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August 1998

Australia's First Revisionist Conference An Outstanding Success

Geoff Muirden

Australia's first historical revisionist conference, held in Adelaide on 7 -- 9 August 1998, was well attended with guest speakers from around the world, including Arthur Butz, Jürgen Graf, Andrew Gray, John Sack, and some who attended via videos and phone linkups. The last time such a gathering had met was four years ago in the United States.
The aim was a symposium to draw together interested persons from around the world and attempt to overcome the factionalism within the revisionist movement which has drained individuals of unnecessary energy. This internal family squabble pleases the enemy of revisionism because such public in-fighting, often the result of a basic clash of wills, sets back the task of publishing the real history of World War II. The most recent example of such is Ron Rosenbaum's interview with David Irving wherein Rosenbaum quotes Irving as saying something about "cracked anti-Semites", and how Irving intends to distance himself from his current followers as soon as he again becomes a "respectable historian". Irving denies he ever made such or similar comments.
It was also hoped that the symposium would show how scholarly and pioneering our work is. The Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission before whom we stand accused of being "anti-Semitic" and "racial haters" will, it is hoped, realize that our work cannot be reduced to one of simplistic terminology. Our field of study is far more embracing, and by attempting to reduce it to one of sloganeering the enemy is attempting to deprive us of our intellectual freedom. This we vigorously oppose -- and that is why we look forward to attending the next International Revisionist Symposium in the near future which may be held in Dublin, Ireland.
The symposium began on Friday, 7 August, [1998] at 6 pm when participants gathered at The Feathers Hotel for registration and an informal dinner [in Adelaide, South Australia]. We were honoured to have among our guests the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates. On Saturday morning about fifty participants arrived for the two-day symposium in the dignified surroundings of Fernilee Lodge. The proceedings were videod by Mr Thomas Knight of Independent Studios, Melbourne, and five three-hour tapes are now available. Some technical glitches occurred when a few phone calls did not go through, and occasionally speeches had to be cut down for lack of time, but in general this auspicious occasion went off exceptionally well. Adelaide Institute intends to publish the full proceedings in book-form. Dr Fredrick Töben and all who helped plan and run this event, the organizations which supplied the technical equipment, the venue and the accommodation, are to be commended for doing such a good job.
There is no room here to give a detailed summary of all the speeches so I offer here my analysis. Dr Töben opened the proceedings by welcoming all participants and reading out greetings from political prisoners Günter Deckert, Udo Walendy, Jack vanTongeren -- all currently in jail, and Christopher Steele. The hand-out included a paper by Mr Peter Myers: "The Role of Hitler in the New World Order" -- which will be published in the November newsletter. He affirmed the need for truth in history to be proclaimed at a time of attempted suppression of free speech by the "real haters", those who hate freedom of discussion.
Dr Töben screened an earlier video taken from a 1994 ABC-TV's Nightline program which included comments by present Adelaide Institute Assistant Director, Geoff. Muirden, and Jeremy Jones, from the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, about the Holocaust issue.
The program starred prominent "exterminationist" Professor Deborah Lipstadt who complained that revisionists were "the lunatic fringe", and "haters who spread hateful contamination", not to be taken seriously by "reputable historians". Dr Töben then screened a second video, an excerpt from Channel 9's Nightline program which again featured Mr Jeremy Jones who bitterly complained about the revisionists being haters. Dr Töben, who was also interviewed for that program, made the remark that those who usually label others as haters are themselves the haters.

Mr Mark Weber
Director of the Institute for Historical Review sent his greetings per video. He remarked that the IHR now had its own Website, replacing Greg Raven's, and were scoring 800 hits a day. He claimed that the "exterminationist" claims were gradually being whittled down and cited Faurisson's famous quip: "No Holes, No Holocaust", meaning that the four square holes allegedly in the ceiling of the "gas chambers" and the supposedly hollow columns which carried gas, were both false claims, that there were in fact no such holes. Dr Töben verified this when in April 1997 he visited Auschwitz in person, burrowed under the ruins and could find no trace of either of them. A telephone linkup with Weber produced his comment that nothing of the scope of the Australian conference had been held before and he is interested in planing for such, perhaps in Europe somewhere next year. While talking on the telephone Dr Töben used a laptop to display the speaker's Internet website.

Dr William DeMaria
Lecturer at the School of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Queensland, author of The British Whistleblowers Protection Bill: a shield too small spoke on The Death Of Dissent. Dr De Maria insisted that it was a myth to say that Australia was democratic, that, in fact, about the only right one had was to buy products -- then only if one had the money. He saw little support for whistleblowers and was concerned about the attempt to suppress the free speech of Pauline Hanson, indicating the low state of Australian democracy. Democracy was now "in crisis", like a patient on "life support". Dr DeMaria saw the One Nation movement as a reaction against despotism and he said we were not free but the illusion of freedom was maintained to keep the system going, Actually, there was only a measure of freedom for those at the top of the social pyramid. Even the universities had ceased to be centres of dissent and had become "edu-business", training for job placement instead of debating and searching for truth. Noticing a large Asian intake of students, he commented that we were training "the Asian mandarins of tomorrow".

Dr Joel Hayward
Owing to illness, this historian -- Senior Lecturer at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand -- was not present at the meeting, nor could he participate in the phone linkup. Dr Hayward is the first historian to have written a Master's thesis on "revisionism and the Holocaust". Later, in his video presentation, Dr Robert Countess commented on Dr Hayward's thesis which supports what revisionists have been saying for decades.

Mr David Irving
Although expecting to establish contact with Mr Irving by phone link on the issue of A reply to Robert Mannes' critique and Battlefront Update, it was not possible to reach him while Irving was driving to a speaking engagement at Niagara Falls in the United States. We also learned that the proposed 15 August Irving/BBC-TV visit to Auschwitz was cancelled by the museum officials -- without reason. Irving is currently before a London court conducting his defamation action against Professor Deborah Lipstadt.

Mr David Thomas
The co-Webmaster of the Bradley Smith website, Committee For Open Debate On The Holocaust (CODOH) from the United States also was uncontactable. He had recently provided Dr Töben with valuable information concerning an email threat which had been sent from the US to Dr Töben.

Mr Michael Collins-Piper
Author of Final Judgment: The Missing Link In The JFK Assassination Conspiracy, Mr Michael Collins-Piper spoke to the meeting by phone link. He insisted that Mossad was behind the Kennedy assassination and to date he has found no contradictory evidence. He said that he had now issued the 4th edition of his book, the size of which had doubled, and had simply added to the compelling evidence. Mr Collins-Piper claimed that his was the "only book which paints a wide-ranging picture of the JFK conspiracy". Uproar against the book in the US had given it publicity and boosted sales. The "Kennedy cult" was of great interest in the States, and people of different political views took his explanation seriously. He commented that the Achilles heel of Zionism had been pricked by the book.

Mr Hans Schmidt
Editor of GANPAC Brief and author of Jailed in Democratic Germany, was contacted by phone link and gave his account of being arrested in Germany for his critical comments against Jews and freemasons. He felt that the judge who examined his case had given him a chance to leave the country, which he had taken. His book on his prison experience in Germany was selling well in the U.S.

Mr Doug Collins
Retired columnist of the North Shore News, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, whose article "Swindler's List" landed him before the British Columbia Human Rights Commission, spoke on People's Courts, Star Chamber Revisited, Soft Gloved Dictatorship, Or The New Inquisition. Doug Collins was contacted by phone link, and remarked that the BC Human Rights Commission was much like the Canadian Human Rights Commission, where the truth of comments were taken as no defence. In Canada at the moment, anyone could be charged with discrimination and bringing them into hatred and contempt, the courts deciding what is "discrimination". He remarked that it had cost the North Shore News over $Ca200,000 in legal fees to get an acquittal of the charges in 1997, so this was intimidation by organizations that don't want free speech. He commented that Canada's organised Jewry had initially hoped to quickly wear down himself and the North Shore News, but this hadn't happened. There had been a backlash by the "goyim". He expected that in time the Canadian or BC Supreme Court would decide whether truth could be a defence in such proceedings.

Mrs Olga Scully
Tasmanian Associate of the Adelaide Institute, who is facing examination by the Australian Human Rights Commission as a result of complaints lodged by Mr Jeremy Jones of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) gave An Update On Developments In My Battle Against Australia's Zionist Lobby, detailing her experiences, in which "the traditional enemy of truth" didn't want information circulated by leaflets and tried to stop her doing so in her home town of Launceston, Tasmania. She remarked that her appeal against the HREOC was supported by Jack King, Jack Selzer, David Brochschmidt and Dr Töben. She was waiting on the results of her last hearing at the end of August, 1998. A new hearing date has now been set for sometime in November 1998.

Mr Nigel Jackson
A revisionist poet, and author of The Case For David Irving, spoke about The Truth And The Taboo: Some Reflections In The Australian Context. Mr Jackson commented that, just as Hamlet had to murder more and more people to attain control, so the Zionists had to keep "murdering" debate on the Holocaust issue, producing more and more laws. "making Pontius Pilate look mediocre".
He said that the suppression of free speech in Australia will spread unless our citizens take "disinfective" steps but there were only a few revisionists in the total population. Mr Jackson remarked that the media attention given to the One Nation political party is intended to quench attention given to Graeme Campbell's Australia First political party. Mr Jackson analyzed, in detail, debate on racial vilification laws in 1992 between himself, Mark Leibler, Robert Manne on the issue of "racism" and "anti-Semitism", noting the distortion of his arguments by his opponents.

Mr John Sack
American author of An Eve For An Eye, attended in person to give a speech despite the fact that he endorsed the "gas chambers" , the "six million" and the "extermination" thesis, but in his book had argued nevertheless that the torture and murder of German civilians after World War II by Jewish camp commanders was as much a "holocaust" for the Germans involved as the Jewish version was for the Jews. He noted the strenuous and hysterical attempts to block him publicising the involvement of Jews in torturing German prisoners by Jewish interests at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. He claimed a curious sense of "redemption" for the Jews involved, admitting that they tortured prisoners, but then insisting that they had later "atoned" for this by refusing to continue the torture and massacre of prisoners, realizing that this would reduce them to the level of their enemies. He felt that "hate" only makes more hate: it is not a redemptive force.

Mr Jürgen Graf
The keynote speaker was Swiss revisionist Jürgen Graf, author of numerous books and speaker of 17 languages, who on 16 July 1998 had just been sentenced to 15 months prison and a 8,000 francs fine for revisionist activities. It was during his stay in Adelaide that Mr Graf was informed that he had lost his teaching job on account of his 16 July conviction. He spoke on Majdanek Concentration Camp: Some Findings. He said that the only revisionist book on Majdanek was Majdanek, In All Eternity, which accused Zionists of exploiting Jews in that concentration camp. He remarked that few Western researchers had troubled to learn Polish. If they had, they would have found that the Polish historians were generally reliable, except in the number of victims and methods of execution. Mr Graf remarked that German concentration camps served the purpose of isolating anti-Nazi dissenters. By the end of 1941 the deportation of Jews had created a manpower problem for the war industry. The death rate in camps was high, owing to typhus and poor sanitation. Reichsführer Himmler had ordered the death rate in camps lowered, which stands against claims of extermination. The Resistance movement was active, which would mean that if there had been gas chambers in Majdanek, it would have been reported. No such reports exist. To improve hygiene, camps were sewered, and the sewerage of Majdanek was completed in 1943, as was the provision
of running water. Most prisoners were Jews and Poles, many transferred from Auschwitz. Mr Graf remarked that the history of Majdanek camp was a history of ambition. It was meant to be part of a town for the SS, but was only "a castle in the air." There were never more than 23,000 inmates.
Poles resorted to tricks to prove it was an extermination camp. One was the pile of shoes kept for cobbling, later exhibited as if they were the remnants of slaughtered inmates. An historian of Majdanek remarked that it was "completely open", "visible from all sides". This would make it unsuitable as an extermination camp since extermination could not be kept secret, A "delousing chamber" was installed, and could be seen by Polish workers who returned to their homes at night, so if it had been a "gas chamber" the Polish workmen could have reported it, but no such reports were available.
In one alleged gas chamber, Zyklon B pellets were supposedly poured into the chamber from the roof. If the camp liberator had seen any openings in the roof, he would have reported it, but made no such comment.
Regarding the fourth claimed gas chamber and the biggest, Mr Graf mentioned the blue colour on the walls, and two openings in the ceiling which he personally visited on 27 June, 1997. He pointed out that there was a large window in the alleged gas chamber, which prisoners could have broken. He concluded that this gas chamber was only for lice and fleas.
Barrack 41 is the first building in Majdanek tourists visit and is reputedly the site of a gas chamber But it has no traces of Zyklon B. It does have canisters therein, reputedly to have contained the lethal carbon monoxide (CO) gas, but with the inscription CO
2 for carbon dioxide gas which is not lethal! In any case the carbon monoxide was supposedly introduced through a pipe. Carlo Mattogno claims that this gas chamber actually stored weapons.
In 1943 Germans were struggling against an enemy superior in manpower and in this situation, why kill valuable workers? Reports of mass murder at Majdanek are exaggerated, for example, the killing of 70,000 victims who were thrown into three ditches. Mr Graf estimated that to get rid of 70,000 corpses it would have taken many tonnes of wood; days would be required for the ditches to cool; tonnes of human ash would need removal and unburned bones would have to go to a grinding mill on a physically impossible scale. In addition, the Resistance did not report on burning corpses. In 1944 the Soviets "liberated" Majdanek, and produced inflated figures of inmates of about 245,000 over the real figure. Many of the atrocity stories were of Russian invention. Mr Graf argued that Majdanek was the worst camp of all in terms of morbidity.
[Update: In a letter dated 24 August 1998 Graf informed of the imprisonment of Swiss patriot Ernst Indlekofer, publisher of Recht und Freiheit at the hands of the "Zionist Occupation Regime".]

Mr Geoff. Muirden
Assistant Director of Adelaide Institute, spoke on An Overview Of Historical Revisionism In Australia. He made the point that, while not the first revisionist in Australia, John Bennett was probably the most active and influential after he was converted to revisionism in 1979 by reading Arthur Butz' The Hoax of the Twentieth Century. He has actively promoted the issue since 1979 in his booklet, a legal primer, Your Rights, and by revisionist books and pamphlets sent to thousands of people around Australia for which he had been widely vilified. Bennett probably made the major contribution to revisionism before the advent of the Adelaide Institute and the development of its website with its overseas links which then gave Australian revisionism international coverage.

Mr John Bennett
Commented on Where To From here?, summarizing his contribution and remarking that revisionists had won the battle for truth on paper, but hadn't won out in the real world yet!

Professor Arthur Butz
This veteran revisionist from the United States didn't need to be introduced because his book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, remains a classic which sums up the relatively simple argument about the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. Still suffering from jetlag he asked to be relieved of his dinner speech -- and it was possible to re-shuffle the program so that he was the penultimate speaker for the day.
Professor Butz spoke on The Hoax Ends The Twentieth Century, alluding to his book which he didn't feel needed much revision. He mentioned the active suppression of revisionism around the world, especially in Germany. Speaking about the theory that anybody could be motivated to attack someone because of "hate literature" Professor Butz described this as "the most Orwellian concept in circulation".

Professor Robert Faurisson
The final speaker of the day was French revisionist and author of the famous quip "No Holes, No Holocaust". He spoke by phone link after the screening of his video Marshal Pétain, Anti-Communism And The Revisionist Challenge. The video took viewers on a tour of "Vichy France" when in 1944, Marshal Pétain made Vichy the capital of France. What is not mentioned in books is that more than 16 countries recognized the Vichy government and sent ambassadors to France. Now it is fashionable to smear Pétain for collaborating with the Germans.
When asked about the future of revisionism, Faurisson said "we shall never win and never lose". Revisionists cannot win because they face a mindset that is 3,000 years old: the Jew against the "goyim", tracing back to the time of Flaccus in ancient Rome. The Holocaust has become a religion to the Jews and it cannot be fought with reason. The Holocaust is "big business" because "it's the golden calf of money -- it will never stop". Professor Faurisson concluded, "If you want to keep up this battle, try to be clear, simple, not pedantic, and keep a smile on your face", and regard revisionism as the last great intellectual adventure of the twentieth century and the first of the twenty-first century.
That concluded the day's proceedings and we adjourned until 7 pm when we met again for the formal dinner.


Mr Andrew Gray
Copy editor of The Barnes Review and a world authority on Richard Wagner spoke on Errors, Lies, And Nonsense About Wagner.
He remarked that no one blames Lenin on Tolstoy or Communism, but there is a world industry blaming Wagner for creating Adolf Hitler.
Mr Gray cited some of the esoteric "stream of garble" discussing Wagner, but leaving out the essence of his art and constituting "a monumental detour around the subject". Wagner dealt with almost all aspects of civilization, saw the dangers of the mass media and commented on the Jewish presence in them and music as well. Part of Wagner's problem was financial. He was not assured of a steady income because court theatres gave "one-off" lump sum payments, not steady income. Wagner did not possess a house of own his until he was 60.
Mr Gray stressed that Wagner understated his involvement in the failed 1849 Dresden uprising. He was actually one of three leaders and might have even participated in loading hand grenades. After he wrote Judaism and Music, he was vilified and has not been forgiven to this day. He did suggest that the Jewish canticle was largely a form of gargling! Mr Gray said it was not in Wagner's nature to be half-hearted, and would not back down under criticism. He had an irascible temperament and there's his wife's calming influence helped him through heart problems so he could write Parsifal. Wagner, continued Mr Gray, was a "skull-splitting genius", who had robbed music of its innocence, meaning that sexuality pervades his music. The evolution of the cognition is portrayed in Das Rheingold. It starts with three innocent maids swimming around, then the symbol of the cognition enters in the form of an ugly dwarf, indicating that reflective intelligence arose by an unattractive method. Alberich tries to attract the Rhinemaidens and is turned down by all three. Alberich decides that instead of chasing women, something can be done with consciousness itself. He goes to a factory and makes a ring, the symbol of reflective consciousness. Only the owner of the ring can control the power. Mr Gray stated it was absurd to claim that Alberich was a specifically Jewish caricature because through him Wagner raises the question of the meaning of life itself. Gray concedes that speculation on this remains open to the end of the Ring and beyond. Parsifal may signal a farewell to transcendence itself.

Mr Michael Hoffman, II
Director of the website, "Campaign for Radical Truth In History', spoke by phone link on Racism In The Jewish Talmud. Mr Hoffman remarked that revisionists had been described as "racists" and "hatemongers", yet the Babylonian Talmud, the Jewish "Bible" is itself "racist" and "hateful".
Mr Hoffman disagrees with Israel Shahak, author of Jewish History, Jewish Religion, who believes that both the Talmud and the Old Testament are products of rabbinic Judaism. Hoffman claims that the Talmud, which disagrees with most of Old Testament theology, only came after Christ. The Jews went to Babylon, where the Talmud was devised, and Talmudism had little resemblance to traditional Judaism, for example, usury is condemned in the Torah, but not in the Talmud. The Talmud is concerned to find, or invent, loopholes in the Torah law. Jesus Christ himself condemned the "traditions of the elders" which was a starting point for the Talmudic theology. Mr Hoffman stressed that not all Jews are Talmudists. There is a Karaite sect whose members believe in strict adherence to the Old Testament or Torah law. Because Talmudic law is complicated, it gave rise to a priesthood who would "interpret" it. Some ex-Jews have exposed the anti-goyim, anti-Christian aspect of the Talmud, for example, Jakob Pfefferkorn, who revealed details to Martin Luther.
Mr Hoffman said that two types of Talmudists emerged: (1) the mediocre type, who believed in over-regulation of every aspect of life; (2) the libertarian or libertine type, who became freethinkers and explored mysticism in the Kaballa. Zionism is a product of the Talmud.
Mr Hoffman said that most Jews in the U.S. were not familiar with the Talmud, but many respect certain "Talmudic sages". Most of President Clinton's cabinet are Reform Jews. Mr Hoffman claimed that the "Aryan Nations" group in the United States was financed by Zionism and he added that the roots of "anti-Semitism" arose from persecution of Christians and gentiles generally.

Dr Robert Brock
The publisher of The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism was reached by phone link, and explained the Jewish link in slavery. Dr Brock is himself black and descended from slaves and he remarked that slavery was part of a holocaust afflicting 110 million blacks, but did not receive the same attention as the Jewish Holocaust. He remarked that of 180 slave ships, 120 were Jewish owned. He now wanted reparations for black Americans.
Dr Brock described slavery as the world's greatest holocaust, and asked how "six million victims" could be compared to 110 million.

Dr Robert Countess
A member of the Board of Directors of the US-based Institute For Historical Review, Dr Countess in his video presentation talked on Historical Sources And Their Use In Holocaust Historiography. He explained that sources for the homicidal gas chambers were rare and unreliable and he pointed out that Professor Deborah Lipstadt in her studies had used religious references rather than hard historical evidence.
Historical evidence is based on (1) tradition; (2)remains; (3) documents and he suggested that no one source depended upon as a reliable guide but if there is agreement between traditions and documents, the case is stronger.
Historians may find the evidence ambiguous, but for a "true believer" such as Professor Lipstadt, there are no doubts for her about the main pattern of events, only dispute about some details. Dr Countess said the firebombing of Dresden was a more appropriate use of the term "holocaust", and he claimed that "holocaustology" might be included as one of more than 100 mental illnesses. He stressed there was no documentary evidence of the claims that Jews were turned into soap yet there are people who still believe that story.
He felt that the research by Germar Rudolf was of a higher level than that of Leuchter, who had disavowed his research under pressure. Pressac's contribution was to produce some important photos. The question that the youth of the future will ask is, why did it take so long to get public acceptance of the fact that lies had been told about the Holocaust?

Mr Friedrich Paul Berg
Scientist Mr Berg spoke from the US by phone link on The Diesel Gas Chamber Hoax Revisited: The Importance Of Technical And Scientific Arguments.
Mr Berg said there were two claimed gas chambers: (1) diesel engine gas chambers -- supposedly killed two million, and (2) Zyklon B supposedly killed one million. Many "goyim" were supposedly killed, but get less attention. Mr Berg said that there was a prejudice against diesel engines owing to their dirty smell, but the diesel exhaust was not toxic. He said that a better candidate for "gassings" would have been the kind of wood-burning, gas-producing vehicles used during the war, but these were not part of the Holocaust legend.
In 1927, the Germans used two diesel locomotives underground, which did not produce toxic effects, and then their use spread. Mr Berg reminded us that in Britain, no one has suffered toxic effects from breathing gas from diesels in over 35 years. An essay by Bennett S. Lockman in 1981 on diesels remarked that "no significant health hazard had been seen in over 20 studies". Mr Berg said that under certain circumstances, when the engine was under maximum load, you might produce a "gas chamber" from diesels, but it was hard to do. Gasoline (petrol) engines would have been more suitable but, again, were not mentioned in the Holocaust legend.

Mr Ernst Zündel
Like David Irving and Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zündel would never get into Australia on account of his German "conviction" for having questioned the veracity of the homicidal gas chamber allegations. Telling the truth in a German court!
So, instead, we watched a video in which Mr Zündel introduced his Canadian lawyer, Mr Doug Christie who is fighting his Internet case before a Canadian Human Rights Commission. Christie mentioned that "truth is no defence" in such proceedings and he suggested that Jews, as a minority group, should be sensitive to the rights of minorities.
The Zündelsite was the target of three four-weekly hearings by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The Zündelsite, controlled by Dr Ingrid Rimland in the US, was protected by the First Amendment clause of the constitution, guaranteeing free speech. Attempts are being made by the CHRC were made to monitor Internet usage across the border from the US to another country -- Canada -- by regarding the website as an extension of the telephone via a modem. The tribunal's thinking is that because it is possible for Canadians to communicate with US sources, Canadians can be punished. Thus if a Canadian was interviewed by a US newspaper, expressing something that would be regarded as hatred or contempt in Canada, but acceptable in the US, he could still be punished in Canada. This makes Canada a gulag!
Mr Christie reminded us that in Canada, we have the paradox that people in a court are asked to swear on the Bible that they are telling the truth, then they are told that "truth is no defence" in proceedings before the Commission -- truth has no relevance! Canada has descended to the level of a Third World country.
The truth is that Germans were not the only villains during World War II. Three million German women were raped. Bombing raids and phosphorous rained down on Germany. Allied war criminals walk free and only Germans can be prosecuted. Once condemned by the media, you can't be redeemed. According to Doug Christie, those characterised as "anti-Semites", "racists", and "hatemongers" cannot hold meetings in Canada. They can't even hold a meeting to defend themselves against these charges.
No "voice of dissent" over these proceedingsfrom the Canadian government, not even invoking the "Charter of Rights" declared in 1992. Members of Parliament make sure of protecting politically correct views. Although the Zündelsite is in the United States, the Canadian Human Rights Commission assumes it to be actually under Zündel's control.
Ingrid Rimland was summoned to appear, and demonstrated that the Zündelsite was strictly under US management. She just named it the "Zündelsite".

Mr Paul Fromm
Mr Fromm's video presentation did not arrive on time for screening and so he was contacted by phone link, and talked on Free Speech Under Attack In Cuba Del Norte (Canada).
Paul Fromm had been a teacher for 34 years. The Committee for Human Rights of the Anti Defamation Commission of B'nai B'rith wanted to fire Paul Fromm because he criticised the "open door policy" of immigration. Attempts were made to remove Christmas from celebration in schools. In 1996 Fromm organized a free speech seminar and backed Olivera in the U.S. The Board of Education said that Fromm showed disrespect for the core values of education and in 1997 he was sacked although he had not promoted revisionist works in school time.
Paul Fromm is a member of the Canadian Association for Free Expression and has been defending free speech for years, including that of Ernst Zündel.

Dr Ingrid Rimland
The webmaster of the Zündelsite, appeared in a video on My Wandering Years. Dr Rimland had written a book, The Wanderers, and she explained to Ernst Zündel on video, that it was an autobiographical life of her grandmother in fictional form. Then it followed Ingrid's life in South America. Her family arrived in Paraguay as displaced persons, as part of a Mennonite community from Ukraine.
Despite the conventional blackening of Hitler's name she commented that Hitler had allowed the Mennonites to escape persecution and to help racial pride. In Ukraine, they were persecuted under Russian control, but when the Germans came they stopped the persecution. Ukrainian refugees eventually made their way to South America They survived there and preserved Mennonite values. Dr Rimland has learned English as her sixth language and she began university education late in life.

Dr Charles Weber
A phone link was established and he spoke on 15 Years Later -- A Reassessment. In 1983, Weber published The Holocaust: 120 Questions and Answers, and now tried to put it into proper perspective.
Since then, in 1985, he had testified at Zündel's trial, and noticed some important new books coming on the market, for example, Deborah Lipstadt Denying The Holocaust; John Sack's An Eye For An Eye; John Ball's Air Photo Evidence; Daniel Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners. With the opening of the Russian archives new vistas were exposed but, said Dr Weber, The Holocaust: 120 Questions and Answers was still basically valid, though it had been supplemented by new approaches.

Mr John Ball
The Canadian air photo expert and compiler of The Ball Report, left that morning for a holiday and could therefore not address the symposium. In a statement, read put by Dr Töben, he directed interested persons to his website where all the details of his argument are set out. In essence, The Ball Report is based on photos of Auschwitz taken during World War II, which fail to show evidence of smoking chimneys from "gassings".

Mr Jürgen Graf
The title of Mr Graf's second talk was changed from The Swiss Gold Report to Assault On A Nation, wherein he remarked that the accusations against Switzerland are a primitive swindle. He claimed that organised Jewry has always obscured the real issues and that the Swiss gold hoax routine started in 1995.
Ruth Dreyfus, an ardent Zionist, wrote that during World War II, the Swiss government knew that Jewish funds were still in Swiss Banks. But if this was true, Mr Graf mused, why wait until 1995 to alert people? Although a pro-Zionist media gave her support, nevertheless only about US$7 million in funds have been found to date, merely 0.1% of the sum claimed.
Mr Graf told how a Rumanian-born Jewess claimed that her family escaped from concentration camps and then they went to Budapest. All important family documents were lost -- there was no proof of claims and she did not know the name of the bank or the account number where funds were allegedly stored. Nevertheless, in 1996, Gisela Weisshaus sued Swiss Banks. During World War II, the German Reich depended on imports, payments being in either gold or Swiss francs. In 1942 the demand for francs increased. National banks of exporting countries used Swiss francs, so gold was "laundered", The "robbed gold" was sent to Switzerland. There was nothing immoral about Swiss banks trading during the war because they simply wanted to survive.
It was claimed that 33,000 Jews were prevented from going to Switzerland and were sent to their deaths. But the number of Jews was lower than claimed, the real figure being 10,000 or less. Mr Graf strongly asserted the allegation that the Jews were all sent to their deaths, was rubbish. An attempt was made to associate the gold with murdered Jews even if it had nothing to do with them. To create confusion is part of the strategy of organised Jewry to facilitate the destruction of the Swiss banking system.
Mr Graf then mentioned a July 31,1997 newspaper article, "The superpower US will not tolerate refusal of European unity". This helps explain the real motive of the gold hoax: the aim is to eliminate Switzerland as a financial power. The Swiss economy is a thorn in the side of the US Switzerland wants freedom, not absorption into The New World Order. It is not a member of NATO. However, continued Mr Graf, The New World Order functionaries want a single centralized state, the European Union. By branding Switzerland as a Nazi collaborator, it is being intimidated to abandon independence.
As part of the strategy, the Swiss government was pushed to establish anti-racism laws, ostensibly to protect foreigners, in reality to shield Jews from criticism. The Swiss anti-racist legislation is broad in scope and contains many undefined terms. In 1997 there was an avalanche of trials against those who "offended the Jews."

Mr Peter Richards
Australian educator, spoke on The Betrayal Of German Intellectualism wherein he remarked that he came to revisionism by accident when he was asked to speak on "Holocaust Studies", and he gave details of correspondence with the German ambassador in Australia enquiring about the existence of laws in Germany against querying the Holocaust.
He cited an article in The Scientific American, September, 1997, which talked about how memories could be created -- as in False Memory Syndrome. Research showed that false memories could be created by combining actual memories with suggestions by others.
The research on 20,000 individuals, reported in 1997, shows that exposure to others' influence creates memory distortions. Distortions happen when one is suggestively interrogated or reviewed for media coverage. Susceptibility is enhanced where the passage of time allows memory to fade and other events that did not happen can be substituted. Mr Richards said that some of this memory distortion occurred to help create false memories among Holocaust "survivors."

Mr Germar Rudolf
Industrial chemist and author of The Rudolf Report, and currently in exile because a sick German judiciary wishes to imprison him, Mr Rudolf submitted a most interesting paper: Some considerations about the "Gas Chambers" of Auschwitz and Birkenau. He then spoke by phone link, saying that Richard Green's attempt to refute his Rudolf Report fails. He claimed that the Prussian blue effect on the walls on the delousing chambers would remain bonded to concrete and it would not decay with time.

[Update: 13 September 1998: From: [email protected]:
The Rudolf Report has been cleared by the Swiss courts as a scientific text.
Writer René-Louis Berclaz (of Route des Misets 110, CH-1918 Châtel-St.Denis, Switzerland) was prosecuted at the instance of the organisation LICRA (Ligue Internationale conte le Racisme et l'Antisémitisme, the European counterpart to the New-York based ADL) for "racial discrimination". Reason: Berclaz had circulated the French-language edition of The Rudolf Report which demonstrates that the installations passed off as "gas chambers" at Auschwitz could not have been homicidal gas chambers.
When Berclaz asked the court to produce a rebuttal to the Rudolf Report, the examining magistrate Jean Pierre Schröter of the Third District Court ("3e Ressort de la Veveyse", Avenue de la Gare, CH-1618 Châtel-St.Denis) appointed professor of chemistry Dr. Henri Ramuz (of Rheinparkstrasse 3/8, CH-4127 Birsfelden) to assess the disputed document. Dr. Ramuz, who submitted his affidavit to the court on May 18, concluded that the Rudolf Report had to be described "as scientifically correct."
On September 9 the court reconvened at Châtel-St.Denis. Under the chairmanship of Judge Jean Pierre Schröter the four-judge panel handed down its judgement: The accused René-Louis Berclaz is acquitted of the charge of racial discrimination in connection with the circulation of the Rudolf Report.
Berclaz was however given a four month suspended prison sentence because in his private newsletter he had printed an incomplete quotation from Das jüdische Paradox, Athenäum, Frankfurt 1988, p. 77, by the late Nahum Goldmann, President of the World Jewish Congress:
"I'm scarcely exaggerating. Jewish life consists of two things. Getting money, and whining." Berclaz omitted the words, "I'm scarcely exaggerating," and this was held to be punishable as it distorted the meaning.
LICRA has informed the press that it will not be appealing the judgement as it is satisfied with it. Evidently it shies away from any kind of scientific debate on the Rudolf Report before the courts.
Germar Rudolf advised on 14 September: "The expert in charge of preparing his report about my report wrote a handwritten 1 1/2 page letter to the judge stating that the chemical part contains no obvious mistakes and appears to be scientific, but no thorough analysis was made. Apparently that expert did not dare to get involved too deeply in this subject in order to avoid trouble for himself. I shall publish the whole lot in 1/99, Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung, Postbus 60, B-Berchem 2, Belgium.
NB: The publisher of the above magazine, Mr Herbert Verbeke, also faces court action for having published in Belgium Antwort Auf Die Goldhagen-Und Spielberglügen. Mr Ignatz Bubis (the Jeremy Jones of German Jewry) lodged the complaint and Oberstaatsanwalt, Mr Klein, is now pursuing his brother, Mr Siegfried Verbeke, for alleged Volksverhetzung -- sedition.]

Mr Ahmed Rami
Founder of Radio Islam, talked on Historical Revisionism From Radio Islam's Point-Of-View by phone link. He remarked that he started Radio Islam in 1987 and since had dealt with Palestine and Jewish propaganda. He noted this must not be questioned -- only critics were accused of "racism." Ironically, he said, Israel is anti-Semitic because it persecutes Semitic Palestinians.

Dr Serge Thion
French Revisionist, was connected by phone link to explain The
Way The Simon Wiesenthal Center In Los Angeles and The US Holocaust Memorial Museum Are Trying To Prove The Holocaust Happened After All
Dr Thion visited the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles where they forbid people to take pictures or to record what they see. You are asked to talk to fictional characters: it is pure invention. The museums invent dialogue. They use the Nazi Wannsee Conference document in an attempt to prove that a Jewish extermination program existed, and a reconstruction of a "gas chamber" is contradicted by evidence -- including that demonstrated by Dr Töben at Auschwitz.

Mr Andreas Röhler
The editor of Sleipnir, a magazine that critically looks at Germany's historical and political landscape, could not be contacted. He is constantly before court in Berlin -- but to date has avoided a prison sentence, though the police regularly confiscate his computer and other working tools.

Dr Ingrid Weckert
Although not listed in the program it was intended to talk to the author of the 1981 published book about "the night of broken glass": Feuerzeichen., Dr Weckert could not be contacted, but this was not because she had just been fined by a Berlin court for having written an article for Sleipnir, "Zweimal Dachau" (Twice Dachau). She compares diary entries of two inmates: Arthur Haulot, a Belgian PoW during the war and Gert Naumann, a German soldier interned at Dachau after the war. The Berlin public prosecutor found that Weckert's writing was "Volksverhetzung" (sedition) and duly convicted her to pay a fine of DM3.200,- Interestingly, as early as 1984 and 1985, both Naumann and Haulot had their diaries published.

Mr Frank Swoboda
This Austrian revisionist was contacted by phone link. In 1995-6 he wrote books which are not well known internationally, and were only written in German. The German authorities had seized the text and put him in prison. He appealed to the High Court against his sentence, and was freed on condition that he not publicly make any comments about such matters in Austria.

Mr Wolfgang Fröhlich
The Austrian chemical engineer who gave evidence at the 16 July 1998 Graf trial in Baden, Switzerland -- stating that the homicidal gas chambers are a technical impossibility -- was not contactable by phone link

Mr Emil Lachout
This Austrian engineer has in his possession a copy of a document which clearly states that no gas chambers existed on German territory during World War II. His comments were made in German, but a commentary in English is available. He was one of Ernst Zündel's witnesses during the "false news" trials in Toronto, Canada. For his witness he has been hounded by the Austrian authorities -- including threats of having him mentally certified. Fortunately he has a judgement from the European Court of Justice in his favour which condemns the Austrian government for its treatment of Lachout.

Mr David Brockschmidt
S.A. Associate of the Adelaide Institute gave a talk on Schindler's List And All That. Mr Brockschmidt said that his father had known Oscar Schindler and had been instrumental in saving the lives of Jews, but had been given no credit in the making of Spielberg's film Schindler's List. Tom Keneally, author of Schindler's Ark was the inspiration for the film, but the title was changed to Schindler's List.
Keneally made a lot of money out of writing the book, and Spielberg made $US1 billion out of "Holocaust Park" as Brockschmidt dubs the film version of Keneally's book. Spielberg interviewed Emily Schindler, Oscar Schindler's wife, who knew the real story, but he distorted it. In the film, Jewish women went to Auschwitz, and Oscar paid for Jewish women to be freed from there but Schindler was never in Auschwitz. Emily Schindler described the film as "lies" and her husband as "an arsehole".
When Emily Schindler's book, Memories, was released, it seemed the truth might emerge, but it was in fact a whitewash job. Emily now had a life interest to stay in a place owned by the B'nai B'rith Commission, and had $50,000 donated to her by Spielberg, so we may well assume she now protects her beneficiaries by saying that her husband was a good guy and commending the film. Spielberg wanted an "Oscar", so history had to be changed to fit.

Professor Arthur Butz
In closing the symposium Professor Butz remarked that apostasy was rare among revisionists but it did exist, recent examples being David Cole, and Fred Leuchter, who succumbed under pressure. He said that there was more pressure on a Jew than on a "goy" to recant.
Much of Holocaustomania is a reaction to revisionism. The Holocaust hoax is ending the twentieth century. "Entrenched hokum" is endorsed by the mass media and subject to legal protection. There is also a refusal to conduct academic debate on the subject, and attempts to make revisionists seem crackpots.
The speed with which revisionism was publicised on the Internet astonished Butz. Most major revisionists, except Faurisson, are on the Internet. Professor Butz doesn't believe victory against the Exterminationists is assured, because it has become a religious thing. The present system is volatile -- who knows what will happen?
Dr Fredrick Töben wound up the conference and Mr Michael Mazur, Victorian Associate of the Adelaide Institute, pledged financially to assist Australia's first revisionist conference which then concluded. Most participants adjourned for dinner at the Arkaba Hotel where final farewells were said.
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