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THE HOFFMAN WIRE Oct. 10, 1999 Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

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Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak described Jorg Haider's Freedom Party election result as a ``red light to all free world societies. All free world countries should join hands to make sure that ultra-right wing, sometimes neo-Nazi parties will not come to power, will not share power in modern democracies,'' he told the Reuters news agency on Oct. 6. Isn't it interesting that the Israeli leader, who is himself an assassin and torturer who ordered dozens of Palestinians shot to death when he was Army chief of staff during riots in the wake of Goldstein's massacre at the Mosque, as documented in a video of that name, now presumes to lecture the "democracies" on what they must not tolerate? The great haven for "ultra-right wing, anti-foreigner" ideology is in the Israeli state where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been forcibly expelled, mostly to Jordan, and where tens of thousands have been slaughtered, since 1948. How is it that murderers and torturers of Palestinians, presume to lecture Austrians and the "free world" on who may or may not win democratic elections? We also have in this case the familiar spectacle of media-parroting, wherein the ancient fact that Haider "once praised Hitler's employment policies and described Waffen SS veterans as 'decent men of character," becomes his distinguishing characteristic. No other aspect of his complex platform is conveyed to Americans. All that Haider has written and spoken on other substantive issues is omitted. What counts is that years ago, he made the two preceding remarks for which he will be forever branded as a Hitlerian fiend. Journalist Donald McNeil Jr.observes this simplistic reductionism in action: "One American TV report on the 27 percent showing by Jorg Haider's right-wing Freedom Party...worked in old clips of goose-stepping soldiers and a fulminating Hitler (against a backdrop of a Freedom Party leader speaking)....In fact, the speaker was criticizing the gap between the pay of Austrian bank presidents and working stiffs." As a former reporter for the Associated Press, I know this skeletons-in-the-closet tactic well. It is used against Louis Farrakhan and many others whom the ruling class wishes to destroy. Fourteen years ago Farrakhan termed Judaism a "gutter religion" and for 15 years his every major appearance has been confronted by that phrase, repeated in almost any newspaper or TV account of his activities. When Jesse Jackson forgets his role as System Stepin' Fetchit and challenges Jewish power, the media begin to revive references to the offhand "Hymietown" remark he whispered aboard an airplane fifteen years ago. And so it goes, but only for the rebels. Establishment yes-men and hit-men get very different treatment. Martin Scorcese, the Hollywood director who made the Talmudic film, "The Last Temptation of Christ" is never described in terms of having "directed a virulently anti-Christian movie." Scorcese is "a distinguished film-maker" and his movie, which portrays the Christian savior as a demented sex pervert and coward, is not used as media shorthand for his career. Prominent Israeli politician Rafael Eitan, the former Armed Forces chief of staff, is never reported as having referred to Palestinians as "cockroaches scurrying in a bottle." Menachem Begin, of the Fascist-terrorist Irgun and lately Israeli Prime Minister and "Nobel Peace Prize" winner, was never referred to as the man who likened Palestinians to "two-legged animals." If you are a threat to the System's apple cart they'll dredge up your momentary foibles and pecadillos from long ago, in perpetuity. But if you're one of the boys, then racism and hatred toward unapproved minorities, such as the Palestinians, or the memory of the man the Jewish Orthodox continue to execrate, Jesus Christ, will be permanently consigned to the memory hole. But there's a silver lining in what the media moguls don't seem to appreciate--that to be castigated by them, and in particular by obnoxious, whining rabbis and Israeli politicians with Count Dracula accents, often increases a defiant rebel's popularity among the silent majority of his constituency. The old suppression tactics don't work anymore. They're too transparent. When even the most fundamental attempts to salvage Europe from extinction, or gain equal rights for working class whites in America, are met by torrents of hysterical denunciation, the public begins to grow bored and jaded by these perverse appeals to hate the "haters." At the dawn of a new millennium, it's a lose-lose proposition for the System whenever someone like Jorg Haider mobilizes the popular will of a downtrodden people.

Michael A. Hoffman II

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