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AJC American Jewish Committee -bourgeois assimilationist organisation.

AJC American Jewish Congress-Zionist organisation identified with rabbi Stephen Wise.

AK Armia Krajowa (Home Army)-Polish underground affiliated to the government-in-exile.

BUF British Union of Fascists.

CID British Criminal Investigation Division.

CPUSA Communist Party of USA.

CV Centralverein (Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith)-assimilationist defence organisation.

DDP Deutsche Demokratische Partei (German Democratic Party).

Endeks National Democrats-anti-Semitic Polish party.

HOG Hitachdut Olei Germania (German Immigrants, Association in Palestine).

ILP Independent Labour Party-British socialist organisation.

INTRIA International Trade and Investment Agency - Zionist-organised company selling German goods in Britain.

JFO Jewish Fighting Organisation-underground movement in the Warsaw ghetto.

JLC Jewish Labor Committee-anti-Zionist labour union organisation in America.

JNF Jewish National Fund-Zionist agricultural fund.

JnP Judische-nationale Partei (Jewish National Party)-Austrian Zionist party.

JPC Jewish People's Council-community defence group against Mosleyites in Britain.

JWV Jewish War Veterans-right-wing American ex-serviceman's grouping.

KB Korpus Bezpieczenstwa (Security Corps)-Polish underground movement friendly to the Revisionists.

KPD Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands (Communist Party of Germany).

KPP Kommunistyczna Partja Polski (Communist Party of Poland).

Naras National Radicals-extreme anti-Semitic Polish party.

NEMICO-Near and Middle East Commercial Corporation-Zionist company selling German goods in the Middle East.

NPP-National Peasant Party-Romanian party.

NSDAP-Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers' Party).

NZO-New Zionist Organisation-Revisionist international organisation.

POUM-Partido Obrero de Unificacion Marxista (Workers, Party of Marxist Unity)-Spanish left-wing party.

PPS-Polska Partya Socyalistyczna (Polish Socialist Party).

SDSicherheitsdienst (Security Service of the SS).

SPD-Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democratic Party of Germany).

SS-Schutzstaffel (Protection Corps).

SWP-Socialist Workers Party-American Trotskyist party.

VnJ-Verband nationaldeutscher Juden (Union of NationalGerman Jews) - pro-Nazi Jewish assimilationist movement.

WJC-World Jewish Congress.

WZO-World Zionist Organisation.

ZOA-Zionist Organisation of America -a right-wing Zionist movement.

ZVfD-Zionistische Vereinigung fur Deutschland (Zionist Federation of Germany).



Agudas Yisrael Union of Israel-- an anti-Zionist Orthodox movement.

Alliance Israelite Universelle French Jewish philanthropy.

American Jewish Committee Right-wing assimilationist grouping.

American Jewish Congress Zionist-dominated organisation identified with rabbi Stephen Wise.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Major bourgeois overseas charity.

Anglo-Palestine Bank Zionist bank in Palestine.

Betar Revisionist youth organisation. See Revisionists.

B'nai B'rith Sons of the Covenant -- conservative assimilationist fraternal order.

Board of Deputies of British Jews Major Jewish organisation in Britain.

Brit HaBiryonim Union of Terrorists --Revisionist Fascist organisation.

Brith HaChayal Union of Soldiers.

Brith Hashomrim Union of Watchmen -- Revisionist organisation in Nazi Germany.

Bund General Jewish Workers League -- Yiddish socialist movement in Russia and Poland; anti-Zionist.

Central Bureau for the Settlement of German Jews Headed by Chaim Weizmann, it organised German immigration to Palestine.

Centralverein Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith - - defence organisation of assimilationist bourgeoisie.

Comite des Delegations Juives Committee of Jewish Delegations -- post-First World War international Jewish defence organisation dominated by Zionists.

Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs Official voice of World Zionist Organisation in the United States during the Second World War.

Far Eastern Jewish Council Organisation of Japanese collaborators.

General Zionists Bourgeois Zionists divided into rival factions.

Gentile Friends of Zionism Pro-Palestine Committee in Austria.

Ha'avara Ltd. Trading company set up by World Zionist Organisation to trade with Nazi Gerrnany.

Hadassah Zionist women's organisation.

Haganah Underground militia in Palestine, dominated by Labour Zionists.

Ha Note 'a Ltd. Citrus corporation in Palestine which entered into trade agreement with Nazi Germany.

HaPoel The Worker-Labour Zionist sports movement.

Hashomer Hatzair Young Watchmen -- left Zionist youth movement.

HeChalutz Pioneers-Labour Zionist youth movement.

Histadrut General Federation of Jewish Labour in Palestine.

Hitachdut Olei Germania German Immigrants' Association in Palestine.

International Trade and Investment Agency British affiliate of Ha'avara Ltd.

Irgun Zvei Leumi National Military Organisation-Revisionist underground.

Jabotinsky Institute Revisionist research centre.

Jewish Agency for Palestine Central office of World Zionist Organisation in Palestine; originally it nominally included non-Zionist sympathisers.

Jewish Colonial Trust Zionist bank.

Jewish Fighting Organisation One of two Jewish underground movements in the Warsaw ghetto, incorporating the left-Zionist youth groups, the Bund and the Communists.

Jewish Labor Committee Arnerican organisation, dominated by Bundist sympathisers, anti-Zionist in 1930s.

Jewish Legion Zionist military organisation in British Army du ring conquest of Palestine in the First World War.

Jewish National Fund Zionist land fund.

Jewish Party (Romania) Zionist party.

Jewish People's Committee (USA) Communist front group.

Jewish People's Council Community defence movement against Mosleyites in Britain.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency Zionist news service.

Jewish War Veterans Right-wing American ex-servicemen's organisation.

Joint Boycott Council of the American Jewish Congress and the Jewish Labor Committee Anti-Nazi boycott organisation.

Judenrat Jewish Council-Nazi puppet council in the ghettos.

Judenstaat Partei Jewish State Party - Revisionist splinter group, post-1934, loyal to World Zionist Organisation.

Judische-nationale Partei Jewish National Party-Austrian Zionist party.

Judischer Verlag Jewish publishers -- German Zionist publishing house.

Judische Volkspartei Jewish People's Party -- right-wing party in German Jewish communal politics, dominated by Zionists.

Keren Hayesod Palestine Foundation Fund.

Labour Zionists See Poale Zion.

Left Poale Zion Labour Zionist splinter grouping with a strong Yiddishist orientation.

Leo Baeck Institute German Jewish exile research organisation.

Lohamei Herut Yisrael Fighters for the Freedom of Israel -- Stern Gang -- Revisionist splinter group.

Maccabi Zionist sports organisation.

Minorities Bloc Coalition of bourgeois nationalists in Poland set up by Polish Zionists.

Mizrachi Religious Zionist party.

Mossad Bureau in charge of illegal immigration for World Zionist Organisation.

Naftali Botwin Company Yiddish-speaking unit with International Brigades in Spain.

Nationale Jugend Ilerzlia Revisionist youth movement in Nazi Germany.

Near and Middle East Commercial Corporation (NEMI CO) Affiliated to Ha'avara Ltd.

New Zionist Organisation Revisionist international organisation set up in 1935.

Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League Anti-Nazi boycott organisation of the 1930s.

Ordenergrupe Defence groups of the Bund in Poland.

Organisation of Jewish Centre Party Voters Grouping of Jewish capitalists who voted for Catholic Centre Party.

Palestine Labour Party Labour Zionist party in Palestine; see Poale Zion.

Palestine Offices Fourteen world-wide offices for immigration to Palestine.

Poale Zion Workers of Zion - Labour Zionists.

Polish Zionist Organisation Mainline Zionist federation.

Radical Zionists Bourgeois Zionist faction, later merged with a faction of the General Zionists.

Reichstag Elections Committee Short-lived Jewish bourgeois grouping for 1930 election.

Reichsverband judischer Kulturebunde German Union of Jewish Culture Leagues - segregationist organisation established by Nazis.

Reichsvertretung der deutschen Juden Reich Representation of Jews in Germany-united organisation of Jewish bourgeoisie under the Nazis.

Revisionists Political party established by Vladimir Jabotinsky in 1925.

Staatszionistische Organisation State Zionist Organisation- Revisionist movement in Nazi Germany, technically unaffiliated to world Revisionist movement.

Stern Gang Lohamei Herut Yisrael - Fighters for the Freedom of Israel.

Swit Dawn-Revisionist underground movement in Poland under the Nazis.

Tnuat HaHerut Freedom Movement-Revisionist party in Israel, founded by Menachem Begin.

United Jewish Parties Czechoslovakian Jewish electoral bloc including Zionists.

Vaad Hazalah Jewish Agency's Rescue Committee during the Holocaust.

Vaad Leumi National Council-semi-government of Zionist settlement under the British.

Working Group Jewish rescue group in Slovakia.

World Jewish Congress Pro-Zionist Jewish defence organisation established in 1936.

World Zionist Organisation Central body of Zionist movement.

Yad Vashem Remembrance Authority Israeli Holocaust Institute.

Zidovska Strana Jewish Party - Zionist party in Czechoslovakia.

Zion Mule Corp Zionist unit with British Army in the First World War.

Zionist Organisation of America Equivalent of General Zionists.

Zionistische Vereinigung fdr Deutschland Zionist Federation of Germany.


This text is a chapter of <Zionism in the Age of the Dictators - a Reappraisal>, by Lenni Brenner.

The copyright (©) belongs to the author. It was published by Croom Helm, Kent (Great-Britain) and Laurence Hill, Westport, Conn. in the USA, 277 p. ISBN (GB) 0-7099-0628-5; USA (paperback) 0-88208-164-0 in 1983. This book has been out of print for years.

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