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« Aktion Reinhardt»

Robert Faurisson


Even Uwe Dietrich Adam admits now that the name of "Reinhardt" does not come from the Christian name of Heydrich, which was "Reinhard" but from the name of Fritz Reinhardt. See : "der Staatssekretär Reinhardt im Finanzministerium war der Leiter der Finanzpolitischen Abteilung in der Reichsleitung" (IMG, XIII, p.104).

For Adam's admission, see : Uwe Dietrich Adam, "Les chambres à gaz", Colloque de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, L'Allemagne nazie et le génocide juif, Paris, Gallimard/Le Seuil, 1985, 607 p., p.259,n.70. This book is supposed to gather the conferences of the "Colloque de la Sorbonne", 29 June-2 July 1982 which was such a fiasco that the texts published in this book in 1985 have most of them nothing to do with the real conferences at the time. Adam and Vidal-Naquet, for instance, changed completely their texts. Adam says a.a.O. that he is preparing a monography about the "Aktion Reinhardt".

I wonder if he is going to treat the most well known document about this Aktion, document PS-4024, in a less scandalous way than did Major Elwyn Jones at the IMG.

In a part of this document Odilo Globocnik (27. Februar 1943) mentions 7 "Massnahmen zur Beruhigung der Fremdvölkischen bei der Umsiedlung" (p. 63-66). Jones reads the 6 first ones (p. 358-359), omits point 7 and says directly : "Auf den nächsten Seite finden wir..." He hides that the "Rückseite", just after point 6, had a point 7 which is most interesting  see :

The French text contains a scandalous mistake on page 348 where "Sklavenlager" is presented as a word coming from Globocnik  in reality, as the German text shows it, (p.&nbsp357) it comes from the Major's mouth. I wonder what the English text is like.

Ref. for what Major Elwyn Jones said : TMI, XX, p. 348-349 & IMG, XX, p. 357-359.

Addition in April 1986 : Mark Weber to whom I had sent this paper has made an investigation in Nazi Conspiration and Agression, Supplement A, p.&nbsp744-770 and noticed that point 7 was missing in that translation!


March 1986
See in the index of Ecrits révisionnistes, s. v., "action Reinhard" and "action Reinhardt".
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