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The latest invention of the German authorities: "we have no political prisonners"

A reply by one of them:

Gerhard Lauck "There are no political prisoners in the Federal Republic..."

On August 24th I wrote my two attornies in Denmark regards certain irregularities with the terms of my extradition. I offered them my help to defend Danish freedom and to make the extradition of political dissidents (in violation of international law) more difficult in the future.

On August 25th an official informed me on orders from Mr. Hartmann that these letters had been hold back on the grounds that "there are no political prisoners in the Federal Republic". I found this claim " made to me of all people " rather strange and immediately requested a written confirmation.

On August 26th at 9:30 AM my room was searched by Hartmann and two other officials and various publications seized. Hartmann had me threatened with legal prosecution for (meanwhile) refferring to myself in another letter in Englisch to a U.S. citizen in America as a "political prisoner". He considered that a "repent offense". (Important: For years I have, in numerous letters, referred to myself as a political prisoner without experiencing any difficulties. Is it just a coincidence that all this starts with a letter to my attornies dealing with my "extradition"???)

In the following days there was a flood of applications and complaints from me... and of rejections and seizures by the prison.

On September 1st I finally received the first written confirmation in the form of an answer to a complaint, dated August 31st and signed by prison director (Harry) Weiss, wherin he states: "Furthermore, there are no political prisoners in the Federal Republic of Germany. You are in this prison as a convicted criminal."

On September 1st my very fair wing-manager Mr. Reinelt returned from vacation and explained to me he had just learned that he was no longer in charge of my mail censorship. I immediately filed a complaint. Even Mr. Reinelt complained to Weiss. (Even Weiss admits in his above-mentioned reply that: "In this prison mail censorship is conducted by the wing-manager.")

On September 2nd Mr. Reinelt reported a partial succes. He remained responsible for censorship of my letters " and Hartmann for censorship of "political publications". (Since August 24th all publications have been seized anyway!)

On September 4th I received the second written confirmation, namely a complaint-reply dated September 3rd and signed by Weiss. It deals with 13 complaints (one on August 27th, seven of September 1st and five on September 2nd) against literature seizure. It states: "All of the newspapers and magazines sent to you endanger the pupose of incarceration and the security and order of the prison (§ 31 Abs. 1 Ziffer 1 of the StVollzG) and are in part and without convincing reason written in an foreign language (§ 31 Abs. 1 Ziffer 6 of the StVollzG). In view of these offenses all of these publications were seized." These publications include:

1. The Spotlight (USA) Issues 6.6. and 31.8. as well as the suppliment Action Report of 20.7. In my complaints I state: "1. Since this periodical appears in English and contains no "forbidden symbols", there is no danger for the prison order. 2. Since this is an American publication "America's largest populist weekly newspaper", whose co-workers include U.S. government officials and Congressmen (!), Mr. Hartmann's claim of "glorification of violence" presents evidence of the violation of the U.S. civil rights of myself and of the publisher (a serious offense under U.S. law). The chronological connection with the events of August 25/26th ("wave of seizures", "political prisoner" etc) and the fact, obviously known to the censor, that this publication reports positively about my case, supports suspicion of additional offenses. I apply for a written reply for the purpose of legal action here and abroad! Thank you!" 2. Ganpac (USA) 3. A clipping from the Jewish Chronicle (UK) 4. Gothic Ripples (UK) 5. Faedrelandet (Denmark) 6. Kameradenhilfe (Germany) 7. HNG-Nachrichten (Germany).

In the case of 6 and 7 I wrote in my complaint that these are publications of prisoner relief organizations and hence actually under the supposed protection of the U.N.

Further publications were seized: Sleipnir (Germany), Recht und Wahrheit (Germany), The New Order (USA) and the NPD newspaper Deutsche Stimme. In my "not yet answered" complaint I write: "The NPD is a totally legal party and participates in elections. In view of the increasing "Weimarization" of the Federal Republic, I must as a politically interested resident of the Federal Republic look at this party. Furthermore, it is altogether possible that "in the event of the introduction of dual citizenship in the Federal Republic" I might in the not distant future myself become a candidate of the NPD. Undisputedly, I am of German descent, fluent in the German language, over 18 years old, have resided in the Federal Republic for over one year, and worldwide recognized as a political activist and human rights advocate. As a U.S.-born U.S. citizen I am thoroughly suited to promote understanding and sympathy for a future Germany after the nationalist rise. I apply for handing over the NPD newspaper and a written reply. Thank you!"

Extracted from a message circulated by Zeitschrift für Kultur, Geschichte und Politik, Sleipnir ausgenommen; Postfach 350264, 10211 Berlin, eMail: [email protected]
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