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In Lyon, Fierce campaign against Jean-Paul Allard

Robert Faurisson

14 December 2000

The Lyon press is resounding with a campaign launched by, among others, the Jewish lobby and the Ligue des droits de l'homme (presided by the Jew Michel Tubiana) against Jean-Paul Allard, professor at the University of Lyon III. At 58 and two years from retirement, this academic finds himself rebuked for having in the past shown revisionist sympathies by presiding over Henri Roques's viva in defence of a doctoral thesis on the Kurt Gerstein "confessions" (15 June 1985). In 1996, he was also taken to task for having directed, in the confines of that university, the Institut d'études indo-européennes, said to be an "ideological laboratory of the extreme-right". Under pressure from Jewish groups, the Roques doctorate was annulled in 1986 and the institute was dissolved in 1998.

From that time, J.-P. Allard had not made himself noticed. The new Allard affair is thus reopened today without any real new facts. According to the witch-hunters, the professor ought to be forbidden from teaching and from doing research, and his salary ought, as a consequence, to be cut. More generally, according to the same dispensers of justice, the University of Lyon III, just like the University of Lyon II, should "clean up" by proceeding to purge itself of the teachers and students who "sully" it.

These pressure groups vow that, if they are not quickly satisfied, they will carry out in the month of January 2001 "a series of public actions". Furthermore, they announce the publication of a complete list of local university professors to be excluded.


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