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A "tremendous victory" for the revisionist cause

Robert Faurisson


2 May 1996

In this morning issue of the weekly L'Evénement du jeudi (Thursday's Event), Jean-François Kahn entitles his column: "How, with the abbé Pierre, one joins in Le Pen and Faurisson's play" (p. 12-13).

In his opinion, medias make too much fuss about the successes of those two men. "A real boulevard has been opened not only for Le Pen's henchmen but for those of the vile Faurisson", he said. He then added: "Facts are there: the revisionist, or negativist, cause has just achieved a tremendous victory" with the Roger Garaudy / abbé Pierre affair, which is nothing but a continuation of the never ending Faurisson affair since 1974 or 1978.

Joseph Sitruk, the Great Rabbi of France, had expressed the wish that a big confrontation of specialists on the reality of the Holocaust should take place. J.-F. Kahn wonders: "Could Faurisson and Le Pen have had greater hopes, even in their most delirious dreams?" (*)

He noticed that the important daily Le Figaro had published a reader's letter saying: "I knew the Shoah for being the scandal, the abomination of History, but what shall I answer to my son if he tells me that, since a law is necessary for people to believe in it, it is false?"

Finally, J.-F. Kahn laments the fact that Franjo Tudjman, the President of Croatia, has just been "repeating almost `negationist' opinions, and this without anyone caring for it".

This morning, on France-Inter, the first French radio channel, Ivan Levaï largely quoted that article of J.-F. Kahn.

(*) Henri Roques and I, we immediately delivered, separately, a press release saying that we were ready to take part into such a confrontation. But the Great Rabbi quickly changed his mind; he now claims that there should be no confrontation of specialists whatsoever on that matter.

In Ecrits..., IV, p. 1768-1769.
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