish History has been "invented" (word coined by Liverani, usually quite shy) around the time of the transfer to Babylon (5 to 6th century Before). It's a radical revision, which uproots centuries of legends and tales used by the Jews to build up privileges and submit the Christian churches. The 5000 year story shrinks into a 5 century blabla. This is a first opening.


Steven SIMON
Council on Foreign Relations

An Israeli Strike on Iran
Contingency Planning memorandum no 5, <pdf> 11 p., 100K.



Yoram SHEFTEL, Israeli defender of John Demjanjuk

Interview 1994, aaargh reprints, <pdf> 10 p. 200K.


Yahoo Compliance Guide for Law Enforcement
<pdf> 17 p. 150 K

How to help the police to suppress incorrect thgought and identify the authors...



extracted from,
<pdf> 7 p.
Zündel has survived seven years in gaol (in the US, Canada, and Germany)

He is alive and kicking. Welcome in our miserable world !
Ezra POUND (1885-1972)

"Ezra Pound Speaking"
Radio Speeches of World War II

edited by Leonard W. Doob, Greenwood Press, 1978, <pdf> 205 p. 1,1M . Texts in Pound flamboyant original English

No other American-and only a few individuals throughout the world-has left such a strong mark on so many aspects of the twentieth century: from poetry to economics, from theater to philosophy, from politics to pedagogy, from Provençal to Chinese. If Pound was not always totally accepted, at least he was unavoidably there.
Those traits of mind and character that made Pound so inescapable are not only evident in the broadcasts but also present in ways that make them more fully understandable. Here is that same fearless plunge toward the heart of the matter-often heedless of consistencies-that marked his study of ancient and exotic languages and cultures. Here is that same urge to simplify and instruct that marked his unorthodox textbooks: ABC of Economics, ABC of Reading and the rest.

Leonard Doob wrote, en 1935, Propaganda: its Psychology and Technique.
Hilaire BELLOC (1870-1953)

The Jews
Londres, Constable, 1922, <pdf>, digitized by Internet Archive (Un. de Toronto) for Microsoft in 2007, 334 p. 10M.

THE THESIS OP THIS BOOK: The Jews are an alien body within the society they inhabit hence irritation and friction a problem is presented by the strains thus set up the solution of that problem is urgently necessary. An alien body in any organism is disposed of in one of two ways : elimination and segregation. Elimination may be by destruction, by excretion or by absorption in the case of the Jews the first is abominable and, further, has failed the second means exile : it has also failed the third, absorption, the most probable and most moral, has failed throughout the past, though having everything in its favour. There remains segregation, which may be of two forms : hostile to, or careless of, the alien body, or friendly to it and careful of its good in this latter form it may best be called Recognition. The first kind of segregation
has often been attempted in history it has been partially successful over long periods but has always left behind it a sense of injustice and has not really solved the problem also it has always failed in the end. The true solution is in the second kind of segregation, that is, recognition on both sides of a separate Jewish nationality.



Blurb Biography of John Demjanjuk, so far
xoxol, Feb. 2010, <pdf> 19 p. 600K


Ernst HIEMER (text) et FIPS (drawings)

The Poisonous Mushroom
Der Giftgilz, tr. from the German

Little handbook for the struggle against Judaism. 18 p. <pdf> 1M. Germany in the '40s. Ferocious AND Hilarious.

USAID, <pdf> 90 p. 500K

Corruption, defined as "the abuse of public position for private gain" is a significant and growing problem across Afghanistan that undermines security, development, and state and democracy-building objectives. Pervasive, entrenched, and systemic corruption is now at an unprecedented scope in the country's history. Thirty years of conflict that has weakened underdeveloped state institutions and the country's social fabric, Afghanistan's dominant role in worldwide opium and heroin production, and the tremendous size and diversity of international security, humanitarian and development assistance all increase Afghanistan's vulnerability to corruption.

The great general and conquistador Alexander the Great has been through Afghanistan, 2350 years ago ! With is Mecedonian forces, he ran into the valleys, around the central massive mountains. He, and all the other great soldiers of the Antiquity knew fully well that one should'nt attack the montaineers in their native districts. US generals, who do not suspect the existence of Antiquity, ran in the trap and attacked the montaineers at home. They should better not ask us how the move backward away from the trap. Be they damned and die there!

They now discover "corruption" (What about "corruption" in the States ?) in the client state on which they build all their future options. They should remember the regime of General Nguyên van Thieu... The secret is simple ; there has never been a State in Afghanistan, only a motley collection of tribes loosely connecting traditional big families. Hence, corruption is in itself the State !


An Insight into Child Porn

by Mr. X (German analyst), Wikileaks, <pdf> 18 p. 250K. translated from German

10 years inside the international child porn industry with our confidential source.


Mustafa TLASS

Matzo of Zion
The Slaying of Father Thomas al-Capuci
and his servant Ibrahim Amarah in Damascus, 1840 A.D.

Version anglaise de la fameuse thèse de Mustafa Tlass, publiée à Damas en 1991. <pdf> 152 p. 1M.
Traduit du français en anglais

L'acharnement négationniste :

Sir Moses Montefiore arrived in Damascus on July 3, 1849. Sir Moses had the courage to go, in person, to the Church, [where Father Thomas is buried] and in the presence of two priests he copied the text in Arabic and Italian languages. It appears that there was some doubt regarding the accuracy of the text....
The tombstone in the Capucin Church in Damascus, as a reminder of Father Thomas' death, became a source of continuous concern for Sir Moses. In order to request the assistance of the French Government, Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore returned to Paris during the month of December, 1849. In Paris, Sir Moses met with General Lafitte, the
Minister of Foreign Affairs; and soon thereafter he was received by Louis-Napoleon, the President of the Republic.
According to Sir Moses, the following conversation took place at the Elysee Palace with the Future Emperor of France:
"He received me with a great welcome....Then I asked His permission for me to read my request. He listened with great attention and expressed His agreement many times. And when I finished reading He said: 'I shall give direct and strong
orders; I am very happy to be able to serve a rightful cause!'." [Les Napoléons, toujours prêts à lécher du juif].
In 1855 Sir Moses was planning to travel again to Palestine. During his stop in Paris he presented to the Emperor, through the French Ambassador, a request for a directive to be sent to the French Ambassador in Damascus to secure the theft of the hostile anti-semitic document from the Capucins' Church. There was no apparent response. [Matzo, en anglais c'est le pain azyme]

Et si on se mettait à voler toutes les plaques commémoratives qu'ils installent partout (et d'abord dans les gares), qui pousserait des cris d'orfraie ??


Russia and the Jews
The first sizeable review of Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together in English.

No publisher dares to touch the book, even with a long pole, believe it or not.
The Barnes Review, XIV, 5, Sep.Oct. 2008,
translated from German into American, <pdf> 73 p., 4,1M

How could such a book escape publication in the United States? For that matter, why has no one ever translated the book into English? The title should help us understand why this book has been banned and suppressed since the day it was completed. The title of the volume we are reviewing is, simply, The Jews in the Soviet Union. This volume is part two of Solzhenitsyn's massive two-book series 200 Years Together.
Pressure from extremely powerful Zionist sources, as you have already figured out by the title, has kept this valuable work from reaching readers in the West. And the reason for that will become obvious once you dive into this issue of The Barnes Review. It details, with great precision, the Jewish involvement in the creation of Bolshevism and communism and the willing participation of Jews in perpetrating the worst mass murders of the 20th century-crimes which dwarf claims about the so-called "holocaust." (Paul T. Angel)



Library Censored History
Australian League of Rights, <pdf> 34 p.

The Reality of Conspiracy - The Sutton Revelations - BombShell Facts - The Truth About The Russian Revolution - Who are The Jews? - Financing The Soviet By Wall Street - Soviet-Zionist Collaboration - Soviet Real Victors In Six-Day War - October 1973 - The Anti Semitic Smear - The Myth of The Six Million - Towards The World State

Abstract of Quigley (soon online on this site)and of Sutton, partly online here.



A New Affirmationist Study on Auschwitz
Inconvenient History, 27.1.10, <pdf> 13 p. 250K. Translation of a presentation by the author of a massive study (715 p.) which replies to Pressac and van Pelt, just published in Italy. Translation by Thomas Kues



Revisionism, Interrupted
Controversy Erupts on Holocaust Denial Scene
Southern Poverty Law Center Wishful Thinking by Southern Poor Intellectuals
Winter 2009, <pdf> 3 p. 100K.

These people figure out the Holocaust revisionist movement as a monolithic mammoth... Nothing is further from the truth. They are alive and kicking...

Kawther SALAM

Names of Mossad Death Squad Published
5 Feb. 2010, uruknet, 5 p., <pdf> 600K.
First notice on the manual killers hired by Israel Murder Corp. in Dubai.






N° 1 (spring)-- App, Butz, Faurisson, Fitzgibbon, Walendy... N° 2 -- (summer) Brandon, Faurisson, Bennett, Ponsonby, Harwood, Felderer, Barnes... N°3 -- (automn) Barnes, Fitzgibbon, Weber, Lutton, Felderer... N°4 -- (winter) Stein, Butz, Seleshko, Konkin, Felderer... N°5 -- (spring 81) Brandon, Bennet, James Martin sur Raphael Lemkin, Weber, Landwehr, Friedrich, Kehl... N°6 -- (summer 81) Faurisson, Weber, Wesserle, Merriam, Wainright, Lilienthal ...N°7-- (fall 81) Buchener, Stäglich, Hansen...N°8 -- (winter 81) Beck, Rassinier, Faurisson, Lutton, Wesserle... N°9 -- Martin, Carto, Barnes... **** N°10 -- Faurisson (Anne Frank), Andronescu, Weber (Charles), Konkin, Larson... **** N° 11 -- Greaves, Butz, Martin, Nakhleh, Irwin... **** N° 12 -- Butz, Degrelle, Borra, Wesserle...

**** N° 13 -- Whisker, Hadawi, Hankins, Rollins... ****N° 14 -- Rosevelt and the War in Europe, Weber, Kent, Hoggan... *** N° 15 -- Lindsey, Thompson, Whisker, Rollins... **** N° 16 -- Pearl Harbor, Greaves, Martin...

Michael T. FLYNN, major general
with Matt POTTINGER, captain and Batchelor Paul D. (Defense Intel. Agency)

Fixing Intel : A Blueprint for Making Intelligence relevant in Afghanistan
<pdf> 28 p. Center for a New American Security, Jan. 2010, 1,3M

Now they are trapped, headfirst. They realize it and move up their ass. They can't hide the fact that their services are bullshit.

The tendency to overemphasize detailed information about the enemy at the expense of the political, economic, and cultural environment that supports it becomes even more pronounced at the brigade and Regional Command levels.

The most salient problems are attitudinal, cultural, and human. The intelligence community's standard mode of operation is surprisingly passive about aggregating information that is not enemy-related and relaying it to decision-makers or fellow analysts further up the chain. It is a culture that is strangely oblivious of how little its analytical products, as they now exist, actually influence commanders. The same thing could have been written, and was in fact written, during the Vietnam War.



Saving the lefebrianists
Comments on Introvigne

AAARGH Reprints, february 2010, 14 p. 320K. in English and Italian.

Massimo Introvigne is a cheap lobbyist for New Age religions and right-wing Catholics. Frightened by Bishop Williamson skeptical utterances, Introvigne tries to portray "denial" as purely left-wing artefact. He tortures history and Serge Thion comes along to hit his fingers.


Michael K SMITH

Portrait of Deborah Lipstatic

<PDF> 200K 16 p. Hilarious. Highly comic. Seems extracted from Lewis Carroll.

Parody. Poor Old Debbie !


Local Holocaust Museums Grow Amid Worries About Future
Forward, Jan. 01, 2010, <pdf> 3p.

The numbers speak for themselves: There are now 16 Holocaust museums in the United States, from
Albuquerque, N.M., to Houston, to Richmond, Va. And these are just the biggest of nearly 150 Holocaust centers all over the country. With a substantial, federally-backed national museum in Washington, critics are increasingly wondering about the need for so many local museums. Even more important, the question of whether these institutions will be able to financially sustain themselves into the future - given the heavy costs of maintaining collections, and the dying off of the Holocaust survivors who founded them - is of great concern to museum directors.


Jean-Patrick MANCHETTE

Gas Alert ! Contribution to the Critique of an ultra-sinister Ideology
AAARGH reprints, february 2010, 6 p. missile teleguided by Bill not Bored.

These guys are members of a New York based Debord Cult. Who cares ? They spend their time digging into old dustbins. They find trash. They hurl it over the Atlantic. Why they act like this remains a mystery for us. The mistranslation of the title coud provide an indication?



Death of a City
Phoenix Publications, GB, 1982, with photos, 20 p., 5,2M

After Basra and Baghdad, before Gaza, Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, the atrocious carpet-bombigs, fire whirls, shockwaves invented by this bunch of top brass criminals, airborne mass murderers employed by criminal politicians, who are not worth the rope to hang them... Patience...



Washington, 2007, <pdf> 32,4M, 143 p.



Captain Nathan FINNEY (US Army)
Head of the development Team of the Doctrine of Human Terrain

Human Terrain Team Handbook
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,, 2008, 122 p. <pdf> 1,4M

Human Terrain Teams (HTTs) are five- to nine-person teams deployed by the Human Terrain System (HTS) to support field commanders by filling their cultural knowledge gap in the current operating environment and providing cultural interpretations of events occurring within their area of operations. The team is composed of individuals with social science and operational backgrounds that are deployed with tactical and operational military units to assist in bringing knowledge about the local population into a coherent analytic framework and build relationships with the local power-brokers in order to provide advice and opportunities to Commanders and staffs in the field.

They recruit anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists to improve the techniques of massacre, of social destructuration and of penetration of local societies by armed thugs coming from... Kansas !


William BLUM

Rogue State
A Guide to the World's Only Superpower
Zed Books, London, First published 2000; new updated edition 2002. 335 p. <pdf> 6M,

It's not just people in the Middle East who have good reason for hating what the US government does. The United States has created huge numbers of potential terrorists all over Latin America during a half-century of American actions far worse than those perpetrated in the Middle East. If Latin Americans shared the belief of many Muslims that they will go directly to paradise for martyring themselves by killing the Great Satan, by now we might have had decades of repeated terrorist horror coming from south of the US-Mexican border. As it is, over the years the region has produced numerous attacks on American embassies, diplomats, US Information Agency offices, and the like. There are also the people of Asia and Africa. Much the same thing applies.



I was held by the Russians in Sachsenhausen and made to build a gas chamber there

by Hugo Haig-Thomas (18 May 2008)

Extracts of the German book we published in its entirety in November 2009.
<pdf> 5 p. 220K, David Irving website, recently hacked, suppressed and restored.



Holocaust Analogies : Repaying the Mortgage
Return, march 1990. <pdf> 11 p., 220K.

A study of the Zionisation of the Holocaust and, by way of consequence, the Nazification of the Zionists.

Medical doctor Marcus Lewin arrives for a period in the Israeli concentration camp Ansar 2. he quickly grasps that he will be accomplice of torturers. One of his colleagues says: "Marcus, at the beginning you feel like Mengele, but within a few days you get used to it..."


Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism in Progressive US Blogs/News Websites
Influential and Poorly Monitored

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, 92, 1 Jan. 2010, <pdf> 12 p. 220K,

The author realizes with horror that antizionist and anti-israeli comments reach new heights in the "progressive" blogs in the US. He can see that the Zionist thought police is not efficiently monitoring these new outlets. The Zionist iron grip is about to crack. Zionists have good reasons to fear the worst...


< pdf > according to the pre-print internet version, 115 p., 1,4M, culled from the author's website, "based on the true story of the largest judgement against a publisher in history -- a schoking look inside the wildcat world of independent publishing", 2007.

This is the story of a double hoax, Misha de Fonseca literary Hoax (the little Jewish girl saved by a pack of wolves during WWII), edited and published by the credulous Jane Daniel, and the extraction of millions of dollars from her by the "author" who, using a purported Jewish identity, obtained a complete victory in court.



Counterterrorism Detention and Interrogation Activities
(September 2001 -- October 2003)

Rapport du 7 mai 2004. Classé Top Secret, Copy 43, déclassé en 2009, publié censuré en vertu de la loi Freedom of Information Act. <pdf> 160 p. 4M. En militaire américain.

Est-ce qu'on apprend vértablement quelque chose, entre les blocs d'encre noire, qui cachent tous les crimes commis par les Américains dans leurs centres de détention à l'étranger, secrets, illégaux, probablement jamais vraiment autorisés ? Non, le censeur a soigneusement échenillé tout ce qui pourrait nous montrer l'ampleur des ignominies et du raffinement des tortures infligées à des gens dont la culpabilité, établie à force de sévices, n'a jamais été clairement établie. C'est pour cela qu'il reste à Guantanamo et ailleurs des prisonniers qui ne peuvent plus être jugés ! Ils ne sont plus crédibles parce qu'ils ont été trop torturés ! C'est un comble. Ce sont les même démocrates qui vous diront du mal des nazis et de la gestapo, qui n'étaient, finalement, toutes proportions gardées, que des enfants de choeur...

The conduct of detention and interrogation activities presented new challenges for CIA. These included determining where detention and interrogation facilities could be securely located and operated, and identifying and preparing
qualified personnel to manage and carry out detention and interrogation activities. With the knowledge that AI-Qa'ida
personnel had been trained in the use of resistance techniques, another challenge was to identify interrogation techniques that Agency personnel could lawfully use to overcome the resistance. In this context, CTC,with the assistance of the Office of Technical Service (OTS), proposed certain more coercive physical techniques to use on Abu Zubaydah.


Israel : The revisionist background
AAARGH reprints, extarcted from the introduction of Heller's book, The Stern Gang: Ideology, Politics and Terror, 1940-1949, Frank Cass, 1995. <pdf > 7 p. 80K.

Here "revisionism" is a far-right trend in Zionism !

The character of Revisionism was largely shaped by the charismatic personality of Zeev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky, who founded the movement in 1925 and led it until his death 15 years later. Born in Odessa in 1880, Jabotinsky was deeply influenced by that dynamic cosmopolitan centre of commerce and by its flourishing secular Jewish culture. Equally, if not more, influential were his university days in Rome (1898- 1901).



Behind Enemy Lines in Brussels :
A Victory for Revisionist Norms

< pdf > 16 p. Many pictures

Prof. Miharan Dabag (Armenian) offered that: "Genocide need not be proved; the result itself is proof ... Genocide research, this can only take place once the result itself has been qualified and then we can look at the details; of genocide we don't need evidence."
Frankly I could not make out his rather "Catch 22" argument, for the professor said "the result of genocide itself is proof". His seems to be offering the same bottomline as Norman Finkelstein's: first we accept an unproven premise that despite the absense of bodily remains (since no geological excavation or autopsy reports are sought) or scientific evidence for the mass murder weapon (and its technical properties), we are to presume as the law calls it the "manifest obviousness". About no other era of history is such a bottomline considered scientific. But I'd had my answer. There was no document even as we are told there are countless documents attesting to an indisputable proof.


Fighting Holocaust Denial
in Campus Newspaper Adverstisements

A Manual for Action
< pdf > 33 p. 500K

Holocaust denial is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory which claims that the well-documented
destruction of six million Jews during World War II is actually a myth created by Jews to serve their own self-interested purposes. On college campuses, Holocaust denial is most often encountered in the form of advertisements submitted to student newspapers by Bradley Smith and his Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH). These ads are an affront to truth and an insult to the memory of those who were murdered by the Nazis. They create a divisive atmosphere for Jews on campus and foster conflict among students, faculty, administrators and the local community. [...] The Holocaust is a central tragedy in the sweep of Jewish and human history and a trauma that continues to inform Jewish life today. It is also a cautionary tale about human character that deserves retelling in every generation, to Jews and non-Jews alike. By fighting Holocaust denial on campuses we honor the memory of the victims, confront the forces of hatred, and help shape a responsible new generation of Americans. We urge you to join us in this effort.
Authored by FOXMAN, the he-fox.



UNODC (Un. Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - Vienna)

Addiction, Crime and Insurgency
The transnational threat of Afghan Opium

< pdf > 7,8M, 152 p.

The world consumes some 3,700 tons of illicit opium per year (1/3 raw and 2/3 processed into heroin) and seizes 1,000 tons. Illicit opiate trade flows have never been previously known: this report breaks new ground by estimating them by country (and regions). Every year, the equivalent of some 3,500 tons of opium flow from Afghanistan to the rest of the world, via its immediate neighbours. The main opiate consumer market is Europe (about 19 per cent of global consumption, with a market value of US$ 20 billion), the Russian Federation (15 per cent), ... and the Americas (6 per cent).

Afghan opium is five time more producive than the Golden Triangle one. The large scle cultivation has been triggered by American invasion and occupation. (Remember the Vietnam era book by Alfred McCoy, The Politics of Heroin in SEA. It is available on the net : ) The Taliban had made strenuous efforts to decrase and eliminate poppy cultivation. But the need of the resistrance war has triggered an enormous increase of production. This report gives many so far unknown datas, even if it does not telle the complete story.

Heroin kills every year between 5 and 8000 poor young chaps in Europe, and several times that figure in Russia.



Arnold LEESE

<pdf> 169 p. 1M.

Contains all sorts of writings by a talented professional antisemite: "Race and Politics - A Counter-blast to the masonic Teaching of Universal Brotherhood", " The legalised cruelty of Shechita : the Jewish method of cattle-slaughtering", "Disraeli the Destroyer", critique of Freemasonry, etc.



The Apologist for terror and the BBC
<pdf>, 6 p., 60K
The thought police again. The British one, which publishes Searchlight is particularly corrupt and vicious.


How did the far Left manage to slip into bed with the Jew-hating Right
The Times, 28 June 2005, <pdf>, 2 p., 120K

The same old police. Denouncing Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen and Israel Shamir (all of them Jews, by the way). This guy is coarse.


Austin APP

Power and Propaganda in American Politics & Foreign Affairs
Conference given on 28 April 1978, par Austin App, Germano-American revisionist scholar. <pdf> 15 p. AAARGH Reprints, 130K

He draws a comparison between the Confederates, militarily smashed, and the Germans, also militarily smashed. Then he criticizes the policy of Franklin D. Roosevelt (Europe as a gift for Soviet Union). Then he goes on using the subversive writings of Barnes and introduces other revisionist writers: Butz, Rassinier, Christophersen, Joseph Burg, David Irving...)

"Every Jewish survivor is just another proof that the Third Reich had not planned to execute its Jews. It is almost funny to keep hearing some "survivor" lament that his whole family, at least ten, were gassed in a German concentration camp, but somehow he escaped! That he escaped may be true, that his relatives were massacred is a lie! And every one who claims "gassed" relatives should specify names and date! The proof is on those who claim the casualties, it is not for the German people or for American school children to disprove the lie of the holocaust."



Once Reviled as Nazi Collaborator, Now Hailed as a Savior
The New York Times, 22 October 2009, <pdf> 100K, 2 p.

For years his name was anathema. Reviled as a Nazi collaborator whom an Israeli judge said had "sold his soul to the devil," Mr. Kasztner, a journalist and official in Israel's ruling leftist workers party, Mapai, was denounced in court, demonized in print and spat upon on the street. Rage against him brought down the Israeli government in 1955 and all but ignited a civil war. His three right-wing killers were pardoned seven years into their life sentences.


Global Language Dictionary

Israel Project 2009, <pdf>, 116 p. 4M

How to talk those Americans who are not yet slaves of Zionism into becoming one. This propaganda schoolbook encompasses all the main Israeli lies. A frightening candor.

The goal of pro-Israel communications is not simply to make people who already love Israel feel good about that decision. The goal is to win new hearts and minds for Israel without losing the support Israel already has. To do this you have to understand that the frame from which most Americans view Israel is one of "cycle of violence that has been going on for thousands of years." Thus, you have to
disarm them from their suspicions before they will be open to learning new facts about Israel.
The first step to winning trust and friends for Israel is showing that you care about peace for BOTH Israelis and Palestinians and, in particular, a better future for every child. Indeed, the sequence of your conversation is critical and you must start with empathy for
BOTH sides first. Open your conversation with strong proven messages such as: "Israel is committed to a better future for everyone ­ Israelis and Palestinians alike."

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal


Richard Warman, ant other Canadian Jewish Organizations dedicated to the suppression of freeedom of speech in Canada vs
revisionist and freedom fighter

<pdf>, 107 pages, 350 K

After battling for ten years this fake tribunal, designed to silence those who do not kneel in front of Hebraic power, this court has to aknowledge it does damage the freedom of speech, that it damages the constitutional Charter and that the Jews are dead wrong. Canada celebrates ! In the local juridical parlance, we get this:

« I have determined that Mr. Lemire contravened s. 13 of the Act in only one of the instances alleged by Mr. Warman, namely the AIDS Secrets article. However, I have also concluded that s. 13(1) in conjunction with ss. 54(1) and (1.1) are inconsistent with s. 2(b) of the Charter, which guarantees the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression. The restriction imposed by these provisions is not a reasonable limit within the meaning of s. 1 of the Charter. Since a formal declaration of invalidity is not a remedy available to the Tribunal (see Cuddy Chicks Ltd. V. Ontario (Labour Relations Board), [1991] 2 S.C.R. 5), I will simply refuse to apply these provisions for the purposes of the complaint against Mr. Lemire and I will not issue any remedial order against him. »

(and Dave Rich, of the London secret Jewish police)

Rage and Despair
The Zionist Onslaught on Revisionism

<pdf> 37 p. 450 K, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, calumny center, followed by:

Holocaust Denial as an Anti-Zionist and Anti-Imperialist Tool for the European Far Left, by Dave Rich, of the London Secret Jewish Police (CST)

Facebook is a pain in the ass for the judeo-Zionist crowd. They want to either control it entirely, or destroy it entirely. They look for blood. Here, in this internal document, they explain why and how.


The Jews and Modern Capitalism
<pdf> translated from German by M. Epstein (in 1913), Batoche Books, 2001, (first published 1911) 291 p.

"For some years past Sombart has been considering the revision of his magnum opus on modern capitalism, and in the course of his studies came across the problem, quite accidentally, as he himself tells us, of the relation between the Jews and modern capitalism. The topic fascinated him, and he set about inquiring what that relationship precisely was. The results of his labours were published in the book2 of which this is an English edition."

Cast Lead Offensive in Numbers

Statistical Report on:
Persons Killed and Property Damaged or Destroyed in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli
Occupation Forces during Operation Cast Lead
(27 December 2008 ­ 18 January 2009)

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights
<pdf> 38 p. The figures of Zionist bestiality, 1 M.

Those figures are bloodcurling. Table 12 is to be kept in mind : it shows by what means people have been killed: 1/ drones (519 killed); 2/ fighter-bombers (473); Tanks (152); 4/ helocpters (92); 5/ foot soldiers (67); etc. More than three quarters of the victims have been blindly smashed into pieces by the air force. This confirms that Israeli forces, who prided themselves of the bravery of its soldiers and officers has turned into an American tytpe of flying monster, spreading death from above in planes furnished gratis by those silly Americans, using bombs graciously provided by Southern fundamentalist idiots...

(Headquarters International Security Afghanistan Force -- Kabul)
< pdf > 7 p. 2,3 M

Good to laugh your head off. The recipe for disaster. The Americans have receid enough kicks in the ass in Afghanistan in the last 8 years to start reconsidering. They discover they should be kind with the local people ! Kiss their ass. Their supreme commander, McChrystal established new rules... for an incoming doomsday !

The Holocaust Deniers
The Triumph of the Anti-Semitic Vipers
< pdf > 7 p. 400 K. Full of mistakes ! See the exhilarating mentions of AAARGH !

"Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites: they are very much alive, alike and at work. One could think they are only a bunch of Extremists lost in our big democracies but they are not. They are many, everywhere and well organized in spite of all the persecutions and trials they have been submitted to since the last 20 years. Here is a quick way to know who they are, what they stand for and who support them."

Richard EVANS

Expert report
< pdf> 445 p. 1,6M

From all the possible experts, Lipstatd picked up the most stupid, the most intellectually limited. Perhaps the one she could understand. He later produced a book, from the content of his report.

E. Michael JONES

Holocaust Denial and Thought Control : Deborah Lipstadt at Notre Dame University
<pdf> 170K, 21 p.

The provost of that institution along with the Notre Dame Holocaust Project invited a "renowned historian" to address the issue of "holocaust denial," a delict which has succeeded patriotism as the last refuge of scoundrels. The "renowned historian" in question was Deborah Lipstadt, who, according to the press release sent out weeks in advance, is the director of the Rabbi Donald A. Tam Institute for Jewish Studies and is currently on leave of absence at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. The invitation was hastily extended in the wake of what has come to be known as the Williamson Affair. In hosting the affair, Notre Dame could establish its academic bona fides by inviting a Jew in to beat up a Catholic bishop.


The Jew as Criminal
English translation of Der Jude als Verbrecher, Leipzig, 1937, by R. Belser (USA, 2002)
Introductory note by Julius Streicher (murdered at Nurnberg)
<pdf> 550K, 213 p.

The Jew is fundamentally and basically criminal. Crime is, for him, the form of existence inherent in him. He is continuously and inescapably on the attack against the natural laws of order of the Volksgemeinschaft [= ethnic community] and the communal life of the various peoples. It is by no means money per se for which he strives. This view is a dangerous prejudice, which is apt to divert the gaze of the investigator and the politician from the essence. Money is for the Jew only a means to an end, the end goal is, for him, always the conquest of power, the usurpation of unlimited power over people. The entire content of the socalled 'religion' of Judaism and its Chosen status is a mere monstrosity of its morbid greed for power.

James M. ENNES, jr.

Assault on the Liberty
The True Story of the Israeli Attack on an Americain Intelligence Ship.
New York, Random House, 1979, 155 p. <pdf> 12M

A case of US cowardice and abject submission

United States Technical Research Ship Liberty sailed from Norfolk May 2, 1967, on a routine patrol of the African coast. Five weeks later she was suddently and overwhelmingly attacked in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. Her decks were strafed with machine-gun fire and scorched by napalm; she was crippled by rocket and torpedo damage; her life-rafts, readid for survivors, were machine-gunned in the water. Thirty-four of her crew died; scores of others were seriously wounded.

Even before the wounded were evacuated, a news lid went down over the entie episode. this story was not to be told. The Navy's own failures were never exposed or acknowledged, and israel's fragile alibi was nurtured and protected. israel claimed that the ship was at fault for being near the coast, for "trying to escape" after being fired upon by jets, and for not informing the Israeli government of her location; and our government tolerantly kept those assertions from public knowledge.


39 Good reasons why you should not believe in the biggest Myth of the XX Century
< pdf> 80K, 10 p. by Eli James, 19 July 2005.
En outre, vous serez charmés d'apprendre, et ce peut être utile à savoir, que le Jugement dernierr est prévu pour le... 21 décembre 2012. Bon ça va, on a encore le temps...

the Zionists decided to promote this myth in order to cover up their own involvement with Nazi Germany in transferring Jews from Germany to Palestine. They needed a smoke screen and a continuous barrage of propaganda to clamp the lid down on any criticism of their WWII maneuverings. The more newspaper space that is taken up by their lies, the less room there is for the truth.

EU HEADS of Mission

Report on East Jerusalem (Dec. 2008)
<pdf> 20 p. 250K


Long-standing Israeli plans for Jerusalem, now being implemented at an accelerated rate, are undermining prospects for a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem and a sustainable twostate solution. Although Israel has legitimate security concerns in Jerusalem, many of its current illegal actions in and around the city have limited security justifications. Israeli "facts on the ground" ­ including new settlements, construction of the barrier, discriminatory housing policies, house demolitions, restrictive permit regime and continued closure of Palestinians institutions ­ increase Jewish Israeli presence in East Jerusalem, weaken the
Palestinian community in the city, impede Palestinian urban development and separate East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank. Israel is, by practical means, actively pursuing the illegal annexation of East Jerusalem.


This issue was edited in 1986 by Colin Jordan. Sure enough, the British National Party would not republish today these articles of the main press, denouncing, for instance, the hanging in Palestine of British soldiers, at the hands of Irgoun. Back in London, Jewish pressures obtained the suppression of photographs of the sad event, right in the archives of the press agencies... Jewish power is nothing new. Ask Cromwell. The main culprit was clearly identified : Menachem Wolfovitch Begin -- before he became Prime Minister of the Genocidal State.

<pdf> 1,9M 8 p.

Obama's Secret Police
Government Spies Infiltrate Antiwar Movement

by Justin Raimondo

(the mad shooter at the HoloMuseum inb Washington)

"Kill the best gentiles"
"Tob shebbe goyim harog!"
The Racialist Guide for the Preservation of the White Gene Pool

site Holy Western Empire, complete, 404 p. <pdf> 2,2M

This is the man who shot a guard - a young black - at the entrance of the Ugly of the uglies, the USHMM and killed him. Von Brunn was, and is a revisionist and a racist, the kind which believe to have the mission to save the white race. This business does not concern the huge majority of Holocaust revisionists, who do not care about races, but it concerns many American citizen who livre in the most racist of all the existing societies. 84 years old, von Brunn was sick and almost without resources. In the last e-mail we received from him, he complained not to be able to send us... 5 bucks ! (we did not ask). Life in the USA, for an old sick tramp is a nighmare. He had decided to end it in a spectacular way, like in an American movie. The other guards at the museum shot him down. He lies on a hospital bed with a bullet in his head. Justice came to his bedside and spoke about wanton murder. He could face the chair (gas chambers are not active anymore). His website has been suppressed on the evening of his crime. We do not see censorship as a solution. We put his book online as a matter of information. We strongly reject this useless violence. Nobody has the right to take anybody's life. Nothing can justify this sort of crime.

Austin J. APP, PhD

The Six Million Swindle
Boniface Presse, 1973, <pdf> 28 p. 300K

The Six Million Swindle is a Blackmail for Indemnities
The Talmudists have from the beginning used the six million swindle to blackmail West Germany into "atoning" with the twenty billion dollars of indemnities to Israel. They put enough pressure on Washington not to sign the American-German treaty for German autonomy until Adenauer agreed to such indemnities to a bastard state that had not even existed during the era of the Third Reich. But not only has Israel blackmailed West Germany into subsidizing it, Israel and World Jewry have also blackmailed it with the figure of six million into paying pensions and indemnities to every Jew who survived Nazi-occupied Europe and millions who after the war sneaked into West Germany from behind the Iron Curtain and then claimed to have suffered under the Nazis.

Smedley D. BUTLER
Brigadier General

War is a Rackett

The Antiwar Classic by America's Most Decorated Soldier

<pdf> 1935, Feral House 2003, 42 p., 5,1M. Introduction by Adam Parfrey : How a Military Hero Blew the Wistle on Corporate Malfeasance

Jumping into the American cesspool. War as a racket. Who is taking the money ? This booklet is not confined to the actuality of the 30's. It is going on now. As a traditional Democratic expansionist, sweet-tongued Obama keep the troops in Irak and intensifies the war in Afghanistan. The system is rotten. Obama is Bush with a smile...


Why American History is Not What They Say :

An Introduction to Revisionism

Auburn (Alabama), 2009, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 212 p., <pdf> 1,8M

This book goes back on the way American history has been written during the XXth century and comes back to the fundamental masterworks of Harry Elmer Barnes and his colleagues, founding fathers of the American Revisionist School. Barnes was the one who introduced Rassinier's work in the Hemisphere. A very useful and exciting book.

Tribunale di Milano

The Judge presiding over Preliminary Investigations...

indicts 19 agents from the CIA who abducted in Milan an Egyptian citizen (Abu Omar) protected by political asylum given to him by the Italian authorities, on Feb. 17, 2003. A very good investigation by apt Italian services. The Rome government intervened to kill the debate in court. This shows that the CIA, in Europe and in the world at large, is free to commit its crimes and that our governement are cowardly licking America's ass.


International Red Cross's Damning Exposé of US Torture
13 April 2009, Author's blog, 42 p., < pdf > 0,5M

American Armed Forces have always used torture as a routine. Remember Vietnam, for instance. It is equally routine to hear the American government's lies, almost fainting when the word "torture" surfaces in the press. Look at Obama, jumping like a kid who stole the jam, when he speaks of those Guantanamo prisoners whom he cannot produce in court because their declarations have been extracted under torture. He is not even able to say it straight ! Nuremberg, quickly ! The rope, no procrastinating !


Jerzy Kosinski : Grand Calumniator of Poland

A file excepted from the vanished website UKAR (Ukrainian Archive). This site has been invaded and utterly destroyed by groups of Jewish thugs who boasted about it.
23 p. < pdf > 250K

Kosinski (real name : Lewinkopf) was a well known writer, author of The Painted Bird, a totally invented chronicle of the war years in Poland. A biography later showed that Kosinski wa a compulsive liar and a hoax. The scandal was cracked open in the US. It all looks similar to Wiesel role as a fake, although Wiesel managed to survive.


Auschwitz. The First Gassing. Rumor and Reality
Chicago, Theses and Dissertation Press, <pdf> 165 p. ill. 8,8M.

Abdullah TOUKAN & Anthony H. CORDESMAN

Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran's Nuclear Development Facilities

Center for Strategic & International Studies, Washington, March 14, 2009
<pdf> 114 p., 3,6M

Based on these estimates the study addresses the possibility of an Israeli strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities, with the objective of either destroying the program or delaying it for some years. The success of the Strike Mission will be measured by how much of the Enrichment program it has destroyed, or the number of years it has delayed Iranian acquisition of enough Uranium, or Plutonium produced from the Arak reactor, to build a nuclear bomb. [...]
·The Israeli time frame as to when Iran will have a Nuclear Weapon is between 2009 and 2012, whereas the U.S. time frame is after 2013. Israel states that Iran should not be allowed to obtain any nuclear capabilities that could eventually allow it to produce nuclear weapons. Israel views Iran as an Existential Threat and must be dealt with in the immediate future.
· New US policy, under Obama Administration, is to leave all options on the table, and presently favors diplomacy against any military strikes. Containment could be the future course of U.S. Policy if Diplomatic Engagement does not work, and after all other options have been exhausted.


Simon Wizenthal Center

facebook, youtube+
How social media outlets impact digital terrorism and hate

<pdf> 63 p. faits de reprises du Net. 9M

A Collection of homepages from websites hostile to judeocracy. Covers the whole spectrum of political opinions, including our friends of Free Arab Voice. The real terrorists are those employed by the L.A. Wiesenthal Center who want to establish censorship and jail all opponents. They serve well their masters in Israel. Have a look, just for fun.


E. Michael JONES

L'affaire Williamson : The Church and Holocaust Denial

Culture Wars, 22 May 2009, <pdf>, 14 p. 150K

A very good analysis.

As the volume of the outcry increased, Vatican resolve began to crumble, and comment began to proliferate, making a bad situation worse. As if to show that Rome could shoot itself in the foot without the help of the Washington Post, L'Osservatore Romano published an article by Anna Foa, a Jewish professor of history at the University of Rome "La Sapienza," on the topic of "Negazionismo," the Italian term for Holocaust denial. Foa's article, "Antisemitism is the only motive of the Deniers," was so apodictic it made papal bulls look like models of empirical induction by comparison. In contrast to the measured approach of
Raul Hilberg, the Jewish dean of Holocaust studies, Foa, offering no evidence other than her ability as a mind reader, dismissed David Irving's credentials as an historian. She went on to claim that "Anti-Jewish hatred is at the origin of this denial... There is only one motive, one intention, behind denial of the Holocaust: antisemtism. All the rest is lies." (
We have the original article written by this particularly obnoxious liar).

Captain Archibald H. Maule RAMSAY

The Nameless War
London, Britons, 1952. Many reprints. 106 p. <pdf> 600K

Inside the House of Commons, the pro-Jewish war mongers were now becoming more and more intransigent ; and more and more set on sabotaging the chances of turning the "phoney war" into a negotiated peace. This in spite of the fact that Britain had nothing to gain by further and total war, and everything to lose. The Jews, of course, had everything to lose by a peace which left the German gold-free money system and Jew-free Government intact, and nothing to gain.
It seemed clearer to me every day that this struggle over the question of civilian bombing was the crux of the whole matter ; and that by this method of warfare alone could the Jews and their allies cut the Gordian knot of stalemate leading to peace ; and probably later on to a joint attack on Jewish Bolshevism in Russia.
Accordingly, on 15th February, 1940, I put down the following question to the Prime Minister :
Captain Ramsay asked the Prime Minister : "Whether he will assure the House that H.M. Government will not assent to the suggestions made to them, to abandon those principles which led them to denounce the bombing of civilian populations in Spain and elsewhere, and embark upon such a policy themselves ?"
Mr Chamberlain himself replied in outspoken terms :
"I am unaware of the suggestions to which my honourable and gallant friend refers."

On the 23rd May, 1940, within the first fortnight of Mr Churchill's Premiership, many hundreds of British subjects, a large proportion of them ex-Servicemen, were suddenly arrested and thrown into prison under Regulation 18B.

The Captain Ramsay, MP, was thrown into jail for the duration of the war... (23 May 1940 -- 26 Sept. 1944). He was never charged. « On the morning following my release from Brixton Prison, I proceeded to the House of Commons at my usual hour of 10.15 a.m. ; an action which appeared to cause no little surprise. ».


Advance Praise from Cynthia Ozick

for Tova Reich's My Holocaust

Tova Reich's My Holocaust is a ferocious work of serious satiric genius. ... Its publication is certain to raise a howling hullabaloo; but if there was ever a hullabaloo worth raising, this is the one. ... She shows us how the temple of Holocaust memory has been defiled.

Tova Reich

My Holocaust

Part One

The Holocaust Princess

We have online a number of presentations given at the Tehran Conference. We suggest you go to the Conference homepage. A general view is given in a special issue of Conseils de révisions.




We issue now a monthly newsletter, called THE REVISIONIST CLARION (pdf) to gather news, analyses and comments on World Wars' revisionism, on today's colonial wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, and on future wars prepared by the mad cows who graze on the White House lawn. This is really hot ! Do not miss it. You may subscribe (for free) at: <aaarghinternational at> We do the same in German, Spanish and Italian, but texts are different. See our pages on those languages.


Nr. 24 --- 2008

Look at the previous issues of the Revisionist Clarion




Anti Defamation League (Jewish Thought Police )

Holocaust Denial in the Middle East
The Latest Anti-Israel Propaganda Theme

2001, 22 p. <pdf>

APP Austin,

Revisionist Pamphlets (1973-78)
<pdf> 500 K

ATAÖV Prof. Turkkaya

Hitler and the Armenian Question
Ankara, s.d.,<pdf> 8 p. 150 K

Everybody knows the famous sentence : "but who would remember the Armenian massacres..." Alas ! This is pure invention...


Nuremberg or the Promised Land
<pdf>, 650 K, 85 p. Text of 1948. Translated into English specially for the AAARGH readers.

   Revisionism began in France in 1948 with the publication of Nuremberg ou la terre promise [Nuremberg or the Promised Land] by the Fascist writer Maurice Bardèche. Like its title, the book falls into two parts: the first is a critique of the Nuremberg Trial (especially of the conduct of the French delegation there), the second is an amazingly accurate prophecy of the bleak future that awaits the Occident. Bardèche deserves to be recognized not only as the world's first revisionist (revisionists however have been reluctant to accord him this honor)* but also as the first prophet of the New World Order. Bardèche understood that what was condemned at Nuremberg was not just National Socialism but Nationalism itself. He predicted nearly all the problems which plague the Occident today: globalism, third world immigration, hate crimes, affirmative action, racial miscegenation and replacement, etc.
* "He was also the first to argue that the gas chambers were used for disinfection-not annihilation. . . . Despite his contentions that the Holocaust was a myth and that the Nazis were wrongly implicated, Bardeche has never been openly embraced by contemporary deniers. That has not kept them from adopting his ideas. Though they use his arguments, they rarely mention him by name because of his political views" (Carlo Mattogno).


BARNES, Harry Elmer,

Pearl Harbor after a Quarter of a Century
<pdf> 560 K

BARNES Harry Elmer, editor

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace
A Critical Examination of the Foreign Policy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and its Aftermath
Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, 1953, <pdf> 490 p. 4,4 M
Contribution by George Morgenstern, Charles Callan Tansill, Percy L. Greaves Jr., William Henry Chamberlin, William L. Neumann, Frederic R. Sanborn, George A. Lundberg

55 years after it was first published, this book remains the most comprhensive, revisionist account of the real causes and the actual results of America's entry into WW2. To analyze the drift and purpose of USA's foreign policy with such acuity as to predict that, over half a centrury later, America would continue to be embroiled in military adventures and alarms around the globe, took a touch a genius, duly supplied by that giant among 20th-century American historians, Charles A. Beard. It was him who suggested the grim tag used here as title.


BAZO British Anti-Zionist Organization-Palestine Solidarity

Nazi-Zionist Collaboration
Glasgow, 1981 <pdf> 103 p., 800 K

The organisation opposes international Zionism in all its manifestations as racialist ideology, especially the Zionist state entity. The organisation particularly opposes Zionism in Britain. The organisation campaigns for a Unitary, Democratic, Secular State in all of Palestine with equal obligations and rights for all its citizens irrespective of their racial origin and religious beliefs, as proposed by the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). The organisation supports the struggle of the Palestinian People and all progressive forces for the attainment of this objective. The organisation supports the struggle of the Palestinian People as part of the world National Liberation Movement against Zionism and Imperialism for its right
to self-determination in its entire homeland and believes that the exercise of this right is the only correct step towards the creation of the Unitary, Democratic, Secular State in all of Palestine.

As for the disgraceful Zionist attempts to utilize the tragedy of the Holocaust to boost the political prestige of 'Israel', we merely restricted ourselves to noting that Nazism was a European phenomenon and that the Palestinian Arabs, having
no complicity in the murder of European Jewry, should not have been penalized by having their homeland occupied by European colonial settlers. In a word, if a Zionist State was to be established (which as an anti-racist group we disagree with in principle), then it should have been established on the European lands of the Nazi exterminators, and not on Palestinian lands.* The opportunist attempts to exploit the tragedy of the Holocaust in the service of Zionist 'Israel' by promoting the film series of the same name was the breaking point with BAZO-PS.



Iron Curtain Over America
<pdf> 1951, 80 p., 700K

Do you know why our three democratic presidents in the twentieth century have given us three foreign wars? Do you know who controls the foreign policy of the present national administration? Do you have any idea od the relation between war dead of native stock and immigration? Do you know that, in defiance of all quota and other laws, as many as 77% of our immigrants per year have belonged to one unassimilable minority? Do you know why the Middle East, friendly for a hundred years, is now inflamed at Britain and America? Do you know the strange ways in which our Administration helped the Communists who were killing our men in Korea? Do you know the extent to which censorship denies you the truth?
After reading The Iron Curtain Over America, you will know the answers to the above and hundreds of similar questions.



Holocaust Denial in Australia
<pdf> 49 p., 600 K

THE JUDEOCENTRIST POINT OF VIEW : This paper explores the nature of Holocaust denial in Australia through a study of the beliefs and activities of the three organizations for whom Holocaust denial is a central belief: the Australian League of Rights, the Australian Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the Adelaide Institute. Their activities, their international ties, and their relationship with the broader racist Right in Australia is considered. The paper concludes by reflecting on the future directions and responses to Holocaust


BEIT ZVI Sabbatai

Post-Ugandan Zionism
A study of the Factors that Caused the Mistakes Made by the Zionist Movement during the Holocaust
Published 1977 in Hebrew by Bronfman, Tel Aviv. Translated into English by Ralph Mandel et privately published in 1991, 2 volumes, 602 p., Probably repinted in 1998 in small number. Totally unknown on Internet (<pdf> - 3,1 M. 409 p.)

This book spreads panic among the Zionists
and settles their account

«In his brilliant expose Beit Zvi shows how Zionist leadership of the time together with Bund28 and Agudat Israel,29 failed to do their elementary duty of trying to inform the Jews of Europe. He also shows how in 1941-42 the Hebrew press of Palestine consistently ignored the reports from the Soviet and Polish governments, and then from other sources, that European Jews were being exterminated. And whenever the Hebrew press of Palestine couldn't ignore such news entirely, it did its best to belittle them, occasionally to the point of quoting the official Nazi denials.30 I shall never forget that the Zionist Movement's leadership was then silent and guided others to silence. And those Holocaust historians who now exonerate that leadership are even more reprehensible.

In my view Beit Zvi was right in concluding that the leadership of the Zionist Movement wanted the Jews not to be rescued unless they would immigrate to Palestine.»
Israel Shahak, Davar, 11 sept. 1994.


Fascism Wrapped in an American Flag
<pdf>, 22 p., 1989, Political Research Associates, 150 K

Lyndon LaRouche is a demagogue, a crook and a hoax. The puppet is dismantled here.
LaRouche's political ideology is authoritarian. His view of history is paranoid. His economic theories are similar to Italian Fascism. His conspiratorial views are laced with racial and cultural bigotry and a large dose of anti-Jewish hysteria. His zealous
stormtroopers are motivated by an internal organizational structure that is to politics what the blitzkrieg was to international diplomacy--that distinctive twentieth century phenomenon...the totalitarian movement. History teaches us that to ignore or dismiss such a person as an ineffectual crank can have devestating consequences.


BILU Yoram and BEN-ARI Eyal

Modernity and Charisma in Contemporary Israel: The Case of Baba Sali and Baba Baruch
<pdf> 11 p.
An unknown side of the so-called jewish religion. Or should we call it superstition ?


BLUM William

Killing Hope -- U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II
Updated Through 2003. <pdf> 260 p., 6,3 M

Is the United States a force for democracy? In this classic and unique volume that answers this question, William Blum serves up a forensic overview of U.S. foreign policy spanning sixty years. Remarks from the previous edition: "Far and away the best book on the topic."-Noam Chomsky "A valuable reference for anyone interested in the conduct of U.S. foreign policy."- Choice "I enjoyed it immensely."-Gore Vidal [...] For those who want the details on our most famous actions (Chile, Cuba, Vietnam, to name a few), and for those who want to learn about our lesser-known efforts (France, China, Bolivia, Brazil, for example), this book provides a window on what our foreign policy goals really are.

From Common Courage Press comes another astonishing book that indicts powerful interests. This is William Blum's "Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II" (1995). It is an exhaustive, well-organized inspection of more than fifty five foreign interventions conducted by the US this century.
In this fact-filled tome, Blum documents America's hidden, quasi-fascist agenda since defeating Hitler. In short, the Cold War was largely a fiction from the western media. Our mainstream press (read: Sunpapers) have been and still are perpetuating a lie--that the US was not the aggressor in its conflicts against "communism". This myth has immiserated tens of thousands of innocent people across almost every country on the globe. Killing Hope contains much incriminating information that somehow never made it to our history textbooks.


BODOFF Lippman

Jewish Mysticism : Medieval Roots, Contemporary Dangers and Prospective Challenges
<pdf> 32 p. The Edah Journal, 2003, 160 K

This article traces the beginning of mysticism in mainstream Judaism to the martyrdom of the Rhineland Jews in 1096 during the First Crusade, showing that (1) the tosafist view of this event was not - as generally accepted - one of approval but implicit disapproval, (2) the martyrs' mystical impulse that embraced fervor over reason was to escape Christianity's apparent triumph in the world and seek refuge and life eternal with their Parent in Heaven, (3) the mystical response, elaborated into a new mythology of Creation and the nature of the Godhead, inevitably became the dominant element of Jewish piety and religious thought in Christian Europe by the end of the 16th century as a defense mechanism in the face of continued persecution, and (4) this defensive psychological and cultural response must be reevaluated to determine whether it now provides more of a threat to Judaism and Jewry in the modern world than the benefit that it once provided to a despairing people.



Freedom of Expression, Dissenting Historians, and the Holocaust Revisionists (ZIP - 80 K)


Holocaust Denial's Assault on Memory: Precursor to twenty-first Century Genocide ?
<pdf>, 88 p. A Simon Wizenthal Center Report, ed. et pref. by Rabbi Abracadabram Cooper, Los Angeles, 2007, 750K

This monograph-Holocaust Denial's Assault on Memory-was initially inspired by the campaign of Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deny history's most documented crime: Nazi Germany's genocidal "Final Solution" against Europe's Jews that left 6 million dead, included a generation of children. Indeed, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is translating this work into Arabic, Farsi, and, hopefully, Indonesian and Urdu. We dare not allow the bigots to be the sole source of information about the Holocaust for young people in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

The Zentrum laughing stock.

"The Holocaust Deniers are not a bunch of social misfits, but part of an increasingly sophisticated and interconnected international movement whose 'assault on truth and memory' is the 'cutting edge' of antisemitism old and new, with all the attendant harm that such racist incitement connotes. For the danger of this international hate movement does not lie only in its assaultive speech denying the Holocaust . . . rather, it resides first in the imputation of this 'hoax' to the Jews . . .; and second, it resides, in its whitewashing of the worst crimes and criminals in history. In effect, the Holocaust
Denial Movement can be seen as an international criminal conspiracy. . . ."
Former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler (MP)



Zionism in the Age of the Dictators --- A Reappraisal.
Westport (Coonecticut) & Beckenham (Kent), Lawrence Hill @ Croom Helm, 1983. (pdf - 236 p. - 2,9 M ) A second edition: American Education Trust (1998) has been quickly sold out.

In this book, Lenni Brenner searches through the Zionist record - and finds evidence that it sought the patronage and benevolence of avowed anti-Semites and, ultimately, the collaboration of the Fascists and the Nazis. In a carefully researched and closely reasoned work, he shows how from the beginning Zionist leaders were prepared to go to almost any length to achieve the goal of a separate Jewish State.

The Iron Wall - Zionist Revisionism form Jabotinsky to Shamir
(pdf - 800 K)

The British Guardian, in 1925
Some copies of a weekly which was campaining against Jewish immigration, 8 p. 2,5M

« There is abundant evidence, apart from Scripture and Church History, to justify the belief that the Author of Evil has used, and is still using, the Jews as his chief human instruments in his fight for dominion over mankind. Further, as we have shown in the Journal, it is through the supineness of Christians, and their disobedience of the precepts of the Church, that the Jews have succeeded in obtaining an entrance, on the footing of equality, into Christian nations, and by exploiting their needs, have obtained possession of the greater part of the world's material wealth. »


BUTZ Arthur R.

The Hoax of the Twentieth Century ( 542 p. <pdf> - 8 M. New version)

20th Anniversary Edition. This pathbreaking study remains unsurpassed as the most comprehensive one-volume scholarly refutation of the Holocaust extermination story. With an engineer's eye for technical detail and a mature scholar's mastery of the sources, the Northwestern University professor ranges from Auschwitz to Zyklon in debunking the gas chamber and the Six Million stories. In more than 350 pages of penetrating analysis and lucid commentary, Dr. Butz gives a graduate course on the fate of Europe's Jews during the Second World War. He scrupulously separates the cold facts from the tonnage of stereotyped myth and propaganda that has served as a formidable barrier to the truth for more than half a century. Chapter by solidly referenced chapter, Butz applies the scholar's rigorous technique to every major aspect of the Six Million legend, carefully explaining his startling conclusion that "the Jews of Europe were not exterminated and there was no German attempt to exterminate them." Focusing on the postwar "war crimes trials," where the prosecution's evidence was falsified and secured by coercion and even torture, Butz re-examines the very German records so long misrepresented. He re-evaluates the concept and technical feasibility of the legendary extermination gas chambers. Reviewing the demographic statistics, which do not allow for the loss of six million European Jews, he concludes that perhaps a million may have perished in the turmoil of deportation, internment and war. Maligned by people who have made no effort to read it, bitterly denounced by those unable to refute its thesis, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century has sent shock waves through the academic and political world. So threatening has it been to Zionist interests and the international Holocaust lobby that its open sale has been banned in several countries, including Israel and Germany. In the new foreword and four important supplements included in this edition, the author reports on key aspects of the still unfolding global Holocaust controversy. A classic, this semi-underground best seller remains the most widely read revisionist work on the subject: must reading for anyone who wants a clear picture of the scope and magnitude of the historical cover-up of the age.

Cambridge Solidarity with Iraq

Denial of Water to Iraqi Cities
November 2004, 6 p. pdf - 50 K

CÉLINE Louis-Ferdinand

Trifles for a Massacre

The first English translation if the highly controversial Bagatelles pour un massacre !
268 p. Anonymous translation, <pdf> 1,7 M

«For U. S. readers, Louis-Ferdinand Céline's Journey to the End of the Night made strong reading, even in its greatly expurgated translation. But that violent and gory novel is a model of Puritan self-restraint compared with Céline's new, untranslated and probably untranslatable Trifles for a Massacre, current sensation of French literature, in which the novelist's genius for invective, hatred of modern civilization and fertility in cursing it have exploded in an anti-Semitic tirade calculated to end all anti-Semitic tirades, to make Nazis turn green with envy.
What made M. Céline an anti-Semite is explained with Gallic candor in the first 40 pages of Trifles for a Massacre. It appears that at 43, a successful novelist, War hero and practicing physician, Céline suddenly felt a great liking for dancing girls. To get acquainted with these attractive creatures he composed a ballet, filled with dancing shepherds, pure emotions, sweetness & light, and consequently much different from his usual pessimistic and obscene prose. It was rejected. Jewish musicians, actors and production managers, he decided, wanted the girls themselves. For the next 337 pages of Trifles for a Massacre he pours forth his wrath in a prose style of the highest order, bold and original imagery, and Rabelaisian curses no one of which could be printed in the U. S. Hitler and Goebbels are too shy and inhibited to satisfy him; to their usual charges that the Jews control the Communist International and the democratic countries, he adds the unkindest cut of all, says they probably control the fascist countries too. They organize wars, revolutions, panics, famines, inflation and deflation. Growing more lyrical, Céline damns as Jewish, Cézanne, Charles Chaplin, Lenin, Madame Curie, Racine, Montaigne, William Faulkner, Stendhal, Zola, the Vatican, the French general staff, the Catholic clergy, critics, propagandists, politicians, movie producers and the people who rejected his ballet.
When Trifles for a Massacre was published, horrified Left critics who had praised Céline's Journey to the End of the Night damned him as a Fascist. Dissenting, Novelist André Gide declared the book should be taken as a joke, although a dangerous one, being virtually a satire on the absurdity and vulgarity of genuine antiSemitism. Bystanding critics found another explanation in the detachment of modern French literature from French life, the tendency of writers like Céline to regard writing as a disinterested mental game, to be played without thought of the social values implicit in their work. In Manhattan last week, big, broad-shouldered, nervous Celine partly confirmed their view, described Trifles' for a Massacre as an "exercise." Admitting that he had written it in the hope of delaying preparation for war, he said it would not delay war a minute, would probably only bring it on a little sooner.»
From the May 30, 1938 issue of TIME magazine

The "Holocaust" religion feeds the Jews' and their henchmen's spirit of lucre, of conquest, of crusade. It has become the ferment of American-Israeli imperialism and colonialism: it is leading us to the abyss. Reread Céline who, in 1937-1938, with his "Trifles for a Massacre" and his "School for Corpses", forecast Democracy's1939-1945 crusade and its array of true abominations.» Robert Faurisson (2003)



Shabtai Tzvi (Sabbatai Tsevi), Labor Zionism and the Holocaust
<pdf> 233 p., 1993. Books by Chamish are available on

An exposé of the effects of Shabtai Tzvi, a 17th Century messiah, on the history of modern Israel. Discover who the modern players are, their politics involving Israel and the Jewish people, and their plans for the state of Israel and its people. The religious beliefs of the followers of Shabtai Tzevi continue to affect us today.



Necessary Illusions - Thought Control in Democratic Societies
Londres, Pluto Press, 1989, Digital processing by The Electric Book Company
573 p. <pdf> 2,5 M



The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War in Iraq
A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth
From Independent Media Center, <pdf>, 24 p. 300 K

COHEN, Avner,

Israel and Chemical/Biological Weapons
Article in The Nonproliferation Review, Fall-Winter 2001. A. Cohen has written an important book, Israel and the Bomb, Columbia Un. Press in 1998, a really comprhensive study. 27 p. (pdf - 140 K)

Hitler is on record as having renounced nuclear weapons he thought were immoral. This scruple did not itch the "democracies" for very long and we know what role played a throng of Jewish academes in convincing President Roosevelt that he shoud do the political choice and invest in the supreme weapon. Ben-Gurion, the zionist führer, was convinced Israel could not possibly last for very long and he launched a frenetical research into the realm of atomic weapons, where he found the decisive support of the French socialists and into the realm of chemical and biological warfare. This is the subject which is treated here by Avner Cohen, who has writtren previously Israel and the Bomb. He makes an intensive and quasi exhaustive use of open sources.


Best Witness - The Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism
Center for Historical Review, Washington, 1994. With an introduction by Mark Lane and an afterword by W. A. Carto. (pdf - 1 M)

Rise and fall of a Jewish crook who tried to avail himself of a somewhat silly challenge issued by the Institute of Historial Review to bring its financial ruin. Much publicized at its beginning, the affair was hardly covered by the press when the crook was soundly defeated in court.


Exactitude -- Festschrift for Robert Faurisson
2004, Theses and Dissertations Press, Chicago,144 p. (pdf - 1,7 M)
By Christian Lindtner, Arthur Butz, Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno, Carl O. Nordling, Germar Rudolf, Frederick Töben and Ernst Zündel, with pictures.

A hommage volume by several revisionist authors to acclaim the most prominent of them, with some unpublished pictures.


The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes
An Attempt at a Literary Analysis of the Holocaust Gassing Claim
CODOH Website, 1999, 76 p. <pdf>

   We've also heard chilling tales of sadistic Germans taking turns watching the death agonies of gassing victims through peepholes in the gas chamber doors. "Why else would they be there if not to satisfy these sick needs?" goes the unscholarly argument. Thanks to the research of Samuel Crowell, we now know that thousands of German bomb shelters were also required to have gas-resistant doors with a peephole for use of both the people inside and rescuers, to see what danger lies on the other side before opening the door. The ad to the right is for mass produced airtight doors and window shutters made to protect Germans from the devastating air bombardment and the possibility of gas attacks.

A COMMON BELIEF is that in World War Two the National Socialist government of Germany carried out a secret policy of mass exterminations, chiefly using extermination gas chambers. The policy is said to have been ordered by Adolf Hitler, and involved the gassing of millions of human beings, who subsequently were burned either in crematoria or in huge pits so that scarcely a trace of their bodies remained.

The claim of mass gas extermination has been questioned ever since the late 1940's, but only by a few people, and very much on the fringe of public discourse.2 In the early 1970's several new critics of the gas extermination claim emerged, and over the past two decades they have been joined by many others, so that now there are at least several dozen who have written on the subject.3 These researchers consider themselves heir to the tradition of those historians who sought in the 1920's to revise, and de-politicize, our understanding of the First World War, and so consider themselves historical revisionists. (

The Rip-off of Iraq's Oil Wealth
<pdf> 48 p.
Researched and written by Greg Muttitt of PLATFORM, with assistance from Guy Hughes and Katy Cronin of Crisis Action

While the Iraqi people struggle to define their future amid political chaos and violence, the fate of their most valuable economic asset, oil, is being decided behind closed doors. This report reveals how an oil policy with origins in the US State Department is on course to be adopted in Iraq, soon after the December elections, with no public debate and at enormous potential cost. The policy allocates the majority of Iraq's oilfields ­ accounting for at least 64% of the country's oil reserves ­ for development by multinational oil companies.
Iraqi public opinion is strongly opposed to handing control over oil development to foreign companies. But with the active involvement of the US and British governments a group of powerful Iraqi politicians and technocrats is pushing for a system of long term contracts with foreign oil companies which will be beyond the reach of Iraqi courts, public scrutiny or democratic control.

DALL Curtis

Franklin Roosevelt, My Exploited Father-in-Law
<pdf> 142 p.

The title says it all: the son-in-law of President Roosevelt was in the best position to observe the manipulations and the manipulators. Is a President able to take himself the decisions ? Let's discard the case of the mentally deficient chosen for the job, like Reagan or Dubya. Take a normal person : the answer is no. Americans should know they are cheated. But by whom ?


Letter to the Pope (pdf - 7 p.)




Field Manual N° 31-20-3, <pdf> 219 p., 1,2M, 1994, distribution limitée (5 dec. 2003)
"Destroy by any method that must prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document"

Chapter 1. Overview
The Nature of Foreign Internal Defense 1-1
Internal Defense and Development 1-1
U.S. National Objectives and Policies 1-2
Special Operations Imperatives 1-3
The Nature of Insurgencies 1-6
U.S. Organization for Foreign Internal Defense 1-13
Missions 1-15
Role of Special Forces in Foreign Internal Defense 1-17
Lawlessness 1-21
Counterdrug Operations 1-21
Special Forces Support to Coalitions 1-23
Environmental Impact 1-24
Coalition Operations Versus Combined Operations


DIKY Andrey Iv.

Jews in Russia and in the USSR
English version, 1967, 336 p. <pdf> 1,4M. printed in Spain. Transl. and published by L. Volvlikoff, Ottawa.

In the course of this account there is some indirect mention of the causes of discord in the Russian-Jewish relationship that can neither be denied nor ignored. This discord, or mutual distrust, and the subsequent repulsion of both parties by each other, began with the first appearance of the Jews in Russia. All three major branches of the Russian people, the Great Russians, the Malorussian-Ukrainians and the Byelorussians are implicated in this "Judaeophobia", but not without cause. This discord in its broadest sense existed not only between the Russians and the Jewish ethnic group but also between the entire population of the USSR and the Jews, throughout the country.


DILLING Elizabeth

The Jewish Religion. Its Influence Today
254 p. (PDF - 1,5 M)

Being just an ordinary bourgeois wife in Chicago, E. Dilling had the misfortune to visit USSR in 1931 and she was appalled. This triggered a spate of anticommunist activities which gained her an unexpected reputation of "antisemite". Shen then turned her attention on the swarming world of Jewish organizations and, sure enough, she hit the B'nai Brith'. (The Octopus, published in 1940 under the pen name of F. W. Johnson). She then deepened her interest in researching the Jewish beliefs. After several editions, under various titles, she achieved the text we are presenting here, and which is pitiless.


Jewish Power (Aug 2004), and The Holocaust Wars (June 2005)
<pdf> 70 p. AAARGH reprints



Europe stabs freedom of expression in the back

Framework Decision on Combatting racism and xenophobia
Council of European Union, Brussels, 17 April 2007
(english original, français, deutsch) <pdf> 55p. 700K

Each Member State shall take the measures necessary to ensure that the following intentional conduct is punishable: a) b) c)
d) publicly condoning, denying or grossly trivialising the crimes defined in Article 6 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal appended to the London Agreement of 8 August 1945, directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin when the conduct is carried out in a manner likely to incite to violence or hatred against such a group or a member of such a group.



Is the Diary of Anne Frank genuine ?
1982, 29 p.

Presentation of Robert Faurisson

Introductory notes by S. Mundi and Bradley Smith. Introduction to the Collected Papers (1998)
pdf - 60 p.



Anne Frank's Diary ­ A Hoax
<pdf> 80 p. 8 M

The Swedish journal Fria Ord published two articles commenting on The Diary Of Anne Frank. A condensation of these articles appeared in the April 15, 1959 issue of Economic Council Letter, as follows:History has many examples of myths that live a longer and richer life than truth, and may become more effective than truth. The Western World has for some years been made aware of a Jewish girl through the medium of what purports to be her personally written story, Anne Frank's Diary. Any informed literary inspection of this book would have shown it to have been impossible as the work of a teenager. Teressa Hendry, American Mercury, 1967


FINKELSTEIN Norman G. & BIRN Ruth Bettina

A Nation on Trial (pdf - 600 K)


The Holocaust Industry
Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering
Verso, London & New York, 2000, 150 p. (pdf - 650 K. 118 p.)

This is the original -- and controversial -- text by Norman F. which set fire in the little known crowd of the exploiters and beneficiaries of the grabbing of the money which was supposed to reach the former detainees of the Nazi camps and now line the pockets of well-to-do New York rabbis-cum-businessmen, lawyers, bankers and whatnot. The press, in the US, did not dare to mumble, but Le Monde, in Paris, devoted two full pages to advises the reader NOT TO READ this book.

FORD Henry

The International Jew (1923) (pdf - 3 M)


The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics (pdf - 950 K)


Ben-Gurion' Scandals -- How the Hagannah and The Mossad Eliminated Jews
(1st ed.: 1992), 2003, Tempe (Arizona), Dandelion Books, 340 p. (pdf - 1 M. 176 p.)

In order to be able to write and publish this book, Giladi, an Iraqi Jew settled in Israel, had to renounce his citizenship and settle in the US. The book is literally explosive: he explains, with the support of evidence, that Israeli authorities condoned grenade attacks against the Jews and the synagogues of Baghdad, to herd the Jews and push them to emigrate in Israel, in the early 50's. It was known, but rather vaguely. Here are ALL the available files of this black file. It shows that Zionists never hesitate to commit massacres on eveyone, including Jews, when they see fit. The difficulties encountered by the author are then easy to understand but Giladi's strong dedication to truth overcame them. This is the first publication on Internet.

GRAF Jürgen

Memoir (pdf - 160 K)

Giant with Feet of Clay. R. Hilberg and his "Standard Work" on the Holocaust (pdf - 2,1 M)

Hoax or Holocaust. The Arguments (pdf - 1 M)

Historical Revisionism and its Political Consequences

A personal reflexion, written in 2001, 63 p. (pdf - 220 K)

GRENFELL, Captain Russel, R.N.

Unconditional Hatred, German War Guilt and the Future of Europe
New York, Devin-Adair, 1953, réed. 1958, 161 p. <pdf> 1 M

«Mr. Churchill was not a statesman seeking always his own country's advantage amid the
twists and turns of a dangerous world. He was an international crusader preaching and conducting a holy war for the destruction of the Hitler regime and the German military power at any cost; at any cost to his own country and the rest of the world. In his own words, there was no sacrifice he would not make to get rid of Hitler, although up to the British declaration of war against Germany in 1939 Hitler had done no harm to Britain and had actually gone out of his way to placate her at some sacrifice to German pride by agreeing to keep the German fleet at a third of the strength of the British. Mr. Churchill's war policy was not national but religious.»



The New Pearl Harbor
Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11
foreword by Richard Folk
First published in 2004 by OLIVE BRANCH PRESS, An imprint of Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.
46 Crosby Street, Northampton, Massachusetts 01060. pdf - 110 p.

"David Griffin's book is an excellent exposé of so many of the deeply troubling questions that must
still be answered fully and transparently if democratic control over political and military leaders is
to mean anything at all." -Michael Meacher, British member of Parliament, and former Minister
of the Environment


GUIDO Pietro

Führer Bunker -- Discovered its Mysteries
How it was, where it was, How it is now, where it is now, what to do
<pdf> 370 p. 2006 (2002) many illustrations 43M

For the tragic role that Adolf Hitler had in the history of the twentieth century, the Berlin bunker, where he committed suicide on 30 April 1945, is certainly among the sites with historic value and its preservation is not only a German question but of the whole humanity. This bunker is buried, since more than half a century, in a place of the city of Berlin and its location is unknown. Before the Soviet troops, later the Germans of DDR and now the politicians of the unified Germany have been afraid that these rests could become object of nostalgic demonstrations. In the meanwhile, however, they buried, concealed and "preserved" the bunker, not building on it any complex of edifices. During the last years I have studied all the available literature regarding the bunker, examined documents in the German Federal Archives, identified and contacted the firm which built the bunker in 1944, made checks and surveys "in loco". The result has been the individualization of the site where the bunker is buried. The book runs through the vicissitudes of the last days of bunker up to the end of its protagonists and reconstructs its history from the Soviet troops occupation to its (false) destroying, from the casual discoveries of its rests to the subsequent concealments, from the errors of identification to the false journalistic "scoop" and finally to the mystifications through the carrying out of feigned locations. The book presents, moreover, the correspondence with the Berlin Authorities and that one with UNESCO, based on my request of insert the Hitler bunker in the list of monuments "World Heritage".



Law and History
Statement in my defense against those who accuse me of defaming a person
or an individual or a group of people because of their origin or their belonging or
their not-belonging to an ethnic group, or to a nation or to a race or to a specified religion.
<pdf> 132 p. 2,1 With illustrations. Translated by G.F.H.

Published in French in 1986 by La Vieille Taupe (The Old Mole). Includes a complete story of our relations with Noam Chomsky at the time of the Faurisson Trial.

Gulf War Illness and the Health of Gulf War Veterans
Scientific Findings and Recommendations
Washington, US Governement Printing Office, November 2008
<pdf> 465 p. 7M

Gulf War illness, the multisymptom condition resulting from service in the 1990-1991 Gulf War, is the
most prominent health issue affecting Gulf War veterans, but not the only one. The Congressionally mandated Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses has reviewed the extensive
evidence now available, including important findings from scientific research and government
investigations not considered by earlier panels, to determine what is known about the health consequences of military service in the Gulf War. This evidence identifies the foremost causes of Gulf War illness, describes biological characteristics of this condition, and provides direction for future research urgently needed to improve the health of Gulf War veterans.


GÜRÜN Kamuran

The Armenian File The Myth of Innocence Exposed
<pdf> 327 p. Published in Istanbul in 1983 by the Turkish Historical Society

The author was a diplomat. His work is methodical and sound. He dismantles piece by piece the odd constructions presented by the Armenian nationalists, eager to cut Turkey into pieces.

When the Russian Army had begun its great offensive against us in 1915, the Armenian Tashnak Committee, which was at the service of the Czarist regime, drove the Armenian community, which was behind our military units, to rebellion. Because we were forced to retreat, in face of the superiority in numbers and equipment of the enemy, we considered ourselves constantly as being between two fires. Our convoys of supply and wounded were massacred without mercy, the bridges and roads behind
us were destroyed, and in the Turkish villages terror reigned.
The bands who committed these murders, and who took all the Armenians capable of bearing arms into their ranks, took advantage of the immunities given to them since peace time, though the capitulations, by some great powers, and they made all their transfers of arms, ammunition, and supplies, of which they had been successful in collecting large stocks, through the Armenian villages.
World public opinion, which was quite indifferent to the treatment of Ireland by Great Britain during peace time, and away from the war area, cannot make a justifiable accusation against us concerning the decision we were obliged to take regarding the relocation of the Armenian community.

Mustfa Kemal ATATÜRK, 4 février 1921, answer to newsman Clarence K. Streit.

(Revisionism of the Armenian Question)


HARWOOD Richard E.

Did Six Million Really Die ?
Truth at Last Exposed
1974, <pdf> 41 p., 500 K

«Of course, atrocity propaganda is nothing new. It has accompanied every conflict of the 20th century and doubtless will continue to do so. During the First World War, the Germans were actually accused of eating Belgian babies, as well as delighting to throw them in the air and transfix them on bayonets. The British also alleged that the German forces were operating a "Corpse Factory," in which they boiled down the bodies of their own dead in order to obtain glycerine and other commodities, a calculated insult to the honour of an Imperial army. After the war, however, came the retractions; indeed, a public statement was made by the Foreign Secretary in the House of Commons apologising for the insults to German honour, which were admitted to be war-time propaganda.
«No such statements have been made after the Second World War. In fact, rather than diminish with the passage of years, the atrocity propaganda concerning the German occupation, and in particular their treatment of the Jews, has done nothing but increase its virulence, and elaborate its catalogue of horrors. Gruesome paperback books with lurid covers continue to roll from the presses, adding continuously to a growing mythology of the concentration camps and especially to the story that no less than Six Million Jews were exterminated in them. The ensuing pages will reveal this claim to be the most colossal piece of fiction and the most successful of deceptions; but here an attempt may be made to answer an important question: What has rendered the atrocity stories of the Second World War so uniquely different from those of the First? Why were the latter retracted while the former are reiterated louder than ever? Is it possible that the story of the Six Million Jews is serving a political purpose, even that it is a form of political blackmail?»


Hasbara Handbook

Promoting Israel on Campus,
Jerusalem, 2002, Jewish Agency, Joint. 131 p. <pdf> 560 K

"At the topmost level, a virtual ban on public discussion of Political Zionism proves the
paramountcy of its sway in American affairs. As in England, the open expression of doubt about this territorial ambition, and support for it, has been almost driven underground in recent years. An imperial thrall has been laid on America in this matter. Traditional Americans, whose forebears detested laws of lese-majesty and the genuflections of courts, now find their leaders performing an even humbler obeisance in this direction; like foremost politicians in England, they thus emulate those Rumanian nobles who long bowed to the Sultan's rule, vainly hoping to keep rank and possessions. The Soviet ban on 'anti-Semitism' (which was in effect a veto on public discussion of the origins of Communism) has in practice been extended to the British island and the American
Republic in the matter of Political Zionism. It is lese-majesty in a new form and because of it present-day Americans and Englishmen do not as a rule see the grave future courses and penalties to which support of Political Zionism has committed them."



9-11 Sceptics Unite (pdf - 5,8 M)


The Fate of Jews in German Hands: An Historical Enquiry into the Development and Significance of Holocaust Revisionism
(1993) External site.


HERZL Theodor

The Jewish State
An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question
Foreword by Chaim Weizmann, <pdf> 55p., 320K, Zionist Organizaton of America (ZOA), New York, 1943. Digitalized by JRbooks.

Interesting read. Herzl is a social and economic reformer, very modern, using the Jews as an abstract element for his utopian dreams. He had no sense of reality but the Zionists later inherited some of his social rules.



<pdf> New York, Meisner, 1961, 201 p. 1,2 M

I consider Perfidy to be the best, most honest, heart-wrenching story written about any subject. Specifically, it happens to be about not-widely publicized facts about "Zionist leaders" of the Ben-Gurion era, their very slimy connections to Nazi collaborators-and a despicable record in saving the Jews of Europe (For anyone who disregards this : Israel's "Zionist leaders" are also taken apart in Tom Segev's, The Seventh Million). Hecht prophetically states in his opening sentence : "In my own time, governments have taken the place of people. They have also taken the place of God. Governments speak for people, dream for them, and determine, absurdly, their lives and deaths." (Jaywilton)

Dr. Rudolf Kastner was a Jewish Agency official during WWII who was sent to Hungary to save Hungarian Jews from the holocaust. The top Nazi brass, Eichmann, Krumey, Becher, Wisliczeny, sized him up, and realized that his selfish desire for influence and power could be exploited. To prevent a recurrence of the Warsaw ghetto rebellion, which lasted for 27 days and took enormous German manpower to crush, the Jew-killers needed an "insider" who would deceive the hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews into acquiescence. In return for collaborating with the Nazis, Kastner was offered to select about 300 prominent Hungarian Jews to be saved from extermination in Auschwitz.
Kastner agreed. Not only did he deceive the Hungarian Jews, who trusted him blindly because of his credentials as THE top Zionist in Hungary, but he was also responsible to the death of Hanna Senesh, a legendary Israeli parachutist who was sent to Hungary to spy for the British.
During his trial, Kastner lied multiple times under oath. The process of cross-examination painted a picture of a tormented, schizophrenic Kastner, who actually believes he did no wrong. The entire Bolshevik ruling clique of Israel at the time defended him from the charges of collaboration with the Nazis, because in this trial, they, the ruling clique, were implicated as well. Just like American Jewry during WWII, the Zionist leaders in Israel kept quiet about the extermination of Jews by the Nazi Germans. Both were responsible in great measure for the extent of the genocide---if they did something, it would have been much less than six million. But American Jewry didn't want to be regarded as trouble-makers, and the ruling clique in Israel was the loyal puppy of the British.
The presiding judge ruled against Kastner, and in his opinion implicated the entire government of Israel. This decision had tremendous consequences for Israeli society in the years to come. (Concerned Kafir)

Ben Hecht wrote this book in 1961. In the last 15 years, many historical studies have corroborated Hecht's findings: Ben Gurion and his socialist cronies, as well as most of the Jewish leaders in the U.S., did almost nothing to save the Jews of Europe in 1933 - 45; in many cases, they hindered efforts of rescue. Perfidy describes the shamful Kasztner affair where close to a million Hungarian Jews might have been saved but were betrayed in 1944. A similar pattern, however, occurred throughtout the Holocaust: The Jewish socialists in pre Israel Palestine bowed to the British who did not want any Jewish refugees in Palestine which would have offended the Arabs. The American Jewish leaders considered FDR as God. FDR, and his administration, did not want to help the Jews so everybody kept quiet and did nothing, including the Russians. The only ones who fought this conspiracy of silence were the Irgun members. Hecht dramatizes all these historical facts very well. (Esar Shvartz) All on Amazon.



Judaism's Strange Gods
<pdf> Notes, glossary, bibliography, index, 135 p. 650K, 2000, Independent History and Research Company, Coeur d'Alène, Idaho

In this scholarly and deeply considered work, the author documents his provocative thesis that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but the newly formalized belief system of the Pharisees, which arose in Babylon with comitment of the formerly oral "tradition of the elders" to writing, in the wake of the crucifixion of Israel's Messiah and the destruction of the Temple. Basing his findings on authoritative Judaic sources, Hoffman demonstrates that Judaism is a man-made religion of tradition and superstition, which represents the institutionalized nullification of Biblical law and doctrine.

The same writer just published an enormous 1100 p.-book, Judaism Discovered ! Should be ordered from Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 USA.


HONSIK Gerd, Fiend and Felon
Power, Perjury and Murder in Szymon Wizenthal's Footsteps
Täby, Sweden, [1994], many photos, <pdf> 315 p., 21,5 M

Szymon Wizenthal, of whom you believe that he "miraculously" survived twelve or thirteen concentration camps, was spared harassment during the time of the great persecution of the Jews, during the so-called "Holocaust", from spring 1942 until summer 1944. His personal files shows that the Reich's Employment Office, knowing of Wizenthal's Jewish ethnicity, assigned him a job with the German State Railway, as German wage-earner - a fact which work-shy Wizenthal cannot forgive or forget to this day. His German superiors during that time were two men by the names of Günthert and Kohlrautz. Immediately after the war he tried to denounce them by means of perjured testimony; today he describes them as his saviors, and according to his current account they "strictly" ensured his "fair treatment". So while Jewish families were torn apart when members of either sex who were able to work were interned in concentration camps, the figurehead of the "Holocaust" collected his Reichsmark from the Reich German payroll, Friday after Friday. His lady wife also found employment in the same office. (Preface)


HOGGAN David Leslie

The Myth of the Six Million (pdf -- 185 K)

We provide a second edition of this book in order to include as a postface the commentary written by Arthur Butz in 1976. It is always possible for a revisionist to write a bad book, but, fortunately, another one stands up and point to the mistakes. Learning by trial and error is just the human way.


The Forced War
When Peaceful Revision Failed
<pdf> 437 p. 4,4 M

David Leslie Hoggan (March 23, 1923­August 7, 1988) was an American historian whose work was the subject of much controversy.
At Harvard, Hoggan was awarded a PhD for a dissertation on relations between Germany and Poland in the years 1938-1939 in 1948. During his time at Harvard, Hoggan befriended Harry Elmer Barnes, whose thinking would have much influence on Hoggan. In 1955, Barnes encouraged Hoggan to turn his dissertation into a book, which was published in West Germany as Der Erzwungene Krieg (The Forced War), a book which blamed the outbreak of World War II due to an alleged Anglo-Polish conspiracy to wage aggression against Germany. Hoggan charged the alleged conspiracy was headed by the British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, who, Hoggan contended, had seized control of British foreign policy in October 1938 from Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who was allegedly assisted by Polish Foreign Minister Colonel Józef Beck in what Hoggan called a monstrous anti-German plot.

In 1969 a short book was published called The Myth of the Six Million, denying the Holocaust. The book listed no author, but the work was by Hoggan, though published without his permission. This should not be confused with his earlier book of 1965 called The Myth of the 'New History', on America's wars. The Myth of the Six Million was published by the Noontide Press, a small Los Angles-based publisher specializing in anti-Semitic literature owed and operated by Willis Carto. The Myth of the Six Million was one of the first books, if not the first book in the English language to deny the Holocaust.


Human Rights Watch

Hearts and Minds:
Post-war Civilian Deaths in Baghdad Caused by U.S. Forces

October 2003 Vol. 15, No. 9 (E) 72 p. (pdf - 1,4 M)

A study of the barbaric traditions of the US Army as applied to Iraq. Chilling.

"Enduring Freedom" Abuses by US Forces in Afghanistan

March 2004, a 62-page harrowing Report. GI's, who are not known for military value, behave like the mass-killers they once saw in cow-boy movies.

Razing Rafah : Mass Home Demolition in the Gaza Strip
126 p. avec photos pdf - 5,7 M

A complete overview of the destruction of houses by the armored packs of genocide entrepreneurs in the township of Rafah, in the Gaza Strip, with eye-opening pix. Some were hanged in Nuremberg for much less.


Nuremberg. The Last Battle published in 1996 by Focal Point, London. 553 p. (pdf - 1,4 M)

This book is vintage Irving, bearing all the familiar hallmarks of the British historian's skilled treatment of World War II: original research based on primary sources, vivid writing, and consideration for the German point of view, all with a defiant thumb to the nose to "court historians" and their "politically correct" adherents.
As he has amply demonstrated in his 30 published works of history, Irving is a master of excavating nuggets of historical gold from neglected archive files and ignored private diaries and letters. Because of his reputation as a scrupulous chronicler, numerous survivors of the Second World War era who are mistrustful (often with good reason) of establishment historians have, over the decades, entrusted him with their private papers.
In writing this "intimate look at the origins and conduct" of the 1945-1946 International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, Irving has relied heavily on many hitherto neglected papers and documents, above all the official and private papers of Robert H. Jackson, a US Supreme Court Justice who served as the chief American prosecutor. Throughout this book, Irving shows considerable sympathy for Jackson, whom he portrays as an essentially decent man caught up in a tragic drama. "If this story needs a hero," writes Irving, "then he is Jackson." (Daniel W. Michaels)

Banged up
Survival as a Political Prisoner in 21st Century Europe
<pdf> 152 p. 2008, Parforce UK Ltd, available on the site de Focal Point Publications. 152 p.

A British historian spends four hundred days in solitary confinement in Austria's oldest jailhouse, convicted under a 19456 Stalin-era law because of a lecture on history that he delivered in Vienna sixteen years before. There is outcry in the free world's press. Soon he is faced with new charges, carryinga twenty-year sentence, for talking to the BBC. Then the case comes to the Court of Appeal...



Sigal Rozen, Ella Keren, Nomi Levenkron, Shevy Korzen, and Ronen Steinberg.


2003 <pdf> 66 p. 600 K

Nomi Levenkron & Yossi Dahan

2003 <pdf> 52 p. 1 M

ISRAELI TERRORISM, A Moral corruption
2003 <pdf> 104 p. 800

With Moshe Sharett, Livia Rokach, Noam Chomsky, Israel Shahak, Oded Yinon, Ronald Bleier, Uri Avnery, ... A burning actuality


Israel Intelligence Heritage - Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

Antisemitic publication increase in Turkey.
<pdf> 25 p. 400K



Caution : Zionism !
Essays on the Ideology, Organisation and Practice od Zionism
Moscow, tr. from Russian, Progress Publishers, 1970. Introduction by Jim Salean & Alec Saunder (Australia, 2006) <pdf>, 150 p., 700K

CAUTION: ZIONISM! by Soviet Marxist historian Yuri Ivanov is a convincing exposé of modern Zionism as an ideology, a system of organisations and the practical policies of the wealthy Jewish bourgeoisie. Basing his arguments on numerous documents and facts, the author shows that Zionism has been and is a bellicose reactionary force working against the genuine national interests of all people, the Israeli people inclusive.

Meir Vilner, Secretary of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Israel, wrote in a letter to Soviet journalists in January 1968: "Zionism is, alas, a 'forgotten' question but nonetheless a most actual one. . . ." How right he is! For a long time many champions of Zionism were sparing no efforts to make Zionism appear nothing more than an obsolete term. It would be rash to think of it as being purely by chance that what is in effect a bellicose reactionary force should have managed until recently to avoid world public attention. This was without doubt one of the main factors on which the existence of an international corporation of Zionists operating in the interests of imperialist reaction depended.
At the time when the World Zionist Organisation (WZO) was being formed, Lenin with his habitual foresight noted on more than one occasion that Zionism was a reactionary trend of the Jewish bourgeoisie.


Jews for Justice in the Middle East

The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict
37 p. pdf - 110 K


JOYCE William [ Lord Haw-Haw ]

Twilight over England
Berlin, 1940, <pdf> 108 p. 0,8M

William Joyce was a British National Socialist who took refuge in Germany during World War II. While there Joyce worked for the Nazis by broadcasting propaganda to the British public on German Radio. Although it was illegal to listen to his broadcasts, they became enormously popular, and Joyce himself acquired the sarcastic name Lord Haw-Haw. After the war he was arrested for treason and hanged in 1946. Twilight over England was published in Berlin in 1940. In its preface Joyce recounts his own personal story; in the rest he provides a brief history of England for the purpose of explaining the causes of WW2. Joyce describes how the Jews gained control over British finance, industry and government, how they used that control for their own betterment and to the detriment of the British people, and how they used it ultimately to start WWII. His book, however, is not just an attack on the Jews. It is perhaps the best defense of National Socialism written originally in English and a devastating critique of modern democracy.

« At any rate, I have reason to believe that many fictitious stories are being circulated about me in England already: and it seems less than fair to neglect to provide them with that basis of fact which every skilful liar welcomes. I have no wish to write a brief autobiography: it merely seems necessary to give a few details which, in conjunction with the argument of the book, will explain why I came to Germany at the end of August 1939 to play what humble part I could in working for her victory in the war which I knew to be inevitable. »



History of the Screen and the Book: The Reinvention of the Holocaust in the Television and Historiography of the Federal Republic of Germany
89 p. pdf - 300 K

How History is shown on German TV. One would have believed that everything about brainwashing is known, but, no, one can learn...


KEELING Ralph Franklin

Gruesome Harvest
The Costly Attempt to Exterminate the People of Germany
Chicago, Institute of American Economics, 1947, <pdf> 118 p. 750K

"Since the end of the war about 3,000,000 people, mostly women and children and overaged men, have been killed in eastern Germany and south-eastern Europe; about 15,000,000 people have been deported or had to flee from their homesteads and are on the road. About 25 per cent of these people, over 3,000,000, have perished. About 4,000,000 men and women have been deported to eastern Europe and Russia as slaves. ... It seems that the elimination of the German population of eastern Europe - at least 15,000,000 people - was planned in accordance with decisions made at Yalta. Churchill had said to Mikolajczyk when the latter protested during the negotiations at Moscow against forcing Poland to incorporate eastern Germany: 'Don't mind the five or more million Germans. Stalin will see to them. You will have not trouble with them: they will cease to exist.'"
[Review of World Affairs, quoted by Sen. Homer Capehart in speech before US Senate, Feb. 5, 1946.]


KULASZKA Barbara, ed.,

"Did Six Million Really Die ?" Report of the Evidence in the Canadian "False News" Trial of Ernst Zündel, 1988.
Compiled and edited by Barbara Kulaszka. Foreword by Dr. Robert Faurisson. Toronto: Samisdat, 1992. (pdf - 5,7 M) 941 p.

This massive book is an admirable and valuable summary of evidence presented by historians with opposing views on the "Holocaust" in a major trial in which the usual rules of evidence generally prevailed (quite in contrast to the uremberg trials of 1945-1946). Furthermore, this book supplements the copious evidence with developments on the "Holocaust" question between 1988 and 1992, such as the 1990 report of Poland's Institute of Forensic Research commissioned by the Auschwitz State Museum. (The complete text of this report is published in the Summer 1991 IHR Journal.)

This book summarizes rather closely, with many direct quotations, the testimony presented by the various witnesses. The summary of the testimony for the Crown (prosecution) takes up 157 pages, that for the defense, 276. The summaries of the testimonies of the two major prosecution witnesses, Raul Hilberg and Christopher Browning, take up 148-1/2 pages, while the summaries of the testimonies of six major defense witnesses occupy 224 pages: Ditlieb Felderer 13, Mark Weber 63, Udo Walendy 13, Robert Faurisson 65, Fred euchter 8, David Irving 62. I give these figures to provide an idea of the book's dimensions and contents, because it is difficult to indicate much more than the general nature of the testimonies within the usual limits of a book review. (Charles E. Weber)

LAZARE Bernard

Antisemitism, its Origins and its Causes (pdf - 1 M K)

An English translation, under the title Antisemitism, Its History and Causes, appeared in London in 1967, by Britons Publishing Company. No name is given for the translator. In fact, this is more an adaptation than a proper translation. Paragraphs are quite often abridged and sometimes altogether suppressed. Serious students should refer to the French original text. Nevertheless, as this book provides a glimpse into an epochal reflection on antisemtism, we follow this text and do not interfere with the translation itself. A US edition was later done on this English publication: University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1995, 208 pages.

LEESE Arnold

The Jewish War of Survival
Privately printed in the UK, 1945, 86 p.

This extraordinary booklet was written in 1945 while WW II was dwindling to its end. With an astonishing lucidity, Arnold Leese explains and demonstrate that this war was a Jewish war, fought by non-Jews for the survival and the benefit of the Jews. This has become the standard official view now, fifty years later: the constant rewriting of history by Judeolatrists reaches the same result. (pdf - 520 K).

Arnold Leese was the consummate gadfly on the back of the British establishment. Due to his insistence that Britain not engage in war with Germany, and thus save millions of lives as well as the British Empire, against the wishes of the Jews, he was imprisoned without charges or trial under Reg. 18b. One of the great hidden facts about WW II is that the "democratic" powers ("Allies") imprisoned people for political speech in a way little different from those of the "Axis" powers. So what's the difference? "Cui bono, cui bono . . ."

Gentile Folly: the Rothschilds
Booklet dated feb. 1940. <pdf> 68 p. 500K

I am not concerned with anecdotes about the Rothschilds, nor with registering their "wise-cracks," nor with their "charity." I take no interest in the Rothschilds as men or robots, but only as Jews; this book, which has been condensed so as to be within the reach of any working-man or woman, deals with the principal aspects of control over the Gentile by sheer weight of money-power, a control used for purposes not Gentile. Dealing, as it does, with the last 150 years which have been so full of world-shaking events, it has been no easy task to squeeze what I have to say within the compass of a one-shilling publication. To enable those who have either forgotten their history or (let us be honest) never learned it, to follow the narrative more easily, a calendar of some of the principal historical events of the period follows this preface, and I would advise the reader to have within reach, when reading the book, an ordinary school history-book for occasional reference.


LEON Abram

The Jewish Question. A Marxist Interpretation.
This text, written in 1942 by a Polish trotskyte activist, active in Belgium, was first published in French in 1946. It was translated into English and published in Mexico City in 1950 by Ediciones Pioneras, and republished in New York by Pathfinder Press in 1970. No name for the translator. 136 p. (PDF - 720 K)

This is the most elaborated and systematic Marxist reading of Jewish history. The book, written in the most difficult conditions during WWII, still remains today one of the best guides into the vexed unresolved Jewish Question.


First Report (Auschwitz, Birkenau, Majdanek) 1988 (pdf - 2,3 M)

Second Report (Dachau, Mauthausen, Hartheim) 1989 (pdf - 220 K)

Third Report (Mississipi Gas Chamber) (pdf - 200 K)

Fourth Report (on Pressac) (pdf - 100 K)


Holocaust Revisionism and Rabbinic Revisionism :
<pdf> 20 p. 600 K

The first lesson and challenge is that we must be committed to denying the Holocaust deniers
whenever we are confronted with their Holocaust Revisionism. This is not only a valid means to the end of building bridges to our Jewish p eople, it is a valid end in -and - of itself : God calls us to confront lies and evil whenever and wherever we encounter it (cf. Eph. 5:1 -17ff.; etc.). For those of us who are messianic believer s, we mus t stand up as the believing remnant of Israel, and, like Daniel and his three friends, etc., proclaim the truth to all those who would seek to destr oy the Jewish people and thus violate the anti-Semitic clause of Genesis 12:3.38 And let us not forget, the best way to confront any Historical Revisionist is to confront him with the loving and saving good news of the Gospel of our Lord Yeshua. How else can we convert an enemy into a friend?
A second lesson and challenge is that we must educate and train those within the Church to also
confront the Holocaust Revisionists. If Gentile Christians are called to provoke the Jews to jealousy, as the Word of God mandates (Rom. 11:11- 14ff.), then they must be informed of the lies of the Holocaust Revisionists and trained to not only refute their sophistry, but also to stand with the Jewish people against this ideological travesty. What better way is there for Gentile Christians to move the Jews to jealousy for the God who has provided eternal life for all men.



Denying the Holocaust (1993) (pdf - 1,4 K)
1993 © by The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Edition Plume (Penguin) 1994, 233 p. (pdf - 1,4 K)

The «Jewish-Nazi» Manifesto of Ariel Sharon

This document, presented here in English, French and Spanish, makes Zionists go crazy, with a good reason. A very high-ranking official of the Hebrew State spoke freely to a well-known Israeli writer, Amos Oz. It was published in Davar, without the name of the speaker. Obviously the key concepts are borrowed from the twin ideology of Zionism, i.e. Nazism. They share the same intellectual framework. The Jewish watchdogs did not object until someone said: "The king is naked !". Everybody knew in Israel that the speaker was Arik Sharon. But to avoid the embarassment, they have now launched a campaign saying the text is "false", a fabrication like "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". As a matter of fact, nothing is false. Oz is not a fabricator. What may be disputed is the authorship, but whoever knows Sharon, has read his autobiography, loooking at his blood-dripping hands, can hardly entertain any doubt.



On the Jews and their Lies
Wittemberg, 1543, tr. in English by Martin H. Bertram, who covers his ass pretty quickly, 77 p. <pdf> 1M

I have published this little book, so that I might be found among those who opposed such poisonous activities of the Jews and who warned the Christians to be on their guard against them. I would not have believed that a Christian could be duped by the Jews into taking their exile and wretchedness upon himself. However, the devil is the god of the world, and wherever God's word is absent he has an easy task, not only with the weak but also with the strong. May God help us. Amen.


LYSSON Nicholas

Holocaust and Holodomor (origins of Anti Semitism)
<pdf> 27 p. 1,4M Article published by Henry Makow in Canada.

A good introduction to the historical question of the great Famine in Ukraine under bolchevik rule.



English Summary, 53 p. The is the summary written by Swiss author Dr Mathez (MD) who wrote an enormous antisemitic book, which has been burned by the Swiss courts. We revive it just to damn the Swiss "Justice" for its intolerance and narrow bigotry.


The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice
<pdf> 89 p. 6,8 M

The Law of Human Sacrifice: For a long time the newspaper Der Sturmer endeavored to find the actual law of ritual murder, the law of human sacrifice. It finally succeeded in doing so. In a trial in which Julius Streicher and Karl Holz were being tried (because of "offending the Jewish Religious Society") it was proposed that they call as witness Dr. Erich Bischoff. Dr. Bischoff appeared. He was the leading German expert on the laws of the Talmud. He had dedicated his entire life to the study of the Jewish law books. Dr. Bischoff brought with him a translation of a secret Jewish law, which clarified with one stroke the question of ritual murder. It comes from the book of Sohar.[=Zohar] This book is considered to be holy by the Jews.

The knowledge of Jewish ritual murder is thousands of years old. It is as old as the Jews themselves. Non-Jews have passed the knowledge of it from generation to generation, and it has been passed down to us thorough writings. It is known of throughout the nation. Knowledge of ritual murder can be found in even the most secluded rural villages. The grand-father told his grand children, who passed it on to his children, and his children's children, until we have inherited the knowledge today from them.

See an article on the Talmud written by Michael Hoffman & Alan Critchley, "A documented exposé of Jewish Supremacist Hate Litterature"
18 p. 2000, <pdf> 150 K.



The Myth of the Jewish Extermination (pdf - 79 p.)

Belzec in Propaganda, Testimonies, Archeological research, and History
Theses & Dissertation Press, Chicago, 2004, <pdf>, 139 p., 3 M. Translated by Henry Gardner

Special treatment in Auschwitz
Origin and Meaning of a Term

<pdf> de VHO, illustrated 152 p. translated by Regina Belser. 6,8 M

Auschwitz : Crematorium I and The Alleged Homicial Gassings
Chicago, Theses and Dissertations Press, <pdf> 145 p.

The morgue of the old crematorium in the Auschwitz concentration camp is said to have been the first location where mass gassings of Jews occurred over an extended period of time. In this study, Italian scholar Carlo Mattogno analyzes the most important witness testimonies and juxtaposes them with original German wartime documents as well as material evidence still available today. Mattogno shows that the witness testimonies are either extremely vague, or where they are specific, that they contradict each other and speak about physical impossibilities.
A few witnesses made more specific statements, which allow for their verification. Mattogno performs an analysis of these statements with the help of both original German wartime
documents and material evidence. His analysis reveals that the claims of these witnesses are totally unfounded. Mattogno also exposes the fraudulent attempts of mainstream historians to convert the witnesses' black propaganda into "truth" by means of selective quotes, omissions, and distortions.
Finally, Mattogno shows with forensic methods ­ by investigating the current state of this morgue as presented to tourists today ­ that this crematory's morgue has never been anything different than what it was meant to be: a morgue.

Auschwitz : Open Air Incinerations
<pdf> Chicago, Theses and Dissertations Press, 2005, 137 p., 5,2M

In the spring and summer of 1944, the Auschwitz crematoria are said to have been unablez to cope with the arrival of a mass of deportees coming from Hungary. Therefore, evey si,ngle day, thousands of corpses are claimed to habe been incinerated on huge pyres piled up in deep trenches. This study investigate all available documentary, physical and anecdotical evidence. The author shows that tha witness statements contradict each other in everey regard. They also contradict what was physically possible. The air photos finally show that there is no evicence a all.


The Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz
Organization, Responsibilitiues, Activities
Translated from Italian by Carlos W. Porter. Chicago, Theses and Dissertation Press, 2005 <pdf> 183 p. ill. 7M

After opening the Moscow archives to historians, the Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz ­ Zentralbauleitung der Waffen-SS und Polizei Auschwitz ­ began to attract the attention of scholars, thanks above all to Jean-Claude Pressac. The Central Construction Office is commonly mentioned by historians and journalists, but we still know practically nothing about this extremely important agency, which was responsible for the planning and construction of the
Auschwitz-Birkenau complex. Apart from the scanty information supplied by French historians,2 very little is known. The importance of a specific study on the Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz lies not only in the clarification of an aspect of the history of the camp, which is still wrapped in obscurity for the most part, but also in understanding the know-how of the organization and of the tasks of the Central Construction Office of Auschwitz. This enables a more profound understanding of documents. This in turn provides protection against facile interpretive errors of such documents, a frequent occurrence among Auschwitz historians. This study is based primarily on unpublished Moscow documents. It constitutes the first attempt to reconstruct the history of the Central Construction Office of Auschwitz. Although it is far from perfect, due precisely to its pioneering nature, it does delineate the structure, tasks, and essential activities of this office in an organic manner.

with Jürgen GRAF :

Concentration Camp Stutthof and its Function in National Socialist Jewish Policy
Theses and Dissertations, 131 p. 2003 (pdf)

Concentration Camp Majdanek, A Historical and Technical Study
Theses and Dissertations, 321 p. 2003 (pdf)

Concentration Camp Stutthof and its function in National Socialist Jewish Policy
<pdf> 131 p. 8,3 M

The National Socialist concentration camp of Stutthof, not far from Danzig (West Prussia), has never been the subject of scientifi c study by western historians. In Poland there exists quite an extensive body of literature on the subject, which must, however, be treated with caution, because it is heavily influenced by Soviet-Communist and Polish-nationalistic ideology. According to this literature, Stutthof became a 'makeshift' extermination camp within the framework of the execution of the so-called 'Final Solution of the Jewish Question' in 1944.
Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno have subjected this view of Stutthof to critical examination based on Polish literature and documents located in Russian, Polish, and Dutch archives, paying particular attention to mass transports to and from Stutthof in 1944. This research led the authors to very definite conclusions as to the function of the camp, differing dramatically from those expressed in the standard literature: not only do Graf and Mattogno prove that the Stutthof camp did not serve as a 'makeshift' extermination camp -- the room claimed to have been used as a homicidal gas chamber was never anything else but a delousing chamber. This book also sheds
some light on the question of what happened to prisoners who were sent to Auschwitz but were never registered in that camp: after quite an ordeal, some of them ended up in Stutthof.
The present volume is a milestone of research, which no historian with any claim to seriousness can afford to ignore.

Extermination Camp or Transit Camp?
Chicago, 2004, Theses and Dissertation Press, <pdf> 371 p. translated from German by Regina Belser, 12,8M

Holocaust survivors report that at least 700,000, if not as many as three million people primarily of Jewish faith were murdered in the Treblinka camp, located in eastern Poland, between the summers of 1942 and 1943. Various murder weapons are claimed to have been used: mobile or stationary gas chambers; poison gas with delayed or immediate effect; unslaked lime; hot steam; high voltage; machine guns; vacuum chambers; chlorine gas; Zyklon B; diesel exhaust gas. According to the witnesses,
the corpses of the victims were finally incinerated on pyres as high as a multi-story building without leaving any traces.
In the fi rst part of this book, the official image portrait of Treblinka is subjected to a thorough critique regarding its historical genesis, inner logic, and technical feasibility. The result of this analysis is essentially that the historical picture, which is prescribed by penal law in many European countries, is untenable, because it is nothing more than an uninterrupted chain of absurdities.
In the second part of this book, the authors attempt to determine the real function of the Treblinka camp with the help of witness statements, documents, and forensic findings. Through their analysis, they conclude that Treblinka was a transit camp, through which Jews from Warsaw and other areas were led on their way either to occupied Soviet territories in the east or to the Majdanek camp and other labor camps in the area south of Treblinka.



The Secrets of the Federal Reserve
New York, 1952, Kasper & Horton, <pdf> 227 p. Edition augmentated. This work was inspired by genial Ezra Pound who wrote the preface.

In my lectures throughout this nation, and in my appearances on many radio and television programs, I have sounded the toxin that the Federal Reserve System is not Federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system at all, but rather, a criminal syndicate. From November, 1910, when the conspirators met on Jekyll Island, Georgia, to the present time, the machinations of the Federal Reserve bankers have been shrouded in secrecy. Today, that secrecy has cost the American people a three trillion dollar debt, with annual interest payments to these bankers amounting to some three hundred billion dollars per year, sums which stagger the imagination, and which in themselves are ultimately unpayable.



The Attack on Human Right Watch
<pdf>, The New York Review of Books, 2 nov. 2006, 11 p. 150K


Elie Wiesel and the Catholics
<pdf> Cultures Wars, Nov. 2004, 13 p. 100 K


ORWELL Georges

Animal Farm, A Fairy Story
60 p. (pdf - 800 K)

1948, 217 p. (pdf - 700 K)

The book we can read as a prophecy of the world in which we live.

OTTEN Herman

Christianity, Truth and Fantasy : The Holocaust, Historical Revisionism and Christians Today
<pdf> Conference given at the IHR, 1989, 33 p. AAARGH Reprints, 300 K



The World Significance of the Russian Revolution
<pdf> 30 p., Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1920, 160K

This is the first attempt in English to depict the Russian Revolution historically and psychologically. The Author, while acknowledging the ideal force behind the movement, combats it by means of a striking scrutiny into the characters and
motives of its leaders. A strong light is thrown upon the mentality of the Jews, who have so largely officered this present, as many previous, revolutions on the continent. JUNE 1920.



Paul Rassinier (1906-1967) Socialist, Pacifist and Revisionist
<pdf> 100 p. 750 K

Translation done in the US of a preliminary thesis by J. Plantin at Lyon-III in 1990. The traditional enemies of freedom had the court nullify the thesis and himself condemned to not practise his job as a publisher, with a time in jail (suspended). After a long struggle, the French courts restored his diploma and lifted the ban.

Paul Rassinier is the generally acknowledged founder of scholarly Holocaust revisionism. Born in France on March 18, 1906, he was trained as an educator.
During the Second World War, he co-founded the "Libé-Nord" underground Resistance organization, which helped smuggle Jews from German-occupied France into Switzerland. As a result, he was arrested by the Gestapo in October 1943 and deported to Germany, where he was held prisoner until the end of the war in Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps.
After returning home, the French government recognized his courage and suffering with the highest decoration awarded for Resistance activities. He was also elected to the French National Assembly as a deputy of the Socialist party (SFIO).
Rassinier was profoundly distressed by the many lies and myths about the concentration camps that were being circulated. He wrote: "Then one day I realized that a false picture of the German camps had been created and that the problem of the concentration camps was a universal one, not just one that could be disposed of by placing it on the doorstep of the National Socialists. The deportees - many of whom were Communists - had been largely responsible for leading international political thinking to such an erroneous conclusion. I suddenly felt that by remaining silent I was an accomplice to a dangerous influence."
In a series of books, Rassinier related his camp experiences, and sought to set the record straight about the camps and Germany's wartime Jewish policy. A collection of four of his most important writings - La Passage de la ligne, Le Mensonge d'Ulysse, Ulysse trahi par les siens, and Le Drame des Juifs européens - has been published in an English translation under the title Debunking the Genocide Myth,later renamed The Holocaust Story and The Lies of Ulysses.
Rassinier became increasingly skeptical of the reports of systematic killings of Jews in gas chambers:
"With regard to gas chambers, the almost endless procession of false witnesses and of falsified documents to which I have invited the reader's attention during this long study, proves, nevertheless, only one thing: never at any moment did the responsible authorities of the Third Reich intend to order - or, in fact, order - the extermination of the Jews in this or any other manner. Did such exterminations take place without orders? This question has haunted me for 15 years."
The number of Jews who perished in Europe during the war years, he concluded, could not have been more than about 1.6 million.
Among the many who were impressed by Rassinier was the great American historian Harry Elmer Barnes. In a 1962 essay, "Revisionism and Brainwashing," Barnes remarked on "the discouragement and smearing of outsiders like the distinguished French historian Paul Rassinier, who sought to expose the exaggerations of the atrocity stories."
Until his death on July 29, 1967, Rassinier was active in the anti-war movement.


The problem with the Jews at the Council
Translated from Italian into English. <pdf> 300K, 35 p.


PORTER Carlos Whitlock

Not Guilty at Nuremberg.
The German Defense Case (pdf - 250 K)

Made in Russia - The Holoco$t
<pdf> 644 p., many ill. 75M, Historical Review Press (GB), 1988.

As a "proven fact" protected by special laws not applicable to other "proven facts", the holocaust must be considered as soimething of an endangered species. Akk one need to do to endangered the species a bit further... or perhaps even drive it into extinction... is to get the Nuremberg Trial transcript and read some of it...

Geat Writer, Great Poet, Great Man

America, Roosevelt and the Causes of the Present War
Venise, 1944. London, Peter Russell, 1951. <pdf> 33 p. 200K

This war was not caused by any caprice on Mussolini's part, nor on Hitler's. This war is part of the secular war between usurers and peasants, between the usurocracy and whomever does an honest day's work with his own brain or hands. I don't know how many books one may have to read in order to understand this simple sentence.

In this period of crisis, it could be useful to return to the "fundamentals", as indicated by Ezra Pound:

The following are some of the sources at which the student may be able to slake a little of the
curiosity that I hope this pamphlet will have stimulated.
Georg OBST, Das Bankgeschäft, C.E. Poeschel Verlag, Stuttgart. (11 of 33)5.4.2006 12:27:02
ARISTOTLE, Politics.
Claudius Salmasius, De Modo Usurarum, Elzevier, Lugd. Bat. (Leyden), 1639.
Claudius Salmasius, De Foenore Trapezitico, Joannis Maire, Lugd. Bat., 1640.
Histoire Générale de la Chine ou Annales de cet Empire, traduites du Tong-Kien-
Kang-Mou, par le feu père Joseph Anne-Marie de Moyriac De Mailla [or de
Moyria de Maillac], Paris, 1777-83, 12 volumes [or 1777-85, 13 volumes].
T. Louis Camparette, "The Reorganization of the Municipal Administration under
the Antonines," American Journal of Philology, Vol. XXVII, No. 2.
The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States: with A Life of
the Author
, notes and illustrations, by his Grandson, Charles Francis Adams.
Little, Brown & Co., Boston, 1850-56.
The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Memorial Edition, XX volumes, Washington, 1903-4.
The Autobiography of Martin Van Buren, written in 1854 and remaining in
manuscript until its publication as Vol. II of the "Annual Report of the American
Historical Association for the year 1918," Govt. Print. Off., Washington, 1920.
Claude G. BOWERS, Jefferson and Hamilton, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1925.
Willis A. OVERHOLSER, A Short Review and Analysis of the History of Money in
the United States
, published by the author, Libertyville, Ill., 1936.
Odon POR, Politica economico-sociale in Italia. Anno XVII-XVIII. Florence,
1940. [English translation by Ezra Pound : Italy's Policy of Social Economics,
1939-40, Bergamo, 1941.]


PRESSAC Jean-Claude

Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers
Published in New York in 1989, by the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, 564 p. (30 x 45 cm) with many illustrations. Translated into English by Peter Moss. External Site.

This useful and enlightening work by French pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac is an ambitious defense of the Auschwitz extermination story against growing criticism from Holocaust revisionists. The author and the publishers -- "Nazi hunters" Beate and Serge Klarsfeld -- realize very clearly that Holocaust revisionism is not some temporary or frivolous phenomenon, but is a serious and formidable challenge that has already found many thoughtful adherents. This book is being promoted by the publishers as "a scientific rebuttal of those who deny the gas chambers."

Pressac's book is not easy to read. His writing is disorganized, needlessly convoluted and frequently unclear. It is often necessary to consult passages from widely divergent pages to understand this or that point he is trying to make. But perhaps we should be grateful for this confusion, because if Pressac were a clear and logical writer, the Klarsfelds might well have refused to publish his book. (Mark Weber)



Debunking the Genocide Myth (pdf - 2 M)

The Real Eichmann Trial, or the Incorrigible Victors (pdf - 500 K)

RAVAGE Marcus Eli

A real Case Against the Jews
One of Them Points Out the Full Depth of Their Guilt

<pdf> 5 p. The Century Magazine, January 1928, 500K

Of course, you do resent us. It is no good telling me you don't. So let us not waste any time on denials and alibis.

Commissary to the Gentiles
The First to see the possibilities of War by Propaganda

< pdf> 8 p. The Century Magazine, February 1928, 700K

In less than 8 pages, Ravage shows how a little cult has developped a propaganda war against the Roman Empire and destroyed it in lass than 300 years. It is very intelligent, vey political and much less paradoxical than one would believe. It reminds us of Joel Carmichael' Death of Jesus, published in 1963, in which Jesus is described as a left-leaning revolutionary.


"The Revealed End": Messianic Religious Zionism
<pdf> 94 p. 900K

This is an analysis of the "Kookian" movement, a religious current inside Zionism, which ha s always been part and parcel with the other non-religious better known components of jewish hyper-nationalism. The Kooks, father and son, have been charismatic rabbis pushing for nazi-type vital space (Lebensraum) - the Goush Emunim - always ready to wipe out the local indigenous population. How to get rid of these blood-thirsty monsters ? Probably, the shooting squad. Any other suggestion ?

The nationalist ideology of Rabbi Kook and his followers views the history of Zionism as an inevitable and decidedly messianic process, leading to the realization of prophetic predictions: "the State of Israel as the fulfillment of the biblical vision of redemption." Messianism is no longer to be seen as the antithesis of concrete reality. It is no longer merely a critique of what is, nor is it addressed only to the future. Rather, messianic redemption springs from present events; it is embodied and realized in them."Our reality is one of teshuvah [return to God, repentance], and it is a messianic one," writes Kook. In other words, the traditional religious categories of holiness, redemption, and repentance have now assumed concrete form in the Zionist endeavor itself. They are given living, dynamic expression as part of the process of the return to Zion and the Jewish national revival. This is indeed "the true
redemption". [...] Kook went so far as to say. "The State of Israel is a divine entity, our holy
and exalted state!"


REED Douglas

The Controversy of Zion
For the first time in <pdf>. 1956, published in 1978. 395 p. 7,4 M

Douglas Reed, Britain's foremost World War II London "Times" correspondent in Central Europe, reviews the long history of Talmudic Zionism. Since 1956, when Reed finished writing these last sentences, history has continued to endorse the correctness of his interpretation: "I believe the Jews of the world are equally beginning to see the error of revolutionary Zionism, the twin of the other destructive movement, and, as this century ends, will at last decide to seek involvement in common mankind".

Undoubtedly one of the most explosive and controversial books of the 20th century. The result of many years of painstaking work in the major research libraries of the world. Controversy challenges readers to come face-to-face with the thoroughly documented truths of ancient and modern history.

The second half of Controversy zeros in with deadly accuracy on books and documents only available in a few top-flight libraries. What emerges is a startling inside look at a diabolical age-old philosophy that presently threatens to engulf the world in a bloody tidal wave of hate and violence.


RENK Brian

Convergence or Divergence ? : On Recent Evidence for Zyklon Introduction Holes at Ausxhwitz-Birkenau Crematory II
<pdf> 18 p. Extract from Journal of Historical Review, Sept.-Dec. 2001, 1,4 M

The author examines the recent "evidences" presented by van Pelt (at the Lipstadt-Irving Trial) and Provann, and concludes to their futility.


ROTH Samuel

Now and Forever
The Jew and the Future
A Conversation with Israel Zangwill [1864-1926]
New York, McBride and Co, 1925, 70 p. <pdf> 500K

Among the stigmata of these young fanatics, whose nationalism is incurably linked with a land they have never
trodden, the word "Uganda" is the most revelatory. Uganda is a country which never came within a hundred miles of Jewish history. It is a country which, according to my friend and neighbor, Sir Harry Johnston, whom the twentieth century found implicated in its administration, is inhabited by a dense population of negroes and Masai clothed and unashamed, many of them Christians, ticking away at typewriters. Pigmies take up any space left by these civilized children of Ham, and there is not room for a Jew to worm his way into the polity even as High Commissioner. Yet the whole literature of Zionism for a decade bristles with Uganda and Ugandaism. The region really offered to the Zionists by the magnanimity of Joseph Chamberlain was a plateau in the adjoining province of British East Africa. It was an empty, healthy territory, free from politicians and almost from insect pests, and the refusal thereof by the Jews was an historic blunder of the first magnitude, a spiritless contradiction of the Hebrew proverb: Leolam Tikkach (Always take). What could the "Elders of Zion" have been about, thus to refuse a slice of the planet which, according to a famous manufacturer of motor cars and myths, their one dream is to annex?


RUDOLF Germar (ed.)

Auschwitz : Plain Facts
New edition of the book by the same name published in 1995 in Antwerpen by Herbert Verbeke.
Now at Theses and Dissertation Press, Chicago, 1995, 203 p. <pdf> 3 M

The Rudolf / Grabert publishing house Trial in Germany, in 1995.
Translation of Report of Investigation

Translated by J. M. Damon <pdf> 15 p.

«The historical facts are handled in such a way that in many of the contributions a structure of doubt is built.»

Lectures on the Holocaust
Controversial Issues Cross Examined
<pdf> 573 p. Chicago, 2005. Translated from German. Ill. 13,5 M

Since 1992, German scholar Germar Rudolf has been giving lectures to various mainstream audiences all over the world. His topic is very controversial: the Holocaust in the light of new forensic and historical fi ndings. Initially his listeners think they know exactly what "the Holocaust" is all about, but their world view is completely turned upside down after the evidence is presented. Even though Rudolf presents nothing short of full-fl edged Holocaust revisionism, his arguments fall on fertile soil, because they are presented in a very pedagogically sensitive and scholarly way. This book is the literary version of Rudolf's lectures, enriched with the most recent fi ndings of historiography to a topic regulated by penal law in many countries. The book's style is as unique as its topic: It is a dialogue between the lecturer on the one hand and the reactions of actual audience members on the other. Germar Rudolf introduces the reader to the most important arguments and counter arguments of Holocaust revisionism. The audience reacts with supportive, skeptical, and also hostile comments, questions, and assertions. The Lectures read like a vivid and exciting real-life exchange between persons of various points of view.



The Brainwashing of the Rumanians, now on their knees in front of their former Jewish masters.


<pdf> 62 p. 1,1 M

The Wiesel Commission report


By Felicia Waldman
<pdf> 13 p.

Between Denial and "Comparative Trivialization":
Holocaust Negationism in Post-Communist East Central Europe

By Michael Shafir
<pdf> 46 p.


SACK John,

An Eye For an Eye -- The Story of Jews Who Sought Revenge For the Holocaust
<pdf> 2000, 187 P. 2M

«To be sure, there were honest reviewers and reporters in New York, the New York Daily News, Newsweek, and The Progressive and on public radio and 60 Minutes, but most reviewers seemed to be in determined denial. "Some Jews," they allowed, "became murderers," but they called them "a small group of Jewish survivors" and "one Jewish woman and a handful of Jewish men" who essentially weren't Jews at all. They were "more communist than Jewish," a University of California professor wrote--they were "communists from Jewish families," "communists from Jewish backgrounds," "communists of Jewish origin." Now, I'd known these people seven years and I'd never thought I would read that. I'd interviewed twenty-three Jews who'd been in the Office, and one, just one, had considered himself a communist in 1945. He and the others had gone to Jewish schools, studied the Torah, been bar-mitzvahed, sometimes worn payes. In German camps, at the risk of their lives, some had made matzo on Pesach, and in 1945 they had lighted candles on Shabbas, held seders on Pesach, stood under huppas at weddings, sounded shofars on Rosh Hashanah, and fasted on Yom Kippur. By whose definition weren't they Jews? Not by the Talmud's, certainly, not by the government of Israel's or the government of Nazi Germany's. Had they died in the Holocaust, I'd have guessed that the world would count them among the six million.»



Jewish Ritual - Murder. A Historical Investigation
(Berlin, 1943) Translator's Preface by R. Belser, Foreword by Johann von Leers, 346 p.. <pdf> 3M

The official 'party line' on Jewish Ritual-Murder is that all such incidents were crimes which ignorant and superstitious peasants blamed on innocent Jews during the Middle Ages. The truth, however, is different: these accusations predate both the Middle Ages and the start of the Christian era. Reports from a range of sources, varying widely in chronology and geographical setting, show remarkable consistency, and learned, conscientious investigators were often involved in ascertaining what actually occurred. In many cases - such as the Damascus double murders - men of known rectitude, intelligence and of wide experience in the world, such as Sir Richard Burton, confirmed its existence. The position I have come to after translating this work, is that the accusation of Jewish Ritual-Murder has always been based upon a real and not an imaginary, phenomenon, a historical reality. I believe that, for all practical purposes, and for a variety of reasons, genuine cases of Jewish Ritual-Murder were beginning to peter out at around the turn of the 20th century. I believe that they were perpetrated by what are usually referred to as the "ultra-Orthodox" Jews; after the mid 17th century, that means the Hasidim in particular; that up until the late 19th century, the existence of Jewish Ritual-Murder was more generally known to exist by the Jews themselves, although its practice was anything but universal among them. I believe that today, very few Jews know its history and most of them do indeed honestly regard it as a "libel." R. Belser.


SHAMIR Israël Adam

The Galilee Flowers - The Collected Essays (pdf- 2,3 Mb)

Our Lady of Sorrow - Spiritual Essays (pdf - 900 K)



Documents and Testimonies on Jewish War Criminals
Part I, New York, Bnei Yeshivos, 1977, <pdf>, 127 p., 5,5 M. English translation from Hebrew Serutay ha Kivshonim Maashimim (The victims of Holocaust accuse... the Zionists)

Since the existence of Zionism, one constant trend of thought has been the direction of Weizmann, Greenbaum, Sharett, Ben Gurion, Ehrenpreisz, Kastner, Stephen Wise, the councils in the ghettoes and the rescue committees of the free world. The only yearning was for the State. The people as a whole, or a segment thereof, were merely for the realization of a "homeland". Whoever did not serve this purpose might as well have not been created.


The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews
<pdf> Chicago, 1991, 222 p. 1,8 M

For the first time on Internet !

The pionneering work of the researchers of
Nation of Islam

The Role of the Jews in the Transatlantic Slave Trade

The Most Controversial Book in America

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (TSR) presents a multitude of compelling facts describing first hand accounts of a pernicious and extensive involvement of Jews in the African slave trade.

Jewish historians and scholars are extensively quoted in this easy to read and fascinating 334 page volume. Not since the release of W.E.B. DuBois' The Suppression of the African Slave Trade in 1896 has a more riveting discussion of the topic of slavery been offered for public inspection.

"The facts, as established by highly respected scholars of the Jewish community, are here exposed and linked by as sparse a narrative as is journalistically permitted for review by those interested in the subject," the authors, the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam, stated.

Every fact was painstakingly footnoted. The research was matchless and worthy of commendation. Attempts to assuage this work as allegedly "anti-Semitic" or "anti-Jewish" falls on its face given the fact that the work contains the contributions of "respected scholars of the Jewish community."

The power of this presentation is so strong that the facts cannot be refuted. Yet this work does not pretend to be the end-all on this subject of slavery. It provides a window to even more extensive research regarding slavery by its other co-conspirators, the white Christians of Europe, the Arabs of the Middle East, and the Black African leaders who sold their own people to the slave traders.

In light of the recent allegations of "Black anti-Semitism," this book calls attention to the evil and immoral practice by the Jews in the Black holocaust of which many scholars estimate that 250 million or more perished at the hands of white people during the trade in Black slaves.

The means and methods of suppression and subversion come to light in subchapters like the "Jews and the Great Nat Turner," (TSR, p. 211) "Black Slave Owners and Jews," (TSR, p. 212) and "Jewish Clergy and Black Slavery," (TSR, pp. 143-147) are but a few of the authoritative gems contained in this most important work of the final decade of the Twentieth Century.

(Provisionally out of reach)



A Historical Survey of Proposals to Transfer Arabs from Palestine, 1895-1947
The book was published on Internet, 1998-2003, by its author, in small pieces, <html>. The Net publisher, Gengis Khan publishers, recompiled it to get a single easy to handle volume, with footnotes at the foot of each page, in 2004. (PDF - 2,1 M. 297 p.)

The rabbi tells the story of the most monstuous political project of the nineteenth century. The author is a devoted supporter of the rightist fringes of the Zionist movement, those who think that Sharon is sold to the Arabs ! He compiled with a great care all the proposals, coming from all political sides, to empty Palestine of its native population. It appears that all and every Zionist had one and only one dream: to kick the Arabs out, and preferably dump them in Iraq. It also appears that if Zionist could not achieve their goal, it was due to the resistance and the resilience of the Palestinians, who started to actively oppose Zionist projects in 1936. Zionism is, in its essence, a crime, but an unfinished crime. Its only goal is to destroy others, non-Jews. This is the most important genocidal project of the passed century.

SIZER Rev. Stephen

Christian Zionism : Its History, Theology and Politics
<pdf> 208 p.

Why we republish this text : The rev. Stephen Sizer has done an immense service to mankind, and to the peoples of the Middle East in particuler, in analyzing what is called, in the US, "Christian Zionism", a
purely American phenomenon, with a direct impact on the genocide practised in Palestine by the Israeli authorities.

"Stephen Sizer's Christian Zionism : Road Map to Armageddon? is essential reading for any western evangelical trying to understand the religious dimensions of American support for Israel. Sizer writes as an insider within the church, not as a critic watching from afar. And he shows with exacting clarity how evangelical eschatology has now embedded itself in a modern political ideology. One quick read of this book will change anyone's perspective on the Middle East permanently." Professor Gary M. Burge, Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College & Graduate School, Wheaton (author of Whose Land, Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians).

"Stephen Sizer's work on Christian Zionism is the most important and comprehensive on the subject to date, and should be read by all students of the Middle East and by Christians concerned about a just resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Christian Zionism raises vital theological and political challenges that must be addressed head-on by Christians in the West, particularly evangelicals. The impact of this terribly misguided movement is increasingly putting Christians in the Middle East at risk, and it seems a far cry from the witness and message of Jesus Christ." Professor Don Wagner, North Park University, Chicago (author of Anxious for Armageddon & Dying in the Land of Promise).

SPAIGHT J. P. (James Molony)

Bombing Vindicated
The bombers' ideology. London, 1944, Geoffrey Bles, 157 p. (PDF - 600 K)

Another entry in the World War sweepstakes. See a British functionary (he was Principle Asst. Sec. of the Air Ministry) gleefully admit to the planned bombing of non-combatant targets, and how this was supposedly a wonderful advance in international conduct (it was supposed to "shorten the war" and allow him to look Russia in the face). It became a "splendid decision" (p. 74) to violate international law! He seems to be saying that it was OK as long as it was done in a cold, premeditated fashion (an artifact of fully judaized, freemasonic England). He also says this had been planned from the earliest stages of the war -- and how dare the Germans complain about it! Must be read to be believed.
This book may seem to have been written by a wild outcast. But it is the bible of modern bombers, Churchill, Reagon, Clinton, the Bushes, Mitterrand, Bernrad Kouchner and many others. All advocated or praticed heavy long-range bombings. The "civilization" those bombs are imposing is the Coca-Cola one, together with the Hollywood subculture, an achievement vastly inferior to the one attained by our Neolithic ancestors.


Auschwitz. A Judge Looks at the Evidence
<pdf>, 304 p. Institute for Historical Review, 1986. 3 M

The leading work by German Revisionism

Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence may be fairly said to be unique. Its author, Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich, brings the rare perspective of a wartime eyewitness, whose duties as a German anti-aircraft artillery officer took him to Auschwitz in 1944, and an experienced magistrate, who served for twenty years in the judiciary of the West German city of Hamburg.
Dr. Stäglich's special interest in the wartime history of Auschwitz, widely regarded today as a key center for the extermination of European Jews, stems from his own observations and experiences at the camp. His duties as an officer on the staff of the 12th Paratroop Anti-Aircraft Artillery Detachment, tasked with defending the industrial complex attached to Auschwitz, included several visits to the main camp during the summer of 1944.

Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence, is a systematic, critical examination of the documents, testimonies, confessions, and personal accounts which represent Auschwitz as a center for programmatic extermination by gassing and other means. The fulminations of Hitler and Goebbels, the bureaucratic formulations of Himmler and Eichmann, the confessions of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss, the accounts of Auschwitz inmates from Vrba and Nyiszli to Filip Müller and Primo Levi, the vast accumulation of expert testimony at the famous West German Auschwitz trial: Dr. Stäglich has sifted through all of them, evaluated all of them, and pronounced on their evidential value in establishing Auschwitz as an extermination center.

Dr. Staeglich paid dearly for his intrepid search for Holocaust truth:
"In the mid-twentieth century appeared a phenomenon which, we had come to believe, had vanished in the sixteenth century: the University of Goettingen withdrew the doctorate degree it had awarded to Dr. Wilhelm Staeglich in 1951. This was a logical consequence of the return to the stupidities of a distant past. Dr. Wilhelm Staeglich, German judge and historian, has defended the honor of Germany's judges and historians. He himself has lost almost everything, but not his honor." (Professor Robert Faurisson)


SUTTON Antony C.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
1976, Arlington House, 162 p. <pdf>

Since the early 1920s unsubstantiated reports have circulated to the effect that not only German industrialists, but also Wall Street financiers, had some role - possibly a substantial role - in the rise of Hitler and Naziism. This book presents previously unpublished evidence, a great deal from files of the Nuremburg Military Tribunals, to support this hypothesis.

The contribution made by American capitalism to German war preparations before 1940 can only be described as phenomenal. It was certainly crucial to German military capabilities. For instance, in 1934 Germany produced domestically only 300,000 tons of natural petroleum products and less than 800,000 tons of synthetic gasoline; the balance was imported. Yet, ten years later in World War II, after transfer of the Standard Oil of New Jersey hydrogenation patents and technology to I. G. Farben (used to produce synthetic gasoline from coal), Germany produced about 6 1/2 million tons of oil - of which 85 percent (5 1/2 million tons) was synthetic oil using the Standard Oil hydrogenation process.

Interview (July 1999) : KM - What do you see for the future?
Antony Sutton - Chaos, confusion and ultimately a battle between the individual and the State. The individual is the stronger; and will win. The state is a fiction sanctified by Hegel and his followers to CONTROL the individual. Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left, this is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them.


TARPLEY Webster Griffin

9/11 Synthetic Terrorism Made in USA
This is the 2004 edition. The latest update is the Italian edition, La Fabbrica del Terrore published end of 2007 at Arianna, in Bologna. Tarpley studies all the files. But it should be remembered he was a long time high-ranking cadre in the Larouchian movement, which, in itself, is a cause of mistrust. <pdf> 2,3M, 405 p.

This book would not have been possible without the efforts of the 9/11 truth movement, a true planetary cooperation by citizens of the world, which was called into being by the crimes of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent coverup. I am indebted for many insights to numerous authors of print and internet studies of 9/11; the extent of this indebtedness and the names of the individual researchers are acknowledged in the text and the bibliography. The 9/11 truth movement, its activists, organizers, filmmakers and demonstrators, has had the immense historical merit of opposing those who have sought to incarcerate the intellectual life of the world in a grim new prison house of the human spirit, the monstrous 9/11 myth.



Blood Passover
<pdf> 150 p., translation in English of the fast disappeared book on one famous Jewish "blood libel", by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti. With preliminary remarks by aaargh.

Very useful work which extends the access to this remarkable book. A second edition in Italian, with a new preface by the author, is expected by the end of the year.


THEIL Georges

Heresy in Twenty-First Century France
A case of insubmission to the "Holocaust" dogma

Historical Review Press, Sussex, England, 2006 <pdf> 1,4 M, 90 p.



Historical Truth or Political Truth ? (ZIP - 190 K)

A Matchstick on an ice flow
(partial translation) (117 p. - pdf - 800 K)

On Mark Weber's Gloomy Mood
<pdf> 6 p. 100K

A reply to the latest article by Mark weber on revisionism as a "hindrance". With Weber's article.

TLASS General Moustapha

Abridged English version de l'Azyme de Sion
<pdf>, 19 p. illustrated, 500K



by Robert Parry, Joyce Battle, Richard Sale, Michael Moore, Joe Conason, Israel Shahak, Jim Crogan, April Gaspie, Saddam Hussein. Compiled by Gazette du Golfe et des Banlieues, jJanuary 2004, 101 p. (pdf - 500 K).

These American sources describe the passed relationship between Saddam and a host of US diplomats, and spooks of every description. It appears Saddam spent most of his time abeying to the US wishes. This material could be a good starting point for a hypothetical trial. But one is reminded of the Noriega trial: the killing of one thousand civilians just to capture this former employee of the CIA, and then, durgged from his toes to his teeth, he could not utter a word during the "trial". So-called trial.

UTLEY Freda,

The High Cost of Vengeance
Henry Regnery, Chicago, 1949. 317 p. (pdf - 850)

Quote: «Were the German gas chambers really a greater crime against humanity than our attacks on such nonmilitary objectives as Dresden, where we inflicted the most horrible death imaginable on a quarter of a million people in one night, by dropping phosphorus bombs on this undefended cultural center crowded with refugees fleeing west before the Russian advance? This atrocity was among our greatest war crimes, since we demonstrated that our objective was the murder of civilians. We even machine-gunned from the air the
women and children fleeing into the countryside from the burning city.»

VAN PELT Jan-Robert

The van Pelt Report (pdf - 1,5 M). Presented at the Irving-Lipstadt Trial.

VERBEKE Herbert, ed.

Auschwitz: Plain Facts - A response to Jean-Claude Pressac
Contribution by Robert Faurisson, Manfed Köhler, (translated by Michel Humphrey), Carlo Mattogno (translated by Anne Sharp), Serge Thion. Preface by Ernst Gauss, Antwerpen, 1995, VHO, 178 p.

This book is a collection of essays written in reply to Pressac's book on the crematories in Auschwitz. (It was translated in German but in English, only a shortened version was published in a collective book, under the control of van Pelt and Berenbaum). Some anti-revisionnists writers acclaimed the book as the definitive answer to the revisionist query. But, unfortunately, the revisionists, as the book shows, teared Pressac's opus into small pieces and his fame declined rapidly. Those who lauded the book in 1993 do not remember having done so. Denial or amnesy ?



A Paper Eichmann. Anatomy of a Lie
53 p. <pdf> 400 K

This article has been translated by Jeffrey Mehlman in Assassins of Memory (NY: Columbia University Press, 1992).

VRBA Rudolf

His verbatim testimony
at the Zundel Trial (January 1985) (ZIP - 200 K)

WALSH William Thomas

Isabella of Spain
New York, 1930. Digital edition by JR's rare Books and Commentary, <pdf> 141 p. 900K

This book has a large amount of information about Jews in medieval Spain. It repudiates the works of Lea and Loeb, who seem to have established much about what people today think they know about Spanish Jews. Originally published in 1930/1 (New York: Robert M. McBride Co., xix + 515 pp.; London: Sheed & Ward, 644 pp.). Later editions (e.g., New York: Tudor Publishing Co., 2nd ed., 1938) re-wrote some passages to be a touch milder, and deleted some nasty terms like "Ritual Murder" and "Jewish Conspiracy" from the titles, but the raw info remained in all its pungency. All scans from the 1st edition text.


Personal Representative of the Chairman of the OSCE on Combating Antisemitism

Best Practices in Combating Antisemitism
(Expert Meeting) Berlin, 21 November 2006, <pdf> 101p. 900K

A high civil servant of the German SPD, named "whitechurches", tells us all about the LEOP (Law Enforcement Officers Programme) of the CHC (Combating Hate Crime). These people conduct inquiries, not real of course. See for instance table 3, p. 75 which has the following title : "Multifactor Logistic Model Predicting the Probability a Repondent Reports an Anti-Semitic Index Exceeding 5 from the Anti-Israel Index."

« If antisemitism is, as some have described it, a virus that attacks society, then it is a virus that mutates with the times. The remedies of the past are not necessarily the remedies that will work today. Any plan that does not factor in the influence of the new technology (including satellite TV) is simply not going to be effective. So what can we do ? For on thing, I would suggest not getting bogged down in a useless debate over the US' First Amendment. That provides a convenient excuse for doing nothing. [...] . We must make people aware of the misinformation and techniques used by extremists. This requires teaching critical reading skills from an early age to get away from the syndrome of if something is in print, then it must be true. "


WEXNER Analysis

Israeli Communication Priorities 2003
17 p. april 2003 pdf - 50 K

How to "sell" Israel as a political commodity


WHEN VICTIMS RULE, par la Jewish Tribal Review, 1992 pages (13,1 M)



The Great Red Dragon or London Money Power
Cincinnati, 1890, <pdf> 88p. 600K

As no history of the London Money Power has ever been written, the Author has been under the necessity of gathering his facts from newspaper items, and from the statements of individuals whose reliability is above question. His store of facts has been constantly increasing down to the present time. Some important facts he has learned since the publication of this work began; other facts he learned too late for them to appear in the present edition.-No doubt, in every community facts are known which illustrate the course of the Money Power in this country. These facts will
doubtless soon be published; and it is hoped that ere long a full and connected history of the Rise of the Money Power may be given to the world.


WRIGHT, Edwin E.

The Great Zionist Cover-Up -- A Study and Interpretation
Published in 1975in Cleveland, (Ohio) by a small ad hoc society, 142 p. (pdf- 1,3 M)

The author has been working at the State Department for twenty years. He has followed closely the Middle East developments. He describes here a reticent president Wilson et the whole set of pressures on him, until he broke down and accepted to support the creation of the Jewish State. The book describes the tactics and the base tricks which prevail in Washington. Perhaps one thought to know everything about intrigues, lies and bribery. One knew nothing.


The Nazi Hydra in America
How America's right wing politicians are plunging the country into a fascist police state.

<pdf> by aaargh, 4,5 M, Internet publication (not yet complete) 2003-2008, 545 p.

From the Introduction : The Nazi Hydra was conceived to fill a gap in the literature by providing a detailed overview of the influence of fascism within the United States. The intent and motivation for such a project was twofold: to sound an ominous warning as to the direction this country is taking at the hands of the right wing and to provide a convenient all encompassing source on fascism in the United States for the reader. In this regards the chapters are heavily documented. And I urge the reader here and throughout the book to read the sources cited for further details. [...] Some readers will undoubtedly find the Nazi Hydra disturbing. They shudder at reports of another Nazi war criminal being deported and the crimes against humanity that he inflicted onto others. They fear to ask the question how such a person could slip into the country or how many more are present. Others may be livid with anger as the Nazi Hydra details the associations of the Republican Party and past presidents: Nixon, Ford, Bush and Reagan with Nazi war criminals. But history cannot be rewritten and it's a story that must be told. Those that aided Nazi war criminals are no less guilty of crimes against humanity than any of the Nazi war criminals and need be held fully accountable at the end of a hangman's rope at Nuremberg.




The West, War and Islam (1980) <pdf>

Background and Detailed Chronology of Ernst Zundel Persecution
<pdf> 93 p. 250 K

Decision of Judge Blais
<pdf> 63 p. 130 K


ABRAHAM, Matthew, teaches English at the University of Tennessee and reviews in-depth the last book of Norman Finkesltein, Beyond Chutzpah. This is again a devastating essay aiming at the fraud on which Zionist propaganda builds. In particular, Alan Dershowitz emerges as completely destroyed. An extremely useful book (AAARGH Reprints in <pdf>)

BERLET Chip & BELLMAN Joel, Fascism Wrapped in an American Flag, <pdf>, 22 p., 1989, Political Research Associates, 150 K Lyndon LaRouche is a demagogue, a crook and a hoax. The puppet is dismantled here.

COUNTESS (late) Robert H., The Kula Kolumn ­ Exactitude in Action. (2004)

EISEN Paul, A Jewish Loook at Holocaust Revisionism. (2005)

EISEN Paul, Deir Yassin - From Remembrance to Resistance, <pdf> 3 p.

Deir Yassin Remembered is an international organisation whose aim is to build a memorial to the victims of the Deir Yassin massacre of April 9th 1948. But the list of victims extends far beyond the 100 to 130 elderly men, women and children who died that day. It extends also to the over 750,000 Palestinians expelled in the concurrent Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine, to the over 500 Palestinian towns and villages destroyed or expropriated by the Jewish ethnic cleansers and now also to their descendants - the now over six million dispossessed Palestinians living either as secondclass citizens in Israel, in the towns, villages and refugee camps of post-1967 occupied Palestine, in refugee shanty-towns in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan and finally in the many Palestinian communities-in-exile in practically every corner of the world. In short, Deir Yassin Remembered exists to build a memorial to all of Palestinian life and memory.
But Deir Yassin Remembered is not just about remembrance; Deir Yassin Remembered is also about resistance.

ELAM Shraga (moderate Zurich Zionist posing as anti-Zionist)

Holocaust religion and Holocaust Industry in the Service of Israel


of 28 November 2008 on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law


Everyone's Guide to By-Passing Internet Censorship
For Citizen Worldwide

Citizen Lab; Un. of Toronto, 2007, 31 p. <pdf> 1,5M

This guide is meant to introduce non-technical users to Internet censorship circumvention technologies, and help them choose which of them best suits their circumstances and needs.

GERSTENFELD Manfred, The Multiple Distortions of Holocaust Memory
<pdf> 17 p., 200K

« Recent years have seen greatly increased attempts to manipulate Holocaust history and its memory. For several decades much attention has been devoted to Holocaust denial. Distortions of the Holocaust past, however, occur in many other ways. The number of mutations of such distortions is also expanding.
Manipulations belong to several groupings, such as: Holocaust Promotion, Holocaust Denial, Holocaust Depreciation, Holocaust Deflection, Prewar and Wartime Holocaust Equivalence, Postwar Holocaust Equivalence, Holocaust Inversion, Accusations of Jewish Holocaust-Memory Abuse, Obliterating the
Holocaust Memory, Holocaust-Memory Silencing, and Universalizing/Trivializing the Holocaust. »


<pdf> 10 p., Occasional Report by Collin Jordan, No.19, Feb. 1988, typewritten, 2,8M

A campaign has been mounted in Britain and across the world calling for anti-Communist refugees said to have committed "war crimes" -- namely tens of thousands of them -- to be put on trizal where they are, or handed over to Communist countries or to Israel for punishment. Its timing is to refuel the legend of the "Holocaust", the myth of the 6 million Jews exterminated vu the Nazis, which is World Jewry's most poweful propaganda, but which is increasingly damaged by doubt, if not denial. [...]

Gothic Ripples condemns all genuine atrocities by whoever committed. It no less condemns all those who concoct and market atrocity stories to generate hatred against Hitler's Germany, and thereby to frighten off by reflex all citicism of Jews; and no less condemns those such as Douglas Hurd [British Home Secretary] whose contorted humanitarianism ignores what Jews and their collaborators do against those the Jews regard as enemies.


GUILLAUME (Pierre) A Clarification
<pdf> 14 p. 200 K. AAARGH Reprints

We reproduce the English translation, new to us, of a part of an important book written by Pierre Guillaume, of The Old Mole Group, on our relations with Noam Chomsky. The translation was meant as a weapon AGAINST Chomsky, seen from the point of view of the most extreme conservative Zionism. Paul Bogdanor, the publisher of this English translation is a fanatical Zionist. To him, Chomsky is worse than the Devil himself. His site is a collection of the most reactionary point of views of the last 40 years !!! The guy must be a comic ! The translation is preceded by a note, which is pure calumny :

NB: The following essay, by a leading French Holocaust denier, gives a detailed account of Chomsky's collaboration with the French Holocaust denial movement. Chomsky's remarks at the end indicate that he assisted the Holocaust denier in the preparation of this essay. Readers are forewarned that the author is an antisemite and a Nazi apologist; therefore much of the material that follows is extremely offensive. Translated from French - Webmaster.

HÉBERT (Valérie) Disguised Resistance ? The Story of Kurt Gerstein
<pdf> 33 p. Taken from the last issue of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, the journal of those who profit form the people's death and proper on the corpses, 220 K
Gerstein The Return ?

HIORT (Pontus) Review if the book by Guenter Lewy, The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies (2000) <pdf> H-Net Reviews, 5 p. 2001 100 K

"In his conclusion, Lewy takes issue with much of the previous scholarship on Gypsies, arguing that it has often been influenced by charged political and emotional discourses. The author cites several fully or partially incorrect notions about Nazi treatment of Gypsies that has been transformed into common knowledge."

Human Rights Watch, Fatal Strikes - Israel's Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon
August 2006, 53 p. <pdf> illustré

The disgusting nature of the massive airstrikes on civilian populated areas, both in Gaza and Lebanon is obvious.

Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on the Treatment by the Coalition Forces of Prisoners of War and other Protected Persons by the Geneva Conventions in Iraq during Arrest, Internment and Interrogation

Feb 2004, <pdf> 24 p. 1,3 M.

In Their Own Words : Reading the Iraqi Insurgency
International Crisis Group, <pdf>, Feb. 2006, 36 p., 700 K

Several important conclusions emerge: 1/ The insurgency increasingly is dominated by a few large groups with sophisticated communications. 2/ There has been gradual convergence around more unified practices and discourse, and predominantly Sunni Arab identity. 3/ Despite recurring contrary reports, there is little sign of willingness by any significant insurgent element to join the political process or negotiate with the U.S. 4/ The groups appear acutely aware of public opinion and increasingly mindful of their image. 5/ The insurgents have yet to put forward a clear political program or long-term vision for Iraq.

The insurgency is increasingly optimistic about victory.
Such self-confidence was not there when the war was conceived as an open-ended jihad against an occupier they believed was determined to stay. Optimism stems from a conviction the legitimacy of jihad is now beyond doubt, institutions established under the occupation are fragile and irreparably illegitimate, and the war of attrition against U.S. forces is succeeding.

<pdf> 92 p., 1 M - AAARGH REPRINTS (avril 2006)

LÜFTL (Walter) An Austrian Engineer's Report on the "Gas Chambers" of Auschwitz and Mauthausen Compiled by F. Holtzhäuser
<pdf> 17 p. AAARGH Reprints 250 K

McCARTHY Justin The First Shot
<pdf> 20p., 250 K. Orientalist, historian, professor at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. This conference was delivered in 2002 at the Yedipepe University, in Istanbul. Who started the massacres, the Armenians or the Osmanlis ? The answer is very clear.

And one incontrovertible fact that is never mentioned is the truth we have discussed today - Armenians died because of conflicts started by Armenians. The Turks responded to Armenian attacks. Sometimes the Turks overreacted ; sometimes they acted out of revenge, sometimes the actions of Turks and Kurds were wrong. But the Turks did not start the bloodshed. They did not start the long conflict between Armenians and Muslims that began in the 1790s. They did not start the conflict between Turks and Armenians in World War I. In 1796, was it Turks who attacked Armenians ? No, it was Armenian rebels who allied themselves with the enemies of their country.

MEARSHEIMER (John) & WALT (Stephen) The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy
<pdf> 83 p. 1,2 M

MINERBI (Sergio ) Pope John Paul II and the Jews: An Evaluation
<pdf> 15 p. 160 K
The Jewish blueprint for the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church, in its last phase.

O'Connell (David) Elie Wiesel and the Catholics
<pdf> Cultures Wars, Nov. 2004, 13 p. 100 K

Proposal for a Council Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia

A European Copy of the French Gayssot Law !!!

(1)(d) publicly condoning, denying or grossly trivialising the crimes defined in Article 6 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal appended to the London Agreement of 8 August 1945, directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin.


RHOME Harrell, Debacle in Damascus -- The 1840 Ritual Murder Case
<pdf> 19 p. 150K

Ritual murder cults have existed from prehistoric times to the present. Almost all cultures and religions, including Northern Europeans, contain evidence of similar phenomena. Cults sometimes came to control entire societies as evidenced by the Aztec, Maya and Inca cultures.
Such a sub-group became intertwined with the development of Hebraic religion from the earliest
times as evidenced by the Old Testament. While some writers accused the entire Judaic faith, this conclusion seems unwarranted, yet the roots are found in the Cabala, Talmud, and the more secretive oral traditions. This blood cult was quite active during the mid-nineteenth century, and as we will demonstrate, the 1840 Damascus case was by no means the only one of its day.


SHEPPARD, (Simon G.) Social Psychology, Religious Belief, Censorship and the Holocaust. (1998)

Tales of the HOLOHOAX

A Journal of Satire

<pdf> 16 p.

This is an atomic cartoon farce. We go through quite a number of miracles which occured during WWII. It borrows from Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. Drawing by A. W. Mann, text by Michael Hoffman, including many authentic quotes, edited in 1989 by Wiswell Ruffin House, Tamacula (Californie), dedicated to Ernst Zündel, 4,8 M


THEIL Georges, Our Mission : Dismantle the Planetary Slander In Order to Help Build an Honest World
Contribution to the Tehran conference, translated by G.F.H., 14 p., 200K

The Longest hatred -- An Examination of Anti-Gentilism
London, 1991, <pdf> 300K

HAVE YOU ever wondered where the Banks get all their money from? When they grant you a loan or allow you an overdraft, where does the money come from? According to Frederick Soddy, former eminent Oxford University Professor, Banks are: "Institutions which pretend to lend money, and do not lend it, but create it, and when it is repaid to them, de-create it and have achieved the physically impossible miracle thereby, not only of getting something for nothing but also of getting perennial interest from it."
So the Banks create money out of nothing and charge you, the customer, over 10% interest to borrow it. And woe betide you if you default. It is a delusion promoted by the Banks themselves that they are merely the custodians of their customers' deposits, that they lend these same deposits, and that their profit consists of the difference in the rate of interest they pay depositors, and the interest they receive from borrowers. The truth is that no Bank lends as much as a penny of the money deposited with it. Every Bank loan or overdraft is a creation of entirely new money (credit) and is a
clear addition to the amount of money in the community. It is no more than a record in a Bank ledger or computer and is actually the creation of new money out of nothing.


THION Serge , A Brief History of Revisionism
Written contribution to the Tehran conference, translated by G.F.H., 25 p., 250K


Israel Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
Antisemitic publications are becoming increasingly widespread in Turkey
January 2008, 25 p. <pdf> 400K
Zionist Offensive against Turkey
AAARGH reprints, mai 2008, 27 p., 500K



Truth for Germany
The Guilt Question of the Second World War
New translation from German. Historical Review Press (GB) <pdf> 533 p., 16M

The hypothesis of Germany's Guilt for the Second World War is refuted. Future historical research could, if need be, amplify the facts compiled in this book, but it can no longer prove them non-existent. There is available to the public today a considerable number of documents, both from home and abroad, on the foreign policies of the Great Powers before September 1939, as well as a wealth of literature in the memoirs-field of the persons directly involved in the decisions that would lead to the outbreak of the War. Together, they make possible a mocaic-like reconstruction of the events before the outbreak of the War in 1939.

This book has been published only after an intensive study of sources, taking the greatest care to avoid all guesswork interpretations. It serves not any one particular party, nor is it meant solely for the German people ; the aim, rather, is to contribute towards new understandings and cognizance for mankind.

This is a new translation. The book is available on paper. The reader is kindly advised to buy such a precious book from

Historical Review Press
PO Box 62, Uckfield, Sussex, TN22 IZY, UK
Catalogue :


WALT (Stephen) see Mearsheimer.


Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich
Translated by F. Töben, Chicago, 2004, These & Dissertation Press, 73 p., <pdf> 700K

The truth is that the emigration was welcomed by the German authorities, and frequently occurred under a constantly increasing pressure. The anti-Semitic legislation of the Third Reich is an undisputed fact in this emigration story. Likewise, the psychological pressure that Jews in Germany came to experience after 1933 is not trivialized here; [...] The purpose of this work is to elucidate the emigration process in law and policy, thereby augmenting the traditionally received picture of Jewish emigration from Germany. German and Jewish authorities worked closely together on this emigration. Jews interested in emigrating received detailed advice and offers of help from both sides. The accounts of Jews fleeing Germany in secret by night across some border are untenable. On the contrary, the German government was interested in getting rid of its Jews. It would have been senseless to prevent such an emigration.


WHINE Michael

Expanding Holocaust Denial and Legislation Against It
AAARGH reprints, aug. 2008, <pdf> 300K

Over half the states of Europe now criminalize Holocaust denial. They accept the premise that deniers are extremists who use denial, among other means, to rehabilitate Nazism. Their legal rationale in doing so is usually that denial negates the historical facts established at Nuremburg in 1945 rather than that it constitutes offensive or threatening speech. International agreements take the same line and this was reinforced and given a legal basis in April 2007 by the EU Common Framework Decision, which requires European states to criminalize denial. Legislation, however, has not stopped extremists from continuing to promote Holocaust denial and they are now joined and invigorated by Iran, which promotes it as state policy. Nevertheless, states now accept that Holocaust education is vital and several intergovernmental initiatives offer hope for the future.

<pdf> 71 p., 1 M - AAARGH REPRINTS (April 2006)

We have selected the most informative and interesting articles from the maze of papers produced by the world press, basically in German, English and French, intersped with opinions by leading Revisionists. This documents, you'll want to keep them for your archives. The time to settle the accounds will come. The archives of persecution through prosecution will be there, on the table...


An Irish leaflet, widely distributed in Eire
<pdf> 1 p. 70 K



SMITH Russell Rogers (Chief Wapanatak)

Ho, Canada !
<pdf> 120 p. 800K, New York, Vantage Press, 1965. Republished in 1996 by Jean-Paul Rhéaume, from Quebec.

Canada is merely a geographical expression, not a political entity, says R. Rogers Smith, long-time battler for the right of Canadians to vote as Canadians, a right he claims they have never possessed. In his final chapter the author proposes a " do-it-yourself " method whereby the individual Canadian can assert this right. Writing often in a style, which has brought consternation to officialdom, R. Rogers Smith blends a scholar's knowledge of Canada's political history with a formidable array of facts, which cannot be disputed.


Alberta has the Sovereign Right to Issue and Use its Own Credit
A Factual Examination of the Constitutional Problem
<pdf> Ottawa, 1937, 20 p., 200 K

From 1937 until 2007, seventy years have elapsed before this pamphlet was digitized, and more years are bound to pass ; the only explanation for this lack of consideration towards the information therein offered and the appropriate response stems mostly from
the teachings of our historians and the media organisations. What is broadcasted about agreements to be reached between provincials rests mostly on languages, when a Federal Union calls upon territorial owners, not languages.
J-P Rhéaume


Inside Canada
Dedicated to Canada New Democracy
Ottawa, 1939, 49 p. <pdf> 510 K

This booklet was published for the sole purpose of giving to Canadians the true position of Canada's constitutionality. The writer was a Canadian of the third generation, had no political axe to grind as he had no party affiliations, nor was he an advocate of any " ism ". His efforts were dedicated to the best interests of the Canadian people, and the complete and effective unity of all the Canadian Provinces, as a Commonwealth within the British Empire.

La Gazette du Golfe et des banlieues (PDF), bilingual (a large part in English) and the annexed documents.

See the Index of the Gazette



See books in other languages

The AAARGH website is under attack

We have an exciting review of van Pelt's book "The Case for Auschwitz - Evidence from the Irving Trial".

This book is the last-ditch attempt to fight the revisionists. Never will anyone have more means and monies to cover all the questions raised by the revisionists about Auschwitz. In our view, this attempt is a miserable failure.


In 1993, Mr Joel Hayward, then student at Cantorbery University (New Zealand) wrote a thesis. The subject was Holocaust Revisionism. Mr Hayward was not himself a revisioist. But in order to write an objectivre assessment, he listened to both sides, revisionists and anti-revisionnists. We, revisionists, have never considered Dr. Hayward as one of us, but only as someone who attempted to build an objective point of view. Put under heavy pressures, Mr Hayward recanted. As much as Mr Joel Hayward is entitled, in year 2000, to change his opinions and disavow his 1993 work, the public, for whom the thesis has been written and passed (giving Mr Hayward a title), has a right to know its content. The university logically refused to withdraw it from its shelves, meaning it now belongs to the public domain.
We then will follow our vocation and display the thesis on Internet, acknowledging both that it is the work of Mr Hayward and that he now disowns it.

See The Fate of Jews in German Hands: An Historical Enquiry into the Development and Significance of Holocaust Revisionism, by Joel HAYWARD. THIS TEXT HAS BEEN REMOVED UNDER PRESSURE. See our Hayward File which explains how covert censorship works.

In html: <>


More and more, we see critical reflexions on the Holocaust (as an image, as a tool for political benefit, as a mean of pressure for financial and political gains, and so on) and on Revisionism, as an infant discipline of critique in the historical field, its methods and aims, often suspected of concealed political agenda, or outright racism. Reflecting on it is like walking into a minefield. In some countries, it is forbidden by law! Think of that!

We are going to put here some contributions on these subjects coming from a variety of sources. It will not mean, of course, that we agree on all points. We just want to show that there is room for thinking. And time too.


David Irving is a well-known historian, self-educated, working outside of the academic circles and producer of about thirty books, most of them on the Nazi period of Germany. The dominant feature of his books is the extensive and deep use of original documents, many of them unearthed by Irving himself, in adventures that could make good books in themselves.

Deborah Lipstadt is a rather unknown quantity, a scholar without known titles, who writes under the spell of an unhealthy obsession about Antisemitism. She seems to believe that all views which are not within the framework of the historical explanations provided by Yad Vashem authorities stem from a desire to destroy the Jews again and again. This strange delusion led her to publish a crypto-satanic book, Denying the Holocaust, which we perversely redisplayed on this website to appraise ours readers with what intelllectual decadence can provide at its best.

Concerning Lipstadt, it is interesting to note that she never writes on what happened in history -- in Germany. She writes about what other people write about what happened in Germany, of which she has nos special knowledge. She judges from a certain point of view; but this point of view is not the historians' one, but the vantage point of view of US Jewish organizations for which the Holocaust is a a very wealthy business to be tapped as much as possible. And concerning her knowledge of writers she is attacking, we have determined that she is a sleazy and partial observer. She does not even know the languages in which all these stories and events are told, outside of English... Her book is full or errors, omisions, black spots, misperceptions, and so on. Very unacademic indeed.

In her book, D. Lipstad has quite a number of derogatory sentences about David Irving. (See pages 8, 14, 111, 161-3, 170, 179-81, 213, 215, 221, 232-4.) Facing increasing economic pressures on his ability to publish hhs works, since he had recognized some value in the revisionnist arguments, David Irving selected Lipstad as one of the pack hunters that are trying to ruin his career, his works and his life as an independant researcher. This is the origin of the present trial in 1996. He explains it in the Opening Statement (see below). .

We suggest to our readers, if they wish to follow closely, day after day, the develoments of the trial, to connect directly on Irving's website: Those who read French may wish to read our comments.

We have a collection of documents from the trial and selected articles from the press.

We have opened a file for "The Technical Reports"

We have found an on-line copy of Deborah Lipstadt's book

Denying the Holocaust

On Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred Leuchter

a movie by Errol Morris

We have not seen the film but the review here tells a lot about ZÛndel himself. He once decribed himself as a "schwabisch farmer boy". Well, even old foxes may have bouts of enthusiasm. In this very case, we would rather call for caution.

"Fred Leuchter on the Silver Screen"

The Film Premiere

Reviewed by Ernst Zündel

See Revisionist Catches Jewish Film Maker in Flim Flam, by Michael Hofman
on Errol Morris double-play

The training of the Brainwashers

That's for real! How they are going to wash your children's brains

The most incredible "witness" ! We have the complete text of the testimony given by Dr Rudolf VRBA in 1985 at the trial of Ernst Zündel in Toronto. He was one of the authors of the famous War Refugee Board Report (1944) which became the dominant mantra in Washington, after it had been conveyed there by a chain of Jewish agents in Europe. Now see what happens when the star witness is grilled by people who know the facts and the place (Auschwitz) and witness the internal destruction of Dr Vrba, a "poetic" mind but mostly a little liar.

VRBA's TESTIMONY: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

If you wish to send your appreciation to Dr. Vrba, please feel free to e-mail him at

[email protected]
The entrapment of Dr. Frederick Töben by the German neo-gestapo. We have also a partial translation of the warrant and the reaction of the Institute of Historical Review.

We have now a very recent letter (Aug. 13) written by our friend from his jail. He says there is no point in defending oneself as, in Germany, concerning §130 ("incitation") truth is no defence. This makes Germany a RIDICULOUS country, the North Korea of Western Europe...

The Ancestors of present-day Holocaust revisionism

We intend to display here important texts which have led to the existence of Holocaust Revisionism as it is today. This does not mean, of cours, that we espouse every single word or sentence which has been uttered in this long, apparently endless controversy. Every author has his own responsability. But many documents are difficult to find and we believe that the reader has the right, in good faith or not, to gain some understanding of the background and the past battles to establish points of views.

The first document is Raul Hilberg's self destructive performance in Toronto in 1985.

We have opened a new space devoted to our Opponents.
Readers will see their arguments and judge by themselves.
We have opened a new chapter in the French section called "What our adversaries are saying", with the aim of posting the main classical anti-revisionist works, to allow the readers to make their own comparison. We now do the same in English, although of course the availability of documents is not the same in French and English.

The use of terror is producing results. After having been pressured and terrorized for several years by the Jewish defence League, a young Jewish revisionist has recanted. The fact in itself is of little significance. What is more revealing is the style of confession extracted by the JDL. The worst Stalinian trial did not do better. The confession has a religious overtone. It has all the characters of a conversion. Never before the religious nature of the Holocaust faith has been more cvlearly dictated by the JDL which is proud of its success.

Sensitive souls please abstain: This document is sickening.

We have also added a number of documents, including the 46 Questions (1995) of David Cole about the gas Chambers. Questions still awating answers from the JDL and consorts...

Many revisionists have spent and are still spending a enormous amount of energy to fight cases in courts. With the exception of the Toronto trials which had the advantage of dragging in front of a hostile court a great number of important witnesses and experts, most other trials were just losses of time and energy. We can wee why: in a document made public by the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations in Geneva, we see how international "independant" judicial luminaries are able to twist words and ideas so that at the end they can trample the very principles they are supposed to support. If you are not yet disgusted by this institution they call "Justice", then browse through this document which REJECTS PROF. FAURISSON'S DEMAND for freedom of thinking and research.

We have added a thick GOLDHAGEN FILE, called "Crazy Goldie", after one of the main reviews of the book written by this immature pseudo-scholar. The book has been an enormous success but we have probed into the opinions of some segments of the intelligentsia. The nutshell of this file is the two devastating reviews which have recently shaken the quiet little world of the Holocaust-is-my-job crowd and made Goldhagen rush to his lawyers. There has been a lot of pressure to suppress these two pieces and that is why we offer them to Internet readers.

A book containing the two reviews by Finkesltein and Birn has been finally published in New York. The war between the Goldhagenites, supported by the Jewish organizations, and the scholars, unanimously hostile to Goldie, is going on. All of this is visible ON THIS SITE.

The book has been translated and published in French (Summer 1999); it has been savaged by the Jewish Le Monde commentator, N. Weill (3 Sept. 99) See Actualité, Septembre 1999, in our French section.

NOW YOU CAN SEARCH THE AAARGH WEBSITE. We have renovated the "Research Tools" in the French section, with bibliographies, interesting Websites, and so on. Check even if your French is flimsy. Some documents there are in English, like this PAPER ON THE SUBJECT OF ACQUISITION OF HOLOCAUST DENIAL MATERIAL BY LIBRARIES. from NIZKOR Quite revealing. With an interesting anti-revisionist bibliography. One is really stunned by the fact that most of these papers are just parotting one another. What makes Holocaust Revisionism so strong is simply the Community leaders' refusal just to understand what is being said. The mental world we are facing seems frozen....

See What Raul Hilberg says about sources.

The US National Archives have a Collection of German sound recordings from WW II

The Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Antisemitism (On-Line Database)

The pleasure to go to Holocaust conferences ? Yes, one Nizkor participant tells us the joys...


A presentation of James Baque's new book, Crimes and Mercies, on the way Germany was treated by the Allies after WW2, by the Author, in the Toronto Globe & Mail.

Faurisson Archive in English

His introduction to his collected papers. This is his most recent long text dealing with the present situation of revisionism. In two parts: [ 1 ] and [ 2 ]

We have a Faurisson Archiv with translations of texts in German and another one in Italian.

Texts in English by Serge Thion

Bernard LAZARE

Antisemitism, Its History and Causes

This book overturns the ideological basis of both antisemitism and the Jewish apologetic literature. Its starts from the facts and a thorough study of the relationship of the Jewish communities with their non-Jewish social environment. It is a REPLY to Drumont's confused antisemitism and to its mirror image in the fantasies entertained by many Jews on their own history. LAZARE died in 1903, before he could assess the development of Zionism, of which he was both one of the builders and one of the first critcs.

This is the currently available English translation. Unfortunately it had been severely abridged the original text which will be very soon posted on the AAARGH site in French.

Chapter 1 -- General causes of Antisemitism (51K)

Chapter 2 -- Anti-Judaism in Antiquity (43K)

Chapter 3 -- Anti-Judaism in Christian Antiquity from the Foundation of the Church of Constantine (43K)

Chapter 4 -- Antisemitism from Constantine to the Eighth Century (68K)

Chapter 5 -- Anti-Judaism from the Eighth Century to the Reformation (60K)

Chatper 6 -- Anti-Judaism from the Time of the Reformation to the French Revolution (51K)

Chapter 7 -- Anti-Judaic Literature and Prejudices (60K)

Chapter 8 -- Modern Legal Anti-Judaism (51K)

Chapter 9 -- Modern Antisemitism and its Literature (51K)

Chapter 10 -- The Race (51K)

Chapter 11 -- Nationalism and Antisemitism (51K)

Chapter 12 -- The Revolutionary Spirit of Judaism (43K)

Chapter 13 -- The Jews as a Factor in the Transformation of Society (60K)

Chapter 14 -- The Economic Causes of Antisemitism (51K)

Chapter 15 -- The Fate of Antisemitism / Bibliography (60K)


Lenni Brenner

Zionism in the Age of Dictators

A fine book, out of print, analyzing the mirror relations between the then small Zionist movement and dictatorial powers.

July 1998: one of our readers writes

<Lenni Brenner's, Zionism in the Age of Dictators is available from the American Education Trust the publishers of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. The price is $7.95 each or $9.95 for two plus $2.50 shipping for the first title plus $.50 for each additional. I purchased my copies about six weeks ago.

At the time I received a quantity of material from the American Education Trust included were some seven "white papers" including one by Lenni Brenner. The title of Brenner;s paper was The Anti-Defamation Leagues National Director is Crazy Like a Foxman. The theme of the paper is Brenner's response to Foxman's alleged libel and makes for interesting reading. However I found Brenner's hostile attitude towards revisionism distressing and his cutting words toward the Institute for Historical Review particularly vile. In a response to Tom Marcellus written by Brenner in 1985 and quoted in the paper he states, "All of the above is bullshit. I share not one iota of your mad ideology. I am your implacable opponent. I do not believe you have any right to exist; and I support any and all attempts, by any and all, Zionist or Anti-Zionist, to bust up your institute and your meetings."

While I agree that Brenner has provided a good insight into the Zionist mind and operation, I do not trust him.>


The Beilis Affair Compilation of documents and analyses
<pdf> 107 p. 1,5 M

Friedrich Paul Berg: The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth Within A Myth

This very well researched paper comes from London and is written by David Botsford who provides also two complements, one of them dealing with "the Case of R. v. GRIFFIN" and the other, titled "Coercion of opinion is a mistake".

Carlos Porter; Not Guilty at Nuremberg. The German Defense Case (145K)

Roger Garaudy, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics

The book which triggered a new crisis in France and in other countries as well. (1996) Visible on the CODOH site. A new edition and translation has just been published (July 2000) bu the Institute of Historical Review.

Roger Garaudy, Right to Reply


Pierre Guillaume, Debord

Other books in English and French by Guy Debord are available at <>

Jürgen Graf, The Majdanek concentration camp.

Michael Hoffman II, Irving's Revisionist Conference A Great Success


Abbé Pierre, Letter to Roger Garaudy (April 1996) (17K)

Our account of the Garaudy Trial, Paris, January 1998.

Albert S. Lindemann, "Podhoretz in Retirement: A Report on the Mortality of Friendship,"

Geoff Muirden, Australia's First Revisionist Conference An Outstanding Success

The Rittersporn file

"We have no political prisonners" ! A reply by one of them: Mr. Lauck

Bradley Smith is Asking a Question

[Ad submitted by Bradley Smith to US campus newspapers. Feel free to copy...]

Geoffrey Wheatcroft (New Tork Times), Lock Up the Holocaust Deniers?

The Wilkomirsky Scandal. New York Times.

On Elie Wiesel considered as a Cheater

Naomi SIEDMAN, Elie Wiesel or the Scandal of Jewish Rage. (68K)

This amusing piece, published in Jewish Social Studies in December 1996 raises the question:

Was Wiesel licking asses of powerful Catholic Writers to make a Career ?




A ghost haunts the world. The ghost of Revisionism. From among the many circumstances where the word "revisionism" has been applied, it is commonly assumed nowadays that Revisionists are those who accept as a demonstrated fact that no massive gassing could have occurred in the German concentration camps during the Nazi regime. They also, with many other experts, consider that no definitive figure is available for the indeniably great losses suffered by Jewish communities during WW II. They request the application of the routine objective historical methods to analyze the events which led to the end of the War, because it is a crucial part of our common history.


Revisionism is the basic fact of the historical approach. This is what makes the difference between history and religious dogma. In a religious dogma, the truth has been established and authenticated once and for all. There is no room for doubt. The human being needs certainties and may find comfort in dogmas, long established in our cultures.

History is a quest for understanding the past from the point of view of the present. Today, now, we feel we want to know and understand, in our own words, what happened 20 years, 50 years, 500 years ago. What our predecessors understood is only one part of the picture. We have to REVISE their judgement with our own way of thinking and maybe the documents that we found, or that we considered in a new way. Our understanding is in a constant flow of evolution. This is true of Attila or Julius Caesar, this is true of the Italian Renaissance or the French Revolution. It will inescapably be true of WW II and all the sufferings it created in many parts of our tiny world.

Revisionist belong to all shades of political persuasions. But they have been victims of the most vicious physical, intellectual, legal attacks coordinated and organized by those who are committed to the defence of Israel and the political, financial and military privileges that Israel is drawing from a conventional and partial and, we believe, misleading representation of WW II. That is why all those who are the targets of these ferocious attacks have developed a sense of solidarity which goes beyond their individual political views, widely different from each other. They recognize that facts are of primary importance and should be established in a conventional way in order to write history. The interpretation of facts is everyone personal concern and has nothing to do with revisionism as such. Revisionists as such do not concern themselves with races or racism, with the taboos established by the fiat of this or that group, with any political tenet, nor with any suggestion that truth should be submitted to any political power or reason of State.

In Europe, we Revisionists of all shades, want to express our gratitude to those in Sweden who run Radio Islam and established the first Europe Revisionnist Website. Since the fall of Soviet Union, everybody can see that Islam is built as the next Official Enemy needed by our warmongers, armament industries, oil lobbies and impotent politicians. As revisionist, we are trained to see the silly propaganda content of so-called "news" displayed by the media. We know that political and historical lies are the necessary foundations for the preparation of war. We are committed to fight these lies when we detect them.

The ghost will materialize. The media, the political circles all buzz with the delusion that Internet is totally perverted by an all-powerful Revisionist Plot. As it has been the case for the last 20 years, our enormous power is produced almost entirely by this self delusion of our adversaries. We are a handful of powerless people, with poor connections and no money. But we have done our homework. We know what we talk about. This is our only strength and in a world of lies, half-truths and near-complete ignorance, this strength has fabulous results.

We invite our guests to browse around. Several languages are used but visitors should know that not all is translated in all languages, by want of translators. (Any volunteers ?) They are invited to use their linguistic abilities to go from one section to the other.

This text has been displayed on the Net, and forwarded to you as a tool for educational purpose, further research, on a non commercial and fair use basis, by the International Secretariat of the Association des Anciens Amateurs de Recits de Guerres et d'Holocaustes (AAARGH). The E-mail of the Secretariat is <aaarghinternational -- at -- Mail can be sent at PO Box 81475, Chicago, IL 60681-0475, USA..
We see the act of displaying a written document on Internet as the equivalent to displaying it on the shelves of a public library. It costs us a modicum of labor and money. The only benefit accrues to the reader who, we surmise, thinks by himself. A reader looks for a document on the Web at his or her own risks. As for the author, there is no reason to suppose that he or she shares any responsibilty for other writings displayed on this Site. Because laws enforcing a specific censorship on some historical question apply in various countries (Germany, France, Israel, Switzerland, Canada, and others) we do not ask their permission from authors living in thoses places: they wouldn't have the freedom to consent.
We believe we are protected by the Human Rights Charter:

ARTICLE 19. <Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.>The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948, in Paris.

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