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The Ancestors of present-day Holocaust revisionism


We intend to display here important texts which have led to the existence of Holocaust Revisionism as it is today. This does not mean, of cours, that we espouse every single word or sentence which has been uttered in this long, apparently endless controversy. Every author has his own responsability. But many documents are difficult to find and we believe that the reader has the right, in good faith or not, to gain some understanding of the background and the past battles to establish points of views.

One of the most disseminated document has been the pamphlet, Did Six Millions Die ? written by an English academic, under the name of Richard E. Harwood, a pen-name. We intend to display this document in due time.

It Canada, it came to be the origin of the Zündel trials (1985 and 1988) which had an immense influence of the development of revisionism, in North America and in other areas.

We are pleased to display the unfortunate performance given by the greatest anti-revisionist writer, Raul Hilberg, at the first Zündel Trial.

Other parts will follow.

Other documents are equally important, for instance the writing of a French author, Paul Rassinier.

We have the 1948 book by Maurice Bardèche, Nuremberg ou la Terre promise, in French.

One of the first Holocaust revisionist tracts to be written in English appeared in 1969 with no signature. His author was later identified with

David HOGGAN, The Myth of the Six Million, now on line. (June 2001)

The present-day Holocaust Revisionism is a large river with several sources. One of the main source originates in the World War I debunking of the official Allied explanations. Several scholars, examining the archives of the war, discovered that many evnts had been concealed or distorted for the sake of war propaganda and the need to mobilize puiblioc opinions. This has been the start of the real modern Revisionism. In France, the foremost critique of the war accounts was Jean Norton Cru and his mammoth book called Témoins ("Witnesses"). In the USA a group of scholars reconstructed the real diplomatic history of the events which had led to the gigantic massacre. One of them was a historian called Harry Elmer Barnes. he had his PhD in 1918 and published Genesis of the World War in the twenties. He explains all this much better in:

Revisionism and the Promotion of Peace (1958) He explains, long before the promotion of Jewish centrality in the new historical version now avaliable, that Revisionism has been rjected by powerful interests linked to the imperial expansion of the US power. this article telle everything we want to know to understand the repression against a perfectly legitimate intgellectual pursuit.


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We see the act of displaying a written document on Internet as the equivalent to displaying it on the shelves of a public library. It costs us a modicum of labor and money. The only benefit accrues to the reader who, we surmise, thinks by himself. A reader looks for a document on the Web at his or her own risks. As for the author, there is no reason to suppose that he or she shares any responsibilty for other writings displayed on this Site. Because laws enforcing a specific censorship on some historical question apply in various countries (Germany, France, Israel, Switzerland, Canada, and others) we do not ask their permission from authors living in thoses places: they wouldn't have the freedom to consent.
We believe we are protected by the Human Rights Charter:

ARTICLE 19. <Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.>The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948, in Paris.
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