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 Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Robert Faurisson. We have today the 21st of June 1991. I am talking to you from France. First I would like to congratulate Ahmed Rami. You know that he is in jail. You know that, in spite he is in jail, he is still fighting for his ideas. And what he is actually doing now in jail is splendid, because it shows that even if you put someone in jail, you still cannot put his ideas in jail. I mean, that is now by fact what Ahmed Rami is demonstrating.

Now I would like to address myself very specially, for the first time, to arab people and moslem people. And specially to palestinian people. Let me tell you that in my research I am not at all interested in political ideas. But the fact is that, in doing my research about the question of, what I call, the big lie, the lie of the gas-chambers and the genocide, I discovered that that old matter (e g the alleged gas-chambers and the alleged genocide) had a very important political meaning today, in spite of whatever I might think about it. You see, you arab people, moslem people, palestinian people, you think that you have against you very powerful people and specially jews with money, with tanks, with planes, with missiles and so on ...But I think that the most important weapon that the jews have against you is the big lie of the Holocaust. As long as this lie will stay alive in Europe, in The United States, Canada etc , people will give money to the jews - tanks and planes and so on ... Please, try to understand that the question of the gas-chambers and the genocide is not a question of the past. Please, don't say, "I am not interested in what happened 50 years ago". Because, in fact, the lie of the Holocaust is a lie of today. It is not the past - it is the present time, the hot present time.

And about this lie, I would like to try to help you a little to understand it. Please, when the jews keep saying there were gas-chambers in Auschwitz or elsewhere, you have only one question to ask those people -- a very simple question which is: "Please, tell me what is a gas-chamber? What is it, materially? How could you use Zyklon B? How could you put it into a big room with 2000 people? How could thereafter open the door and take the bodies out? It is a material impossibility." You must know that Zyklon B was invented in 1917-20. It was used as a desinfectant, a very potent one. And it is still used today, but it sticks tight to surfaces, you cannot get rid of it so easily. So, if you had a big room with 2000 people in it, killed by Zyklon B, which is hydro-cyanic acid, you could not go into it, because this acid would be sticking to every wall, to the ceiling, to the bodies themselves. You would not even be able to touch the bodies because then you would die yourself.

One must not get confused and mix up a suicide by gas and the killing by gas. If you want to commit suicide with gas it is a rather easy thing -- but not with hydro-cyanic acid. But anyway, it is rather easy. If you want to execute someone with gas, it is extremely difficult. This is why the american gas-chambers in penitentiaries, to kill only one man, are extraordinarily complicated. So, what the jews keep saying about those gas-chambers, in Auschwitz, to kill 2000 people at a time -that is a stupid story! And everytime I say that, they argue: " ...but, this is not important if they where killed by gas or by something else." Now, this is really strange, because they insist on saying that gas was used as a specific weapon for a specific crime.

Now, let me tell you something. In my research, I discovered that the lie of the gas-chambers already was invented during World War I. At that time it was said, that the serbs were gassed by the germans, the austrians or the bulgarians. And, you see, during World War II the jews took this old lie, which was known in the twenties as a lie, they took it, they recycled it and they only changed serbs into jews. And they said the germans and the austrians have gassed jews!! It is an old, old lie!! It is trash, and I don't want to believe in such stupid things.

Now, you know, the victims of this big lie are not only arabs, moslem people and palestinian people. First of all, german people are the big victims of that lie. But now I think that they are beginning to realise that it is a lie, and we have to fight against it. We have to fight against the lie and the money, against the lie and the violence. We have to fight for truth, for freedom, for justice. Truth, freedom and justice for everyone - arabs, moslems, palestiniens, germans, europeans, americans or whoever it may be.

Thank you.

Taken from Radio-Islam website.

First displayed on aaargh: 17 April 2001.

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