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More and more, we see critical reflexions on the Holocaust (as an image, as a tool for political benefit, as a mean of pressure for financial and political gains, and so on) and on Revisionism, as an infant discipline of critique in the historical field, its methods and aims, often suspected of concealed political agenda, or outright racism. Reflecting on it is like walking into a minefield. In some countries, it is forbidden by law! Think of that!

We are going to put here some contributions on these subjects coming from a variety of sources. It will not mean, of course, that we agree on all points. We just want to show that there is room for thinking. And time too.


Sam Schulman: The Holocaust-denial denial, (Jewish World review, 15 Feb. 2000)

Sam Schulman: Did Six Million Die for This? 'Holocaustology' May Create a New Form of Anti-Semitism (Jan 2000)

D. D. Guttenplan, The Holocaust on Trial, (Atlantic Monthly, Jan. 2000)

Gabriel Schoenfeld, Auschwitz and the Professors (Commentary, June 1998)

Ted O'Keefe, Karski, a Fake Witness (Nov. 1999)

David Cesarani, History on Trial, (The Guardian, Jan. 2000)

Kim Murphy, Danger in Denying Holocaust ? (Los Angeles Times, 7 Jan. 2000)

Allan C. Brownfeld, The Politicalization of the Holocaust: Examining the Uses and Abuse of Its Legacy (The Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs, 1998)

André Vornic, Is there a Holocaust "Industry"? (BBC, 26 Jan. 2000)

Blake Eskin, Holocaust Seekers (Forward, March 2000)
Holocaust is attracting falsifiers and gullible believers as bullshit is attracting flies.

Sam Shulman, Watch Out, Israel! The Holocaust is Coming to Get You! (July 25, 2000)

Michael Goldberg, The Holocaust Cult, 1995.


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