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We compile here articles written by Professor Faurisson which are available in an English translation. But of course, when possible, go and see the original version in our French section, at: 

Archive Faurisson

DISCLAIMER We display the texts written by Prof. Faurisson, as well as texts written by other revisionist authors from France, Germany, Switzerland, and other countries, without permission from the writers. The reason runs as follows: the basic rights being presently ignored in those countries, the authors are not free to consent. In thoses cases, might is right. We are duty-bound to fulfill the obligations of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


17 November 2005, The UN decides a Universal Ban on Revisionism

9 November 2005, Zionist Power stems from the West's belief in the 'Holocaust' Myth

16 October 2005, The Beatification of Mgr. von Galen

1st September 2005 - The Image of the Jews amongst the French : Towards a Deterioration ?

5 June 2005 - Ten Years Ago, Jean-Claude Pressac's Capitulation

2 May 2005, Foreword to the French Edition of Bradley Smith's Break His Bones

19 August 2004, Once more, Hoffman vs. Faurisson

6 September 2004, Fritjof Meyer withdraws from the public debate

22 November 2004, Daniel Barenboim as Pharisee

19 December 2004, Jewish Organizations behind Al Manar Ban in France (Tehran Times)

11 May 2003, The Revisionist Method Applied to the History of World War III

23 June 2003, Engineer Frölich arrested in Vienna

12 October 2003, Treblinka : An Exceptional Guide

20 November 2003, To Michael Hoffman about Horst Mahler's initiative

22 December 2003, Reply to Mark Weber

22 June 2002 - Interview given to Phil Sanchez in Irvine, Calif.

October 2002 - Presentation of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (French edition)

8 October 2001 - An imaginary Holocaust May Lead to a Real Holocaust

31 March 2001 -- The Leaders of the Arab States should Quit their Silence
on the Imposture of the "Holocaust". This is the full text of the undelivered paper given to the banned conference. Read it and you'll know why.

27 March 2001 -- Beirut, the Impossible Revisionist Conference. Banned under pressure.

25 January 2001 -- Le Monde, a newspaper with a bias, reviews a photographic exhibition pn the camps. The bias shows again.

20 January 2001 -- An Unexpected Tribute to Revisionism. On a phoyo exhibit in Paris.

15 December 2000 -- Mr Death, a film by Errol Morris about Fred Leuchter.

14 December 2000 -- In Lyon, Fierce campaign against Jean-Paul Allard. A professor is threatened because he sat on the jury of an alleged revisionist thesis 20 years ago !!!

10 December 2000 -- In Switzerland and in France, open calls to kill Revisionists.

30 October 2000 -- Against the Revisionists, Argumentation ad hominem (Nicholas Fraser, Adrien Le Bihan, Pierre Vidal-Naquet). Instead of discussing ideas, they slander the man.

June 2000 -- Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine? Preface to the Italian edition. This is a rejoinder to the famous 1980 study of Anne Frank's Diary. Evaluates the so-called "scholarly" edition produced in the Netherlands. We have added a comment on the judgement delivered by the Amsterdam Court on 27 April 2000.

19 June 2000 -- Reply to Fredrick Töben on the subject of Charles Provan. Mr Provan has entertained the naive idea that he had found THE "holes" on the roof of Krema 2 in Auschwitz.

5 May 2000 -- Valérie Igounet: Histoire du négationnisme en France. Short review of a politically very correct book on the supposed history of what they call "denyerism".

30 March 2000 -- The Mufti has spoken. Some news.

19 January 2000 -- David Irving, at the moment. At the very beginning of the famous Irving vs. Lipsatd trial in London.

5 December 1999 -- Peter Longerich is a Forger. The so-called expert at the Irving Trial takes its place in a long line of Wannsee Protocol forgers.

14 November 1999 -- My friend Frederick Toben. With a letter to Toben's attorney in Germany.

12 November 1999 -- The Active Revisionism of Jean-Gabriel Cohn-Bendit. Some people attempt to "whitewash" our former ally...

5 October 1999 -- After Kurt Waldheim and Franjo Tudjman, Hugo Chávez? How many revisionist heads of state ?

19 July 1999 -- In the Offing: a "Ministry of Defence against Revisionism" .

25 June 1999 -- No light, no smoke, no stench, no holes: no "Holocaust"!

30 May 1999 -- In Lyon, the Plantin Affair. Persecution by prosecution of a young historian, turned writer and publisher.

May 1999 -- Elie Wiesel, one more lie. Lies are piling up like a Himalaya.

5 March 1999 -- A Revisionist Monograph on Majdanek. A harsh critique of a book written by fellow revisionists Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno. A polemics ensued in the German language quarterly Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtforschung, mainly in German.

3 March 1999 -- My answers to Shawn Johnson and her classmates. For schoolchildren.

January 1999 -- Affirmation, not Denial. A short reminder.

January 1999 -- Genocide By Telepathy, Hilberg Explains. Take any author: look at the way he or she explains how the decision of the "genocide" was taken. What a circus! (a piece written in 1988).

January 1999 -- Revisionist Publications around the World.

15 January 1999 -- Press release on Plantin araignment by the Thought Police of Lyons.

7 December 1998 -- On Albert Paraz's Preface to Le Mensonge d'Ulysse
by Paul Rassinier
(1950). This preface was later withdrawn by Rassiner who explained why.

30 November 1998 -- Introduction to Ecrits révsionnistes (1974-1998), a long analysis of revisionism as it stands to-day. An overview by the author. In two parts: [ 1 ] and [ 2 ]

22 November 1998 -- In Memoriam. Introductory note to the Collected Papers, vol. I.

4 November 1998 -- Six questions to John Paul II about Edith Stein. On what bassis does the Vatican say what it says ?

20 October 1998 -- Worse than Le Pen, the Revisionists Churchill, Eisenhower, and de Gaulle. They did not talk about "them".

15 October 1998 -- Vichy Government was recognized by more than forty countries, including USA and USSR.

7 October 1998 -- Ah, how sweet it is to be Jewish...!

30 September 1998 -- Our millenial struggle. Comment on a projected revisionist manifesto by Ingrid Rimland.

12 August 1998 -- Much "Holocaust" but no History: The failure of Rabbi Berenbaum. A 851-p. book fails to meet the required standard of historical truth.

19 July 1998 -- Vichy, France, a video for the revisionist conference in Adelaide, South Australia.

July 1998 -- JUST WHO IS ROBERT FAURISSON ? by S. Mundi, followed by a revised version of interviews given in 1982-84 by R. Faurisson to Bradley Smith.

1st June 1998 -- Questions to UNESCO about Auschwitz as "Memorial"...

8 June 1998 -- There is no Zündelmania. Reply to a Toronto newspaper.

16 June 1998 -- Discovery and "Rediscovery" How scientific discoveries are sometimes forgotten and allegedly rediscovered by later scholars

14 May 1998 -- Australia is not for Everyone. Draconian measures to prevent revisionists to set foot in this "free " country.

5 April 1998 -- The Papon Trial. In the way the trial was contucted by Papon's lawyer; the defense was doomed to fail. They did not dare to use their only weapon.

26 January 1998 -- The "Gas Chamber" of Auschwitz I. Account of a surprising press article on a visit to Auschwitz.

January 1998 -- Response to Jeremy Jones, the one in charge of persecuting the Adelaide Instituite in Australia. Bad Faith inc.

20 december 1997 -- The Detail. Why did the great Allied actors of WWII not speak about the gas chambers ?

8 October 1997 -- Samuel Crowell and his air-raid shelter door argument. A vivid discussion amongs revisionists. Still going on.

9 August 1997 -- Maurice Papon and Yves Jouffa: A Double Standard? This paper led to an aborted suit for libel.

7 July 1997 -- Fax to Michael Shermer, a professional distortionist.

16 January 1997 -- The Horned Visions of the "Holocaust". What they want us to believe. This is unbelievable!

30 September 1996 -- A KGB novelist: Gerald Fleming. A stange British historian, indulging in ideological reconstruction.

3 September 1996 -- No Evidence for the Nazi Gas Chambers, 1996,

1st Sept. 1996 -- The Garaudy/Abbe Pierre Affair

27 June 1996 -- A Victory for the Revisionists? Comments on the press coverage.

18 June 1996 -- Two papers on the Notin Affair, one more scandal in the French repressive acts; one is dated 1990and the second one June 1996. Right now, in 2001, the situation is bogged.

2 May 1996 -- A "tremendous victory" for the revisionist cause. Admissions by a well-known writer.

March 1996 -- Jewish Militants: Fifteen Years, and More, of Terrorism in France. An overview, ca e by case.

2-3 September 1996 -- An Orthodox Historian Finally Acknowledges: There is No Evidence for Nazi Gas Chambers. This devastating piece has been written by a fierce opponent to Holocaust revisionism.

20 December 1995 -- Advice. Two pieces of news conforting Faurisson's approach.

13 June 1995 -- Result of my Trial. Thank you Mr Jerry Lewis Pressac!

12 June 1995 -- On David Cole. The nature of a liar.

31 March 1995 -- My Comment on an open letter from Michael Shermer

20 February 1995 -- Fax to the Mainichi Daily News.

12 February 1995 -- Three faxes to Bradley Smith on the visit paid by David Cole and a party to the Struthof concentration camp in France.

30 January 1995 -- Revisionist news from France (and Japan).

22 October 1994 -- Prof. Faurisson visits the US Holocaust Memorial Museum for the first time. He meets Berenbaum, the head of this monster, who says: "the decision has been made not to give any physical representation of the Nazi gas chambers".

5 October 1994 -- Letter to Christopher Hitchens. After a dinner in Washington, recounted by the known chronicler, Faurisson sets the record straight.

23 September 1994 -- Preface to Grundlagen. (See 10 Nov; 93)

15 January 1994 -- Letter to the editor (North Shore News). On Hoess.

13 December 1993: My Comment on Mr. Berg's article. Berge had found F's challenge a "pure fantasy". Nope! Here comes the backlash.

3 December 1993 -- Faurisson waiting for the "exterminationists". A letter to a Canadian editor.

3 December 1993 -- Jean-Claude Pressac's New Auschwitz Book. A first quick appraisal.

10 November 1993 -- Witnesses to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Faurisson's contribution to a very important book, now in English under the title "Dissecting the Holocaust". More information on this book on <>

October 1993 -- 9310XX The Adventure of Revisionism.

13 September 1993 -- A Critical Look at the Holocaust (shoah-business). Several quotes on the way to the origin of the barb: there is no business like Shoah-business.

July 1993 -- The US Holocaust Memorial Museum: A Challenge. Right at the timeof the opening, the Museum is acidly tested and fail to pass the exam of authenticity.

18 June 1993 -- Letter to Dr Alfred Lilienthal.

22 May 1993 -- Impossible conference in Stockholm. The threats of Jewish gangs made the holding of this talk a hazardous event.

May 1993 -- Lecture about a book by Peter Englund, a poor book, quite typical of what we usually read.

9 January 1993 -- Letter to Bradley Smith and David Cole, about the Auschwitz-I 'gas chamber'.

December 1992 -- transcript from a video shot in Stockholm.

14 December 1992 -- Transcript of the recording of a talk given in Stockholm on December 4th, 1992. Revised version.

August 1992 -- Foreword to Did Six Million Really Die - Report of the Evidence in the Canadian "False News" Trial of Ernest Zundel - 1988, edited by Barbara Kulaszka. This book is the account of the 1988 Zundel trial in Toronto (Absurdistan).

17 March 1992 -- My challenge to the Swedish medias: Show Me or Draw Me a Nazi Gas Chamber! The Stockholm appeal. No answer.

18 January 1992 -- Fax to Ernest Zündel. On the good use of "Wannsee".

21 June 1991 -- About the jailing of Ahmed Rami. For the first time, Faurisson addresses Arab and Moslem audience.

April 1991 -- Interview 2 to Radio-Islam.

14 April 1991 -- Interview to Radio-Islam. Some basic questions.

March 1991 -- A Request for Additional Information on the Myth of the 'Gassing' of the Serbs in the First World War. Probably, there lies the origin of the myth of the mass gassings.

March 1991 -- Auschwitz: Technique & Operation of the Gas Chambers
Or, Improvised Gas Chambers
& Casual Gassings at Auschwitz & Birkenau,
According to J.-C. Pressac (1989). This is the expected review of Pressac secret book. The author has no pity.

Part I and Part II.

1991 -- Preface to a reprint of a book on the poet Arthur Rimbaud. The other face of Robert Faurisson.

February 1991 -- A Dry Chronicle of the Purge. Summary Executions in Certain Communes of Charente Limousine. A fieldwork inquiry on how the purges were conducted after the Liberation by the Allies.

28 June 1989 -- Letter to Deborah Lipstadt. After she visited the author in Vichy.

24 May 1989 -- Review of Arno Mayer's book, Why did the Heavens not Darken ?

12 April 1988 -- R. Faurisson at the Zundel Trial in Toronto, 1988 /1

13 April 1988 -- R. Faurisson at the Zundel Trial in Toronto, 1988 /2

14 April 1988 -- R. Faurisson at the Zundel Trial in Toronto, 1988 /3

18 April 1988 -- R. Faurisson at the Zundel Trial in Toronto, 1988 /4

4 March 1987 -- How Historian Gilbert Falsifies and Invents. One of the numerous cases of torture inflicted on Gerstein's confession.

23 April 1988 -- Foreword to the Leuchter Report. A historical landmark.

1986 -- The Self -Destruction of Raul Hilberg.

December 1986 -- How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss. Whip and alcohol, this is a way to prepare a "witness".

17 October 1986 -- A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel. A leaflet which has haunted the falsifier Wiesel.

March 1986 -- Response to a Paper Historian. A magnificent destruction of a hollow maverick historian, Pierre Vidal-Naquet. 17 October 1986

March 1986 -- « Aktion Reinhardt» A technical point.

1984 -- Bradley R. Smith interviews Robert Faurisson. Probably as close as possible to something we could call an autobiography. (Revised 1998)

1984 -- A Revised Preface to Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence. Hommage to Judge Wilhelm Stäglich.

Winter 1984 -- A Challenge to David Irving. This edition has been cut. Refer to the French complete document for verification, listed at the bottom.

Summer 1982 -- Is The Diary of Anne Frank genuine? A devastating analysis. The myth is now crippled.

Winter 1981 -- The Gas Chambers: Truth or Lie?
Questions by Antonio Pitamitz To Robert Faurisson (Storia Illustrata, August 1979). Watch for the footnotes, a documentaru treasure. Summer 1982

Winter 1981 -- The Gas Chambers of Auschwitz Appear to be Physically Inconceivable.

March 1981 -- Confessions of SS Men in Auschwitz.

July 1980 -- The problem of the 'gas chambers'. The very first breakthrough paper writen by this author.

Spring 1980 -- The Mechanics of Gassing 

30 Nov. 1979 -- Letter to the New Statesman (reply to an article by Gitta Sereny). Spring 1980

1978May 1978 -- "Majdanek-Prozess" in Düsseldorf.

1978-1979 -- Three Letters from Professor Faurisson to Le Monde (1978-1979). Presentation by S. Mundi. These articles triggered a gigantic explosion, the fall out of which is still effective.

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